Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I miss you too..hope your day will be sunnier when I see you:)

Salam :):)

Alhamdulillah;  We have heavy down pour here lately but it helps to cool the heaty days and nights:) And as usual after the rain we see beautiful sun while NewYork brought to its knees-As superstorm Sandy moves in land,millions of people along the US east Coast have to go without power or mass transit.Malaysian students have to stock up food and lessons was disrupted.Not only did they have to deal with cancelled classes and power outages,supermarket shelves were also empty, forcing some to stay with friends elsewhere.

Just imagine it will be really scary when you are in a foreign land far away from your families and you are stuck without food- going to supermarket and shelves were emptied! We have to be really thankfull to Allah Swt, in our land we are blessed,we have enough that we tend to forget to appreciate things.I am reminding myself and my girls to to be thankful for all that we have starting with the air we breathe in the morning,feet that take us to the toilet,hands that wipe our face and eyes that bring anything we want to see infront of us.

Thank You Allah atas nikmat mu walau sekecil zahrah atau sebesar gunung,semoga saudara mara atau sahabat handai atau kenalan kita yang berada di US/New York di pelihara.Amin.

On the sunnier side- my BFF posted on my timeline this morning- she said she misses me a lot! Ayaya so sweet of her,i am missing her a lot too..wish we could spend sometimes together laughing and fighting:):) I hope when i see you your day will be sunnier BFF!

My girls asked me to buy something for them so that they can wear  it to the fancy dress party at school today. Yesterday after a good lunch at Nandos (yup i went and ate 3/4 chicken at Nandos yesterday..yeayyy tercapai cita2) with my lunch buddy i went to Cold Storage to look for masks and other items but it was too expensive.It is ridiculous to pay more than RM20 for a simple mask.I went back and googled "printable children mask for fancy dress party" , there's many pretty masks including scary ones at the websites.Knowing that my girls are very much into princess things i printed the ones like in the above picture, i glued it to hard paper,cut according to the shape,made holes to the eyes. I fixed  plastic cake knives from my office pantry as the holder using the  tapes...tadaaa i got beautiful masks for them and save few bucks;):)

I cooked white pulut with santan for breakfast this morning and i team it up with Clam curry and potato using the Rose Curry Powder from Trengganu..it was delicious:)

So- Trick or Treat? Treadmills or Treat? he he...

Ahaaaa my blonde princess is ready to go to school:) Nowadays they will choose the dress they like in the cabinet and they laid it down on the bed for me:):)

Hope you have fun at school girls;) And if Teacher Claire needs knife to cut a cake,you may lend it to her!

Precious view in the morning;) Uwan always take her breakfast outside,she can empty her plate while bersantai-santai outside here watching heni watering the garden,the girls sibuk2 to go to school:) That is why i am looking forward for a week off in November because i can do many things in my wishlist with her and the girls:)

Whatever it is Uwan you still have to take your supplements;) Kerut muka ya Uwan..tak pe..kita semua pun minum sama2:):) uwan been taking Vemma for the past 3 months,kita orang pun..Alhamdulillah nampak bagus on uwan,appetite elok..itu yang penting bagi orang tua..kalau tak nak makan mana nak dapat energy..so kalau dia boleh makan dan sedap selera I am very happy:)Teringat masa lepas operate dulu,pagi2 nak nangis i suapkan bubur,nak makan 2 sudu pun susah..i kena tolak bubur tu masuk dalam mulut dia guna  jari,ada hari2 yang i menangis mintak dia makan..sebab kalau tak makan i tau kesihatan dia kan terus menjunam..dengan tekak sakit bekas kena masuk tube,mana dia ada selera makan...but Uwan is a strong lady..dengan kehendak Allah Swt dia pun pulih..teringat apa Doctor Collins (her surgeon) tu cakap "Your mother must be a very good lady and she must have done good things in her life...she survives and got on her feet fast..it is very rare at this age..with her complication and all " Kena ingat selalu supaya tidak terleka dan terlupa.

Beautiful sun in my garden:) Cantikkan..can brighten up any mellow hearts;)

Tahan hujan pulak tu..dalam lebat2 ni dia masih berdiri megah:)

Ini Rose Desa..cantik..tapi tak berapa tahan hujan..kelopak senang jatuh hujan2 ni:)

This morning i stucked in a crazy jam but SubhanAllah i saw  turtle,lamb,cat shapes formed by the clouds and the best part i can see the sun like a shy damsel behind the white cloud:)

Untuk semua terimakasih singgah di sini;) Bila ada masa saya akan jawap pertanyaan semua:) Take Care.Moga hari indah buat semua:):)


Monday, October 29, 2012

My First Duck:)


Hope everybody is already back from their hometown ; safe and sound in our respective offices/homes:):) Hmmm so nice if the holiday can be prolonged:):) Those in the house enjoy your time..how i wish my great great grandparents from far far away homeland left me a fortune:):) no need to go to office anymore and i will quickly build a Kitchen in Roses and Jasmine Garden and start my cooking class..he heee...well a woman got to do what a woman got to do right?:);)

Quite a bit on my mind:) Many proposals in the office,I met the No 1 on certain project..it had been a long time since we have our 'leisure talk'. We discussed many things;from a serious topic me moved to a warm family talk:) we talked about building our dream house,our children etc etc..see, i am so synonym with 'home sweet home,building a dream house,cooking etc" until whoever  i talk to will be drawn into my favourite topic:);) Anyway it was a nice meeting,whatever will be will be but i truly appreciate his effort and taking his time to explain and talk to me:) Thank You.

You know,  i never cook or eat duck in my entire life before! But the smoked duck along Kuala Pilah-Seremban road was so tempting that i ended up buying one smoked duck on the way back to KL on Sunday:) People said duck is smelly...mandi 24 hrs pun still berbau:):)..kalau goose feathers pillows from Ikea pun  i tak tahan.So pagi semalam i rebus the duck with a lot of serai,bawang besar,halia..i suruh heni pastikan jadi lembut dan kering sebelum tutup api.Petang semalam balik dari office i pun buat rendang,tapi si Heni rebus sampai lah jadi too tender..nak jadi serunding dah my salai duck:) I blended a lot of bawang merah,putih,some chili and kunyit..dah tu i campur daun puding and masak sampai kering.

I was surprise with the result..No smell! sedap my duck you:) and it goes well with my cabbage/mushroom soup and sambal tumis ikan bilis bawang.

Tak percaya? See this girl...both makan nasi bertambah tambah and after that asked me for a bowl of rendang itik to ratah:):) Okay lah..welcome duck to our menu:):)

We ev been eating alot and our treadmills has been fixed..so no more excuses:) Now, everyday early in the morning and immediately after Subuh i will disturb Mr Sherlock Holmes to do his running on the treadmills while i prepare the breakfast,after he is done i will do my part.Pagi2 dapat lari dalam 1800-2000 m jadi ler:)

Dah bersusah payah bakar calorie dalam 100 breakfast pulak berganda..hee..heee..tak pe malam nanti kita lari lagi okay:) This is my 'Make your own burger' breakfast this morning.

Before i forgot i just want to show to Kuala Pilahrians people what i ate at Kuala Pilah during raya..yeayy yeayy setelah beratur penat dapat jugak lah membeli rojak beraim kat pasar pilah tu.Sambil berdiri menunggu tu i pun mengintai lah dia membuat kuah yang fofuler seantero Kuala Pilah dan jajahan nya itu:) I nampak dalam periuk besar dia merebus kuah..dah tu dia masuk kan kunyit serbuk,air isi kerang,dan dia masukkan banyak potato flour..rasa2nya boleh buat ni:);)

Si Ikin made a delicious brownies for raya haji and it was a hit with my girls;)Mama pun kena buat after this;) Among other things i borak2 with my niece ikin was to belajar jahit sampai pandai..haa haaa besar our cita2 tau..after this semua pyjama Tia Mia i jahit sendiri ajer..we will get ourselves Brother sewing machine:):)  Ikin lagi besar ciat2 nak jahit curtain sendiri lagi..tak pe lah ikin maksu tumpang tempah sajo:);)

Tapi masak macam2 pagi tadi kat rumah..tukang masak makan biskut ajer kat office:);)

Pasal apa? Dia takut baju JM dia retas..he heee..that's the real reason why she is so gigih atas treadmills:);)Today pakai JM tapi kerawang kat lehar tu tak ler nampak..tak po lah kat bawah pun dah cukup kerawang kerawing dah;)

These two is quite 'busy' at the kindy this week,yesterday was Children's  Day while tomorrow will be fancy dress day..macam2 lah benda mintak nak pakai..nak jadi mermaid lah..macam mana i nak membuat costume mermaid dalam masa singkat ni? So pujuk2 agreed to pakai costume princess..senang sikit nak buat crown pakai kertas malam nanti:) kalau tak i suruh pakai kain batik uwan ikat kat kepala terbalikkan jadi ghost..creative tak your mama..he heee.

Si tukang susun my kitchen cabinet ni (tak susun pun actually..main letak jer) nak balik cuti for a week in November..anak dia kan kena nikah paksa..dah tu tak lah boleh nak buat minggu yang kita banyak cuti tu(Deepavali,awal Muharram)..nak kena jugak buat 25/11..kalau tak jimat sikit my cuti.Anyway i will take a week off i think and take this opporturnity to spend more time with Uwan and the girls.Once a while it is  nice to be with just us in the house without the maid;):) Apa pun kesian jugak si heni ni..anak dah lah kahwin paksa dah tu kena denda pulak lagi sebab si perempuan melangkah bendul..anak dia kena beli persalinan2 for adik beradik perempuan,ridiculous betul kan..dah paksa org kahwin dah tu nak apply denda2 ni semua..but i just listen aje lah malas i nak memeningkan kepala dgn kisah2 sinetron melampau ni.

Yesterday while rummaging through the things in my cabinet i found my Nigella.Chef@Home knife;) I bought this in Sydney last year..masih sayang nak pakai:)

And nak cerita semalam i keluar awal from office ada outside meeting,masa drive kereta keluar basement kat port company's drivers they ada jual petai..haaa haaa dasat betul..it seems that petai will follow me wherever i go..if i cannot find petai,petai will find me:):)

I think today is hari mengingat makanan sedunia for me..i asyik teringat macam2;)

And i must have these in my mouth soon:):)

Finally before i go..Dear Anon,i really appreciate your apology,not easy to get an apology nowadays..something yang simple tapi sukar diberi kecuali oleh orang beradab dan berakal:);) Anyway i never keep angry or malice feeling towards you  in my heart:) I was a bit uptight at that time too:):) i regret saying quite a harsh thing to you in my post after that:) One thing for sure i never forget my roots whatever i fancy or favour will not make me forget my roots:);) My children at this tender age already know their usul asal..that is the most important,whatever you see or you like will add more colours to your life..we need colours and stories to make us more happy in living this challenging life:) InshAllah my children will grow knowing both worlds and i strive to guide them what is good and what is bad,what is 'us' what 'is not us"The most important is to know what is under our skin and in our heart,  Islam is beautiful, one word brings all of us together no matter whether we are black or white wearing kain batik or abaya,living in a french kitchen or dapur kayu melayu:):) Thank You for your doa and i appreciate your passion,InshAllah moga apa pun yang kita lakukan diberkati Allah Swt.

To sweet Suraya Harris,tq dear,hope you had a great eid;),Azlina-memang seronok mandi sg,Umiyumi-ha ha mcm2 delicacy dia org kan umi,something new yg kita belajar,cuma belum bersedia nak makan;),My dear Ann- i hope you have a great aidil adha in Singapore,and come move to BU quick:),Syuhada-selamat balik ke pantai Timur,memang macam2 kan..but akak suka goreng daging kering and my MIL sedap masak tu cuma tutt tutt tu kalau masak macam mana pun rasanya akak tak nakkkk:);), Suria- harap2 raya suria pun happening,Ida-so true kalau dah hilang ibu manalah kita nak cari ida,semasa ada kenalah menghargainya kan,hopefully your raya pun seronok,herylna-masa kecik dulu memang susah nak pergi sg tu,arwah abah akak kan garang;) now boleh lah bawak anak2, Nbi sepah puteri-alaaa kesian you and kesian jugak kat lembu...he hee, Gina Manan- di mana pun kita berada kena lah enjoy raya tu..bahagia terletak di hati kan..org kampung kena nak buat rombongan nak pergi KLCC tau:so dapat pergi KLCC sgt bertuah), Ramadhan- ha ha jam pun akak rela tau..sangat indah my kampung, anon- terimakasih,sedekah kan lah alfatihah selalu pada arwah itu lah kasih sayang yg terbaik dapat di beri sekarang, Elena- haa ha betul2 kawan akak ada yg bertemu jodoh atas bus MARA tau;), Nur NBa- alhamdulillah masih bertenaga uwan:), Zuriyannie- Inshallah ada masa akak tulis nanti okay..daun tu tak manis pun tapi lemak and sodap:) ye ke next time kena consider jalan alternative lah:)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aidil Adha Under The Blue Sky.

Alhamdulillah! We are back! Thanks to all the salam and Aidil adha wishes:)

We went back kampung Uwan:) We had beautiful aidil adha with the people we love:) Kata mama fahami lah makna Qurban,banyak ajaran dan makna di sebalik ibadah Qurban:) "berkorban' sedikit masa dan tenaga kita membahagiakan orang lain,InshAllah berganda bahagia datang kepada kita.Biarlah pengajaran Qurban itu hidup dalam diri sepanjang tahun,bukan hanya setakat di pagi raya aidil adha sahaja,jika banyak memberi kasih,tidak lokek berkorban kepentingan diri..kita akan merasa manisnya Qurban;)

Anyway we have nice pictures at rumah uwan or we call it Aminah Resort to be shared here.

It took us 7 hours to reach uwan's kampung! Normal journey from KL to K.Pilah should be between 2 or the most 2 1/2 hrs only but due to crazy jam at Bukit Putus we were stucked there for nearly 5 hrs! Luckily we slept in the car.Apa pun 'pengorbanan' kepenatan balik ke kampung sangat berbaloi..Uwan happy,mesti lah kita pun happy:)

Sampai rumah Uwan at 3.30 am..Uwan dah sampai awal dengan Pashik,walaupun dalam kereta sangat penat,hampir buat pusingan ke seremban..tapi dah sampai rumah Uwan,tidur di serambi yang dingin sambil melihat lampu raya berkelip-kelip terbuai lena lah mata..mimpi yang indah sahaja.

Esok nya bila ayam berkokok..tingkap di buka,udara segar menerpa muka..bau rumput bau di potong pun menerjah masuk..terasa sangat nyaman..hilang lah sebal terperangkap 5 jam di jalan:)

Hmmm we really miss this view..we feel like just sitting under this rambutan tree and look at it until we feel satisfied.

Sangat seronok rumah Uwan..tidak ada orang duduk sepanjang tahun..tapi bila kita balik..'kehangatan' terus terasa..rumah ini sentiasa menunggu..macam tak lapuk di telan zaman:):)

Oh my oh my look at that..durian durian please fall down..we cannot wait to eat you:)

Pokok Pandan subur merata di kaki pagar uwan..

Tempat BBQ buatan pekerja kontrak Indonesia di kampung uwan pun masih berdiri kukuh.

Dalam rumah masih macam dulu..langsir kotak2 masih belum berganti sebab masih elok lagi.Itu batu besar belakang dapur uwan,memang banyak batu di keliling rumah sebab itu malam sangat sejuk:)

The kitchen is still the same..we think Heni likes Uwan's kitchen very much as it is very airy and spacious compared to our house..so Heni keeps it spotless;)

Ha ha Uwan's wall  has deco from Romantika too:):)

Pagi raya after subuh..semua orang lelaji breakfast sangat awal sebab they woke up for early subuh,takbir,lepas tu they watched news on TV at the kitchen and they will eat.So this is the first breakfast in the morning at 5.30am;) Itu rendang ayam our sedara/neighbour Kak Ambit yang buatkan..sangat sedap..garing dan cukup semua rasa.

Alhamdulillah ini sembahyang raya pertama kami, kami boleh bersabar mendengar khutbah tetapi selepas khutbah terus lah bukak telekung and we main games:) Raya ni tak ramai yang balik so hanya us,mama and uwan pray at this surau,our papa,pashik and abang hazril sembahyang  di  masjid dekat KP.

He he look at us,we were the last to leave the surau;) Mama said this is where she belajar ngaji last time..so this surau is special to her.

Our mama further said this surau is old,no chandeliar or expensive carpet but she stills love it...It will not be the same even if we pray at the most beautiful mosque in town as this is where Uwan's heart belongs to..ini lah 'korban' yang sangat kecil dapat di beri pada uwan yang telah memberi terlalu banyak..biarlah hati nya bahagia..kita pun turut bahagia:)

Selesai sembahyang kita pun balik..bye bye surau InshAllah nanti kita datang lagi.

Tengok tu our mama pun sangat happy walaupun dia penat kena berulang few times ke kereta simpan dulang kueh,simpan telekung semua orang dan pemberian orang kampung kemudian pimpin uwan dan kami.

Ini muka polos mama..tiada make up dan sebagai nya tetapi kami rasa mama tetap cute di mata kami (ha haaaa ini mama yang suruh kami tulis..terpaksa tau)

Balik surau..ye haaaa makannnn...mama buat laksa kedah dan lontong kali ini.

Pagi lagi adik uwan dah datang berkunjung..seronok lah uwan berborak dengan Uda;)

Not long after that kak ikin and badin pun arrive..thanks kak ikin..memberi 'pengorbanan; dengan balik ke kampung walaupun badin baru ajer operation appendix 5 hari..Kak ikin brought back super yummy brownies..we love it:)

And it was very nice to sit infront of uwan's house eating laksa with kak ikin while waiting for the men to come back from friday prayer.

Papa,pashik and the rest came back from friday prayer they bought tulang ikan masin jenahak from market so mama cooked gulai ikan masin with terung telunjuk..sangat yummy:)

Evening we went down and jalan2 at uwan's kampung.

There's many beautiful wild flowers at uwan's kampung.

It was a beautiful dawn here..

We love looking at the blue sky.

Night time as promised mama made jelly for us.

We were really excited to see the result.

Wahhh cantiknya kann..the roofs rasa Milo tau and the bodies were bandung and milk:)

Super duper cute jelly.we love it.

The next morning we went for picnic at the river infront of uwan's house.

We had a great time there trying to catch the teeny weeny fishes:)

Walaupun sekor tak dapat tapi sangat seronok:)

The water was really cold and we think it's better than PD beach!

Look..who's there?

Ha ha uwan pun datang..happy lah uwan with kak ikin and badin;)

Our beautiful sungai.

After sungai mama went to market and she bought us this cool cooking set:)The mixer boleh pusing tau..:):)

And we sangat seronok main masak2 at kampung uwan.

So happening main masak2 here..mama allowed us to use water and real sayur!

Rumah uwan ada kucing genit:)

Sangat cute kan..we name it "Minnie"!

Tak sedar dah malam terakhir di kampung uwan.

The next morning we carik durian kat bawah pokok..yeayyy dapat!

Walaupun belum musim luruh tapi ada rezki kami.

Okay jom kita bawak naik makan.

Us and the cat waiting for papa to open the durian.

Nyumm nyumm:):) okay mulut busyuk pi gosok gigi;) mama will continue the story:)

The eating episode didn't  stop at uwan's house only..it continues at my PIL's  house in KL.

My MIL  served us with many sedap lauks,daging goreng kering,kari daging ,kari kepala ikan:):) Among those delicious dishes ada satu kelantanese delicacies yang i really terperanjat:) Ada sup telinga lembu!!!!Mula2 nampak sup sangat sedap macam sup perut tapi lagi lembut macam cendawan di hiris,sebelum ceduk i pun tanya apa..bila dengar sup telinga lembu..ha ha terus nak jatuh kerusi.Itu lah unik nya kelantan..i pulak memang tak makan organ2 yang pelik macam otak,perut panjang etc etc except limpa..hati pun i tak suka...apatah lagi lidah dan benda tuttt tutttt tu..lagi takut:) bagi yang suka sedap kata dia orang..tak apa lah i makan daging biasa ajer itu pun dah cukup sodap:):)

Okay jom adik kita tak makan sup..jom carik benda lain;)

haaa ini lagi menarik..jom ambik bawak balik;) So we went back dibekalkan kari daging,tapai pulut dan seberkas pelam gomok:);) but no sup telinga:):)

Alhamdulillah it was a good Aidil Adha..kami panjatkan kesyukuran pada Yang Esa tidak terhingga atas kurniaan dan kebahagiaan yang dinikmati.(Picture of a moon at uwan's kampung).