Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A pot of love.

Kak S sent an email to me " Zu..lamanya tak update tak ada sumber inspirasi lah"

How simple words can make you feel so good- honesty is the key- that's the beauty of having friend yang you tak nampak wajah pun- what  is more honest and noble in a woman when they sincerely approach another woman in order to find out on how to have more love for her family, how to have time to cook,how to strengthen bonding with her mother or daughter, how to have more energy for the family;):)  - That is simply beautiful to me:):) When you have that 'niat' In sha Allah di permudahkan:);) So have more love, have more honesty, more respect and more sincerity - you will look and feel beautiful:):) 

And this week pulak i simply too busy- meeting,briefing and paper work non stop but due to Kak S's email, i ll find time to share some some stories and pictures tonight- hopefully we will find strength in ourselves to take care of our family:):)

Last week's breakfast- nowadays the girls and papa can ask for pancakes at anytime- so i always make sure my container ada flour ( i am using Faiza's brand now- as this brand tak guna 'bleach" untuk putihkan tepung), butter,fresh milk and eggs in the fridge- plus sugar and baking powder, if you have all these you can have pancakes 10x more nicer than Aunty Jemima's:):)

I made them laksa too- they love laksa- yg kat kedai selalu nya pedas lah,ada Aji namoto etc- so bila buat sendiri boleh lah control- i always love to eat laksa with telur yg lembut2 sikit:)

Light dinner- this is kinda of dinner that my kids and hb loved:) non rice meal is always a winner- toast,pepperoni slice ( i bought FAMA's brand) and cheese-habis sekelip mata.

Last Thursday during the Chines New year holiday i had special tetamu in my little kitchen.

I invited my niece, the cake maker and another business woman- dua2nya kenal melalui blog to my house- my nephew is getting married and i am sponsoring the wedding cake for him. Since my hb ada brainstorming session during the 2 days holiday- we had breakfast sambil bincang2 wedding cake;)

I purposely asked them to eat in the kitchen instead at the dining area so that we can feel more relax and  homely. See yang sorang tu sibuk betul ambik gambar telur;)

She had been asking to eat my telur rebus yg lembut2 ni- so i made nasik lemak that day- and lucky the eggs turned out just the way i wanted it. So bila boil macam ni the yolk looks so nice:) kalau terlebih lama jer rebus akan jadi kuning pudar.

We had a good time gossiping yg ringan2 kih kih.

This is sambal tempe Waghih delicious - it is fully recommended sedap- makan dgn bubur memang ngam.Tks farey.

And the baker brought me that cute flower in the white vase- tks Alinas Treat.

During the Chinese New Year Holiday i sent my maid away for holiday- once a while i need to have the house all by myself;):) not complaining of anything-in fact Alhamdulillah endlessly while people ada problem dgn maid etc- i have the same maid since the day my twins lahir until now- Heni has been with us for 8 years already- kurang di sana sini sebagai manusia kenalah menerima, asalkan ada kejujuran kekurangan boleh saja di perbaiki.

Night is a big blessing for a tired body- i always look foward to lie down on a clean and crisp bed sheet- it feels so good against you skin- that is the simple pleasure a woman can have. If people see me walking back from the Florist near the office with bunch of flowers- that is because every part of my house is special to me;)

Simple breakfast in the morning- sometimes i love to have breakfast in my little garden- looking at green grass and the girls having fun but sometimes i just love to sit at the little corner at the back of my kitchen- it brings back so much memories of my childhood- growing up with my mom was wonderful- grow as much memories as you could with your children as without it a big part in your life will be blank- nothing to read and nothing to recall. It is never too late to create memories -as long as you life you can always try- I am still creating memories with my mom- those happy days when she was stronger, now that she is weak- a smile on happy face in the morning is priceless. When i bathe her,comb her hair and feed her breakfast- those are memories, nothing that has past yesterday can turn back but you can do something today to make up for whatever you have missed yesterday. So, one smile from her today is such a big deal as there is no assurance that i can see that same smile tomorrow. 

In creating memories for my children i tried to create right ambience for them- nothing luxurious- a simple table with stools and bench for us at the wet kitchen is enough- while i cook she can sit near me and observe- that is 'informal cooking school' - that was how i learnt from my mom- all out of love- cooking is not a duty or burden- but it is something that you love - satisfaction is the greatest pay check for a cook.

So much that you can learn from sitting in the kitchen- you ll be surprise- when i was small kisah2 nabi, ayat2 i learnt all from my mom during the cooking session- while she kukur kelapa i will sit at her back and hugged her body- i leaned my head on her shoulder and she will tell me stories- if you have that kind of memories there is no way that you will not have the same love for your mom now- now matter how weak she is and no matter how difficult the situation- that memories will spur your spirit as they said 'the love will conquer all"- If you are not fortunate to have that kind of memories with your mother in the past- try to create now and  create with your children too - one day no body will escape from being old,  lonely,dependent- that time you need all the love in the world to give energy to your weak body and to lift up your spirit .

One simple recipe yg nak di share- ini recipe my mom- now i masak dia suka sangat makan- terung goreng- tumbuk segenggam ikan bilis, sedikit cili kering, bawang putih dan merah, tumis hingga wangi masukkan terung, masak hingga lembut, if too dry add a lil bit of water and tunggu hingga kering again.

This weekend punya activity- wedding at papa's side- kenduri belah kelantan di Subang jaya. Belajar budaya baru the tuan rumah ( The Paksu) mintak tetamu tak bawak hadiah to the kenduri:):) sebabnya they nak bersedekah sepenunhya pada tetamu.

After wedding we went to Publika.

Carik head garland for flower girls:)

Balik i cooked simple dinner from the fresh produce we bought at B.E.N. Fresh mushroom in olive oil and garlic.

Grilled salmon.

It was lovely.

I am so tired now- Salam All&nite2:)


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nephew's Wedding- The girl's side.

Last Friday we attended abang boy's wedding tapi yang ni belah pengantin perempuan. Wedding was held at Dewan Perdana Felda- hari jumaat pulak malam- kena lah rushing dari office- mula2 macam nak give a skip rasanya macam tak terkejar tapi kesian my sister,my nephew ramai yang tak dapat mengiringi- family kat Johor,kat N9 tak dapat datang- so we kat KL ni mestilah pergi jugak. Kalau kat kampung anak kakak atau abang kawin kita kan berkampung tak balik rumah potong bawang,kentang bagai- ni cuma perlu bersiap dan makan:)

It was a sweet wedding at Dewan Perdana, ini first time datang sini- selalu dapat invitation tak pernah pergi sebab kat pus at bandar KL kan- Alhamdulillah- the traffic was okay, semuanya selamat.

Tia Mia pulak first time attend wedding- they were excited especially wedding sedara yg close- ketawa2 dia org tengok big screen nampak muka my nephew. March will be kenduri by my sister- we look foward to that.

Sharing some happy moments photos here ( photos are by iPhone- lupa nak bawak camera:):

The two girls at the entrance- busana by baju raya last year;)

The Grand Ballroom- we sampai awal so ke surau then after that they pengantin bersiap dull.

The romantic mood in the hall.

We selfie selfie first kat atas nanti kat majlis orang malu sikit:) Rushing dari office pakai tudung lembik ni guna lah inner ninja panjang with sanggul from indon- definitely not suitable for me- the muka was so ketat- it pushed semua pipi ke depan- jadi Royal Gala lah muka- si ikin tak pe jugak dia bakal ibu:):) ( memberi alasan kenapa muka bulat kih kih-tapi memang betul saya akan bukti kan di akhir rancangan ini)

Me, Mia and my cucu. Orang cakap my cucu,anak sedara semua muka sama saja- dah satu acuan macam tu lah:)

Photo session out side the waiting room- cantik kak Alisa kan.

Happy moment.

Then we went down  to the dining table.

The deco at meja pengantin.

Silver and gold was the theme.

One picture with abang boboy first.

The girls had to sit with Kak Ikin & Co as mama and papa will be seating with pengantin.



The table.

Meja pengantin.

The hidangan.

Me and my boboy:)

Cake cutting.

The two madamoseilles:)

Happy dapat bunga pahar with popcorns.

Me with my monsieur yg degil tak nak pakai baju melayu kalau pakai songkok tak nampak white hair tu;)

Nyorok sikit bagi effect kurus;) by the time nak balik tudung habis dah turun sampai ke kening:)

My girls with their second cousins.

Their father is my nephew- so betul lah second cousin with Tia Mia and my cucu sedara..

Tahniah to my sister and brother in law especilaly boy and his wife- welcome to the family Kak Alissa.

Alhamdulillah majlis selesai boleh balik.

Balik terus tak sabar cuba tudung baru untuk pastikan muka tak bulat- tadaaa memang salah inner ninja tu..kih kih.

Ada orang sesuai pakai inner ninja- saya tak boleh- nanti telinga pun panas- kena pakai yg loose macam dari Najjah etc. Everytime kenduri yg perempuan2 sibuk dgn kain baju- macam2 yg nak di sediakan- Tia Mia nasib baik ada dah baju flower girls dia- pun tak payah beli - boleh pakai baju concert sekolah last year- cuma pakai sekali- tema pun sama biru.Kumpulan Whatsapp group yg perempuan sibuk bercerita macam2- itu lah keseronokan bila ada yg nak kahwin:):) Moga semuanya di permudahkan. Ingat dulu2 malam2 seronok tidur ramai2 dalam bilik yg bakal pengantin- kadang2 tidur celah2 dulang hantaran:)