Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hooray hooray it's a holi holi dayyy....

 Picture credit to my sister. (From left my sister,Uwan, me (yang paling cute tuuu) and my brother pashik;)

Salam Jumaat buat Aisyah Rafaei, Rohani,ibu najlaa,linaluck,saniah,yana lyana,Rosma,Nbi sepah puteri,mummy miqhael,zuzuz.maisarah lani,Ummi Yummi,Ann Huzi (can't wait to see youuu),fiezachomel,Salmi,fiera,Nur raihana,mama likha,liyana,kasihredha,susumanis,Dhr dan Shinnaz;)

Patutnya tak lah mengupdate lagi tapi sebab ada orang Pilah nak balik Pilah weekend ni nak makan mee hailam so update lah,nak bagi tau mana kedai tu sekarang nanti kempunan pulak:) Okay i balik dulu pun tak dapat cari, according to my friend tempat yang dia pindah tu kat sebelah post office,ye ke tidak wallahualam:) Tapi memang lah sedap mee hailam dia tu,mesti habis sepinggan licin punya:)

Ishh..gambar siapa kat atas tu? Cute bebenor budak kecik tu kan?hee..hee..according to my sister(maklang) i was naughty when i was small,she said just look at her in the picture,she was so masam because i dah buat macam2,so i happy ketawa sengih2;)..Hmmmm i don't think you? Look at that little girl she looks so innocent kan..kan..kann? heee..hee. I have few picture of me when i was small but i dont have this..ada rupa Tia Mia kalau rambut dia orang tak kenteng tak? :););) 
Anyway it was a special picture,everybody was young at that time..we were really closed, kalau emak hilang kejap pun tak boleh. My emak masuk bawah katil nak sapu habuk i meraung-raung tarik kaki dia keluar,malam2 nak raba telinga dia ada earring tak,kalau tak ada meraung lagi sebab tu bukan my emak. My advice to myself and everybody; now when we are already big and we have our own family do think about our times with our mom when we  were small..our mom loves us the same since the day they gave birth to us until now..our love should be the same too. 
Nak share sikit pada hari Jumaat  yang mulia ni pasal bertapa besarnya budi ibu pada kita;
Suatu hari seorang lelaki bertanya pada The Prophet Muhammad SAW samada dia boleh membalas semua jasa,tenaga yang dicurahkan oleh ibunya;
The Questiner : "I wonder if i could ever repay my mother for all the help and services,how much i might have to pay?"
The Prophet SAW: " You would not repay so much as one might due"
The Questioner " But suppose i carry my mother on my back for years,clean up after her,look for her and feed her.Suppose i attend to all those same services for as long as she may live"?
The Prophet SAW : " There will be still be this different between you : YOUR MOTHER LOOKED OUT FOR YOU TO LIVE, WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR HER TO DIE" SubhanAllah...Love your mother, i ahve no father him equally if you still have them around.

Today budak cute kat atas tu dah ada dua budak super duper cute ni..hee...hee so besar mata Tia kan:) And Mia was a bit small, i put a caption of them for this photo in FB ; Dialogue from Mia to Tia " kau ingat kau mata buntang..aku takut? pirahhhhh..." hee..hee. To Raihana yang berharap dapat twins one day..kalau ada rezki di beri Allah Swt insyallah..susah dan sakit berganda tapi happiness dan blessing pun berganda...after you becoming a mom you ll understand;);)

I think my girls look like me bila tengok gambar i masa kecik2..tapi sebab rambut kerinting tu lain lah sikit:);) To Salmi yang tanya berapa umur gambar the last entry, i think they were 1 plus masa tu buat photoshoot dengan photographer kat Taman Tasik Shah Alam.Gambar kat atas ni pun special masa a year plus jugak..after class Sichida dengan bantal busuk yang dijahit dengan tangan oleh Uwan:)

Alhamdulillah today is my second week of fasting in Rejab and this is my lauk last night.I pound dried chillies with onion,garlic and tumeric,fry for a while until the nice smell came out,put in the meat and fry until golden brown,add in the lady fingers for a few mins,while it still green switch off the fire.

This morning- yeayyyy it's a toast for everybody:):) Uwan is not around so no nasi goreng kampung or telur mata:) Where is Uwan?

Haaaa..there she is..she's at my sister's house..enjoying herself looking at the beautiful roses in my sister;s garden. Hmmm sexy pulak lah uwan sampai nampak yang dalam2 ..heee..heee..enjoy your time there..come back when you miss us ya.

Hmmm weekend is coming..Friday is like "goreng pisang panas"..cepat..cepat...;);) we re going for short trip tomorrow;)

To those going back to Kuala Pilah or my friend call Pilah as 'Philahdelphia" and we become "Philahdelphians" hee..hee..have a safe journey and may you rekindle the old sweet childhood memories in Philahdelphia;);)

Salam! and Hooray hooray it's a holi holi day..and thank you Aisyah i like your " balik kampung tidur dlm kelambu,you always in my kalbu!":);)

Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree...

Salamm(with low note;):)...I am tired today:(:( extra tired than activities were non stop since saturday..i feel like getting away..doing nothing but just sit by the window and look at the lights at night. Uwan is away at maklang's house,kenits lets ask papa to just cruise this weekend on the highway with no specific place until we see something;)

I just want to sit on the grass (under the lemon tree if possible) with you running around me.

Sit on a bench or stairs looking at people passing by.

I miss Uwan's kampung actually..we're going back in 2 weeks time insyAllah but i just need to have a little breakaway in between. Red brown house on the hill..i miss youuuu:);)

And i feel so much of eating rendang ayam kampung with daun puding..i will cook it when we go with hot steamy rice..hmmm so nice.

The perfect itenaries of course if we could go back long and make lemang,sup tulang..but have to sabar for ramadhan and raya..may Allah SWT memberi kita peluang menikmatinya.

For this weekend i just want to sleep in a nice bed with crisp clean linen and big window painted with night lights.

I don't need shopping (for a moment;);)

Good chat by a big window is good enough for me.

We leave your busyuk blanket at home and we cruise on the road;)

Hmmm..again ..i miss my hometown..i like going to the bricks bracks shop like this.

I want to eat Pilah mee hailam..the best in the world!

I want to buy fresh petai from the roadside and fry it with ikan bilis..yummmm

I want to sit at Uwan's tangga and eat maggie tomyam with soft egg;)

Hmmm now i am thinking about food already..dah lama i tak masak my nasi tomato with dalca banyak daging,ayam merah special and acar sedap lah my nasi tomato..hee...hee..should could for everybody before puasa.

So uwan's kampung..wait for us to comeback yaaaa....

Now nak kena fikir apa nak masak buka puasa malam ni..rasa nak masak singgang tulang ikan masin with terung bulat lah.

Terimakasih buat semua yang meninggalkan komen,welcome silent readers..thanks again. 

A song that has no connection to the entry but evokes kampung mood to me:

...If you still want me,
Oh,tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree,........If i don't see a ribbon 'round the old oak tree, I ll stay on the bus and forget about us...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sugar is sweet My Love but not as sweet as you!

Salam Umiyummi, kasih redha,fiezachommel,shamsuhada,noorfariha,nadiah.mummy miqhael,Salmi,greetingfromengland,Lily,mama alifsara,luvelymummy,Suffia,Lady of Leisure,Alyah,Saniah,Syarida,NBI sepah Puteri,Artlover cinnamonworld of colours,sitiebby,saharina,Annhuzi and twinmoms.

Thank for all the wishes and those celebrating thier anniversary soon..Happy Anniversary!

I have a little sweet story to share:)

I received this from a friend yesterday, she just got back from Krabi,Thailand. The story behind it; she a very lovely lady with a very good heart and she is very much senior from me but at this age she is stilled not married. As you grow older, most of your friend will get married and have their own family,your parent might and might not be around anymore and your siblings are all busy with their life and family. You will be left alone, you can cope with loneliness for a one or two years after that you can't..yes you have your own money,your can travel anywhere you like but how much fun that you can get by travelling alone? The truth is  as a human we need companion and companion not only our mom and dad but a partner and some friends. Some people might say 'nope i found that living alone is so much fun, i can do whatever i want!" but deep inside their heart only God knows. Those who are really sincere poured their hearts out to me and say" i want to get married,i want to have family of my own but there is no jodoh, it is not that i memilih kalau dia boleh share hidup dengan i pun jadi lah..kalau you tanya i berusaha ke tidak sampai nak pecah dah perut  i minum air dari ustaz tapi masih tak dapat jugak". My heart goes to them but in jodoh nothing much that i could do..semua nya ketentuan Allah SWT. Having said that i like to see people happy,especially if they are really nice cuma jodoh tak der, so back to this lady punya cerita she always come and tell me her wishes nak travel sana sini,duit ada companion pulak tak ada. She is not alone there's quite few ladies in the office who are still single, some of them cannot click with each other but i know characters of each, so in my heart was thinking if i cannot find jodoh for them i will get them a friend. There's another lady who is beautiful, smart, has money and love to travel and she told me that  for so many years she just ate inside the office because she has no friend and most of her money spent on house renovation etc,she loves traveling but she got no friend to travel with. So i told her don't worry i ll find a friend that can be your traveling partner! They spoke to each other about traveling,their initial plan to travel to UK didn't kick off but they finally made  a trip beautiful Krabi and enjoyed themselves! I am so happy for that!.

Lesson learnt; appreciate people around you, Allah Swt gives you partner, bukan semua yang bertuah memilikinya,Allah Swt beri you anak2,ada yang habis beratus ribu mencuba nak dapat anak masih tak dapat.Allah Swt beri you kasih sayang emak ayah,adik beradik,ada yang jadi yatim piatu sejak kecil, Allah Swt beri you kegembiraan bersahabat, ketawa ada yang share ,menangis ada yang hulur bahu,ada orang yang hujung minggu memandang tembok tanpa keseronokan:( If we realize all these there is no reason not to be thankful for every breath you take!

Okay..habis lah my celoteh..jom tengok gambar2 biasa dari orang yang biasa2 sajo;);)

Breakfast Uwan semalam..sedap kan:) i bought ketupat palas and buatkan sambal tumis:)

Pandangan syukur waktu pagi.

Uwan sodap makan tu:)

Wehhhh..happy happy..I got my Madison!. I love it very much sedap pakai,right size and look good on shopping craziness tak habis lagi..tambah teruk..heee..hee siap justify kat husband " papa i bought this online cheaper you know...and i bought you a loafer too and tia mia, and myself,and you and tia mia and myself..non stop you..

Wuuu i love it:)

Suka..sukaa..these boots are made for walking.heee..heee

I am still puasa..Alhamdulillah second week of Rejab..i bukak puasa weekend only..supaya dapat menikmati "kebahagiaan makan" dengan anak2,suami dan ibu:) Monday i cooked this petola with soft tofu..Tia and Mia pulak punya lah suka soft tofu..belum pun sempat i buka puasa habis di makannya tofu ni;):) Today i will go to jusco to buy some more..and to Nadiah yang tanya where do i buy my fish nowadays..i bought from new jusco at OU.they are fresh too.

Ishhh camana jadi kuning bebenor gambo ni?? hee...heee macam segantang kunyit pulak..gambo terlampau cahaya ni..anyway ini lah gulai udang dengan rebung manis..sodap ehhh.

Haaaa..tu dia budak yg excited nak makan..orang nak buka puasa, masak tak habis lagi,dia nak itu nak ini..mula2 macam nak hilang sabar..nak menjerit dah..then fikir beruntung ada anak2dara meneman nak berbuka,papa belum balik tapi they memeriahkan my kitchen dengan gelak ketawa..makan lah nak makan tofu mama sampai habis pun:)

After bukak puasa tak sempat lagi kita nak mandi..terus they suruh check homework..pun kena sabar;);)

Malam tadi my brother datang makan malam..masak kuning lagi ler i.. tapi yang ni resepi original uwan..memang sangat sodap weyyyy..gulai daging masak serai dengan kentang.Dulu2 kat kampung bila ada kenduri kat surau and tiap rumah kena bawak nasi,uwan mesti suruh my arwah abah beli daging,the she kukur kelapa guna kukur traditional tu..i pun duduk kat belakang kukur tu peluk pinggang dia pretend naik motor vespa! hee..hee why vespa sebab my brother masa tu ada vespa;) So uwan pun gulai daging ni..kalau pergi surau ada berpuluh lah orang kuala pilah masak yang sama tapi i masih boleh bezakan warna dan bau gulai uwan and bila makan kat surau uwan tanya " nak lauk apa" i cakap " nak lauk daging omak"..hee...heee memang terbaik dan dan sodap.Semalam my brother  mulanya taruk nasik sikit ajer sebab dah kenyang katanya..tapi bertambah sepinggan lagi after that..happy lah saya;) Kalau berminat nak cuba caranya sama saja macam lemak cilipadi lain cuma caranya lain sikit ajer,tumbuk cilipadi dan kunyit sampai hancur, masukkan sebijik bawang merah dan putih dan 4/5 batang serai tumbuk pecah2,masukkan daging yang dah di toskan dalam periuk bersama bahan tumbuk,kacau dan masak hingga kering air tanpa santan dulu,biar wangi dan berminyak..dah tu baru masuk santan pekat,masukkan kentang biar mendidih lama,biar kuah sikit dan tambah sikit2 air bila too kering, bila kentang empuk,masukkan asam keping tambah garam dan silalah longgarkan seluar untuk makan:)

Last night after Mia has fallen asleep while Tia was stilled awake with her drawing she asked me "mama which bag are you taking to office tomorrow?" This morning i found this note written by her in my bag;) Upon seeing it i sing this to her;
 " Roses are red my love violets are blueeeee,sugar is sweet my love but not as sweet as youuuuuuu"
and i am giving this song to all of you out there!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Roses are red Violets are blue:);)


Alhamdulillah and thank you for all the wishes. 
 We are not that "romantic' or punya kisah cinta 'terhangat"..haa..haa,we are just ordinary couple yang cuba menikmati hidup sebaik mungkin,bersyukur dengan apa yang ada dan 'sedikit berusaha' untuk mewarnai kehidupan harian.

To all young sisters out there who already engaged,getting married or just started a new married life, i wish all the best,may you life be as colorful as the rainbow and may you enjoy the company of each other and find peace and serenity in each other's present. May you find your home serene like a beach -something like you always long to go back too..something you never get bored with.

It is not easy to have a wonderful married life but it is not impossible either.Marriage can be as sweet as sugar,can be as dull as the black wall, bitter as lime,painful as a deep cut.So choose our path, we can go back to a field filled with roses and violets or we can sit looking at the dull wall.

 I am not an expert either:) we had our great and dull moment;) Early marriage..gaduh jugak just like any other young couples.Dalam tahap menyesuaikan diri we tend to fight because my expectation is different and he can't read my mind. We agreed to help each other with house chores,bila balik rumah,i masak and i expect him to immediately attend to the laundry and when he sat in front of TV first we went into big a fight! We even had big fight during our honeymoon in Redang!..a simple thing like where to have breakfast, how he should treat me in front of people and a simple flaw like when he forgot to hold my hands when getting into boat caused a big explosion and fight! I tend to marah with the way he put the fork and spoon,the way he sprayed ridsect,the way he talked to his friend..etc.etc..Until one day he said  'i never married before..i am also can't pick on me all the time..we have come this far and we suppose to make it work together" Upon hearing that i slowed down and let him show the best in him.

Like it or not man is not like woman,there's many things that they can't think of..the biggest problem is he can;t read what's on your mind bila you merajuk.So i learnt to tell him straight of whatever i am not satisfied with so i don't have to keep in my heart all night. The most important between husband and wife is sincerity in keeping the relationship alive..if one partner always hot tempered the other one must be able to be calm and be patience,if the other are fulled with flaws the partner must be able to assist and make do with whatever they have.

After we can overcome all these..after we have found the perfect 'template' for our married life..Insyallah there will be more colors in your life,your partner will become your best friend- and it is always nice to cook for your best friend, to bake and eat the cake in front of tv with him,to sit on sofa with hot chocolate ,to do groceries,cut grass in the garden,watch the sunset  and to travel anywhere in this world.
When you are blessed with children it will strengthen the bonding as children brings out the best in man and woman.With children we grow more love, we learn things which we never learn before,we feel needed,energetic and there always little people waiting for your hugs and kisses:):) 

So good luck sisters;) And don't forget to berdoa as after usaha and doa, have an open heart with whatever Allah Swt gives you.Dalam perkahwinan kita belajar setiap hari tiada yang perfect...kita berusaha,dan doa moga yang ada berkekalan dan Allah Swt memberkati.Tapi kadang2 sabar tu nipis macam kulit bawang kan..hee..hee nak merajuk ago kojo and jadi hulk sesekali:):)

As usual we have some pictures from our weekend;)

Routine for married couple with small children is to attend to all their the children activities- weekend kena hantar music class, etc,etc..lupa kan lah activity sendiri;):) but it can be fun if you don't look at it as chores:)

Tu dia..sampai tertidur lah papa menunggu;)

After music class papa took us for special anniversary lunch at Tony Roma's.

The yummylicious plate,this combo plate has 2 ribs,2 steak and 2 grilled prawn.

Tia loves the rib very much:) as usual TR rib is always tender and juicy.

And lunch is not a lunch for Mia without pasta..she loves this scampi pasta very much.

An this is how my other half took my picture..sebelah saja..he is so bad at taking pictures..dulu jadi point gaduh jugak ni:)

After good lunch at TR we went for ice cream at Tenshi cafe- a japanese shop.

They have a very nice shaved green tea ice cream,served with red been;)

The chocolate shaved ice cream is very delicious too,they are drizzled with dark chocolate on top.

Evening my niece came to send this nice cute things,siapa berminat boleh lah visit her fb at "Inspired Dayanas Cottage"..banyak barang2 english yang cute2..dia dual online.

I bought many good and cheap past season magazines at E much into reading these magazine again as i have small project in mind.

Sunday i decided not to cook and hang my ladles;) we took uwan and the girls to eat their favorite breakfast at Homst.

Uwan was wearing her blue baju kurung.When you have an old mother it is very difficult to get them to wear new baju,they always like to wear the same old baju.If you noticed uwan always wear same baju especially kat rumah.You have to use you budibicara in pujuk them to wear good new clothes:):)

Char kuey tiow kerang kat sini favourite uwan;)

I ordered seafood beehoon soup for myself.

The girls pulak as usual mestilah dried wantan noodles satu pinggan bahagi dua..boleh habis sampai licin after that.

After breakfast without anything specific in mind we asked papa to drive us on the highway:)

Papa then took us to Putrajaya,it was hot and humid after bersiar-siar dalam kereta we stopped for lunch at Taman warisan at Presinct 16.

I ordered sate for uwan and the kids while papa ordered coconut drinks for everybody.

Sedap sate samuri punya kuah kat sini..tak pedas and Tia suka lah makan, si mia pulak makan nasi ayam.

After lunch we pusing2 kat situ.

Budak nenas and mangga yang melekit:)

Seharian tak masak,petang i cooked gulai rebung manis dengan daging cincang..sangat sodap lah.Nak masak daging cepat tak sempat rebus i guna meat hammer untuk ketuk dan lembutkan daging:)

We had early dinner at 6.45 so we had it outside in the garden after the papa,uwan and the girls woke up from their evening nap.

Semua orang sangat sedap selera bertambah-tambah.Alhamdulillah,after that we just duduk2 relax kat luar until maghbrib. I am thinking of building the girls a cubby house:) I always like the idea of having cubby house in the garden for the girls.Masa kecik dulu i ada tempat untuk hide and play my arwah father buat:)

he,he adik merajuk,uwan pujuk:)

And mama pun buatlah this activity kejap:)

maghrib time..lets go in now..night night everybody..may you have a wonderful monday!