Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From Dusk Til Dawn!

"Kukkkk kukkkkk..ayam berkokok..saya pun memanjangkan kaki di birai katil,menyanggul rambut,mengerling kepada suami dan anak2 yang masih lena di ulit mimpi.. saya menyeka bibir mungil bak delima merekah yang barangkali tersenyum meleret di dalam tidur...hmmm alangkah seronoknya kalau masih dapat bergolek-golek di tilam empuk.." ..haaa..haaaa...that's how most malay novel starts their wake up in the morning story!

Reality check! No romantic kukkkk..kukkk from the red rooster ya:) It was just "kringggggg...kringggg..Allahuakbar Allahuakbar.. i tossed my blanket,dashed to toilet! may my blanket not turn to pig skin! heee...heee. that's how the morning was:):)May us a working woman or a fulled time housewife we have our routines to follow.It is all started in the morning- positive or negative vibes? If we set it to be positive..pounding chili in early morning to make nasi goreng can be fun:):) really?? most of us say ' must be kidding!" Show off ajer lebih ni...nak tunjuk isteri mithali:):) Well..a girl got to do what a girl got to do:):) While a boy got to do what a  girl told him to do!..Yeahhh that's the fun part:):)

So this was the breakfast plate for uwan today:) She has petite chicken pie, pulut panggang and telur mata (her favourite), while i kick and punch in the kitchen in early morning i arranged her to sit in the garden with breakfast:) That what most mom did when we were small isn't it?..they worked in the kitchen and we now it is time for us to let them relax and enjoy their golden time:);)

Beauty in the garden.Some asked what flowers do i have in my garden? What are the low maintenance plants? I have many of this type ,the are called "perennial" as they can only live up to 3 - 6 months.These are the 3 for RM10 from most nursery. They are many bright colors such as shocking pink,dark orange,deep purple. To ensure it lives up to 3 - 6 months,once you bring back home transfer it in a bigger pot,i normally plant it in the long row planter box.The long row planter's box can take up 3 or 4 plants and if you mix the colors it will look beautiful. Mix the black and red soil,put some fertilizer far from the plant base. Don't water too much and not let it goes dry too:);)

This is the 'pura pura malu" flower- pagi tak malu,tersenyum and bukak semua kuntum petang bila tak ada sun it will close it petals and you have to wait for the next day to see it smiling again.This is the cheap,low maintenance type too,planting method is same as the above.

It is always serene and peaceful to have flowers in your garden.I cannot imagine living in a house without flowers:):) It doesn't have to be the expensive type and you need to have bungalow lot or at least semi d to plant flowers.Consistency,discipline are the most important in whatever you are doing.It cannot be 'hangat hangat taik ayam"..kalau hangat taik ayam,taik ayam ajer lah yang dapat:):)

Okay the end to drama bibir mungil and taik ayam:) dah terlambat sikit i had to wear my un iron Bokitta to office- see all the creases:):) (Hi Fairy Lily Putih) That's how Bokitta looked on me today, the front is not long enough for me:):) Well i still love my lilit shawl lah..right Artlover? the lilit2 is better kan:);) Having said that this one is very convenience kalau pi shopping masuk dalam fitting room,you just tarik keluar no pin at all.This is proven today when i managed to try 8 pieces at M&S and ZARA..cabut,letak so easy:);) 

Today; during lunch time when i sent the girls back home i told uwan to 'gentel' puteri mandi,so that when i come back from office i can cook straight away.Uwan was happy with the'little task' orang dah lama tak masak kan.So i came back uwan and the girls already gentle two trays of glutinous rice senang lah kerja i...masak kuah,taruk durian and masukkan the ball. Dah masak,the 3 sat in the kitchen eating and entertaining me while cook lauk for buka puasa.

This is another type of puteri mandi where you can add in 'tepung mata ikan" girls love it very much.

I ve been thinking to eat 'sup ikan merah' since morning at i cooked it for bukak puasa:):)

I also cooked 'tumis timun air" my husband's favorite.

While for uwan i prepared her all time favorite- santan durian mentah' untuk lauk nasi:)

Alhamdullillah today is my 3rd day of puasa in Rejab.While waiting for Isyak i snapped this photo for the sake of those asking about this 'telekung sulam".To Julie- i beli online from " it is priced at RM86 including delivery.They use post laju and if you are in Malaysia you can get it in 1 day,the material is a high quality cotton,they are soft and not too heavy,the head part is double and the telekung is fulled with flowers embroidery.

I love the kain as so senang to tie..very comfortable and no hassle to tie at all.

Some asked at my page tonight how to prepare 'gooey/soft egg"? Well there's a few methods- mine is simple it is either - 1. i put very little oil in flat frying pan,low down the fire, break the egg on the pan and i cover the pan with lid,after few minutes when the bottom is hard i remove the egg and result is like in the picture.

Or i put some oil in the deep frying pan,not the flat one,low the fire,break the egg,let the bottom hard a lil bit, scoop the hot oil in the pan and pour on top of the egg,once the top turns white a bit,scoop the egg out,the result is like in the above picture. Alternatively if you are concern about the oil intake you may opt for 'poached egg, where you can boil water in the pot,low the fire,break the egg in,let  the outer part harden a bit,turn once and quickly but gently remove it to the plate;)

After dah habis bersoal jawab membagi tips..i went outside to find Tia practicing her keyboard:) It seems that we have to get piano sooner than we have planned;):)

Before going to sleep i stared at this "Pak Nasser nasi lemak" on AirAsia..wahhhh best lah naik AirAsia ada nasi lomak pegedil!"Kalau balik Kuala Pilah boleh naik AirAsia mesti i naik dah!!!! Anyway i never been on AA before always on Malaysian Hospitality:):) Ann Huzi datang lah KL naik AirAsia:):):) See ya ni June ya:)InsyAllah.

Nite,nite everybody..tomorrow lilit shawl balik lah:);) NBI i ve been to Kapas to buy the girls baju kurung for majlis doa selamat dulu and i did buy two shawls from there;):)

Will answer some queries in the next entry ya..too tired tonight..i shall dream of Pak Yasser nasi lemak for Sahur!!! May be asam pedas,ayam penyet and all those spicy foods that i cannot eat:(;(


kasihredha said...

Kelakar bab novel melayu tu :D

akak punya putri mandi tberbeza sikit dgn zu punya..akak buat biasanya dengan kelapa parut muda + gula :))

Suka kain (telekung) tu...senang nak ikatkan ...selalunya asyik terlondeh aje...hihi

Selamat berpuasa

Anonymous said...

salam kak zu,
i am really love your small garden with more flowers....nak tanya akak beli dkt nursery mana yer bunga2 tu?area sg buloh ke?
Pokok tu every day kena siram ke kak?i try to make my small garden like hmm....mcm x menjadi je...first bcoz rumah i jalan depan dia jalan besar so manyak apa2 pun i am really in love with your chantik flower....weekend ni nak p cari dan bercucuk tanam la...ce bgtau akak beli dkt mana...


Anonymous said...

salam kak zu...

nak bgtau kat air asia, nasi lemak Pak Nasser bukan Pak Yasser...:)memang sedap kan??

selamat berpuasa kak zu.
sampaikan salam saya buat uwan yer.


M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

sedapnye puteri mandi tu..kecik chomey je uwan gentel bola2 tu...
lagi sedap dgn durian kan..

kak zue, ade add kak zue kat fb..accept mine eh...

Yati Ali said...

almost everyday datang sini..happy sangat tengok uwan semakin sihat...

Maryam Izza said...

salam kak Azu!
wah baru beberapa hari dah terlepas beberapa entry akk :)
selamat menjalani ibadah puasa akk! sy pun nak gembirakan hati mak sy la mcm akk buat kt uwan, mak sy suka bunga tp orkid lah dia suka. Bunga lain bunga kertas je,kat rumah ni pun mmg ada orkida dgn bunga kertas dan keladi... tp bunga akk yg kaler oren tu mmg cantik la kak. Bunga apa tu ea? kat mn akk beli benih bunga tu ya? thnx kak azu!

Unknown said...

Lama x komen.hihihikk..rinduuu. bila stress dgn kerja, terus bukak internet tgk mamatiamia.hehe..lega terus tgk gmbr uwan,mama, tia, mia..hehehe...muaahhhhxx..syggg semua!

Mariam said...


Heheheh I read all your archive kak...At first I thought you were staying over seas...You proved me wrong..Your house look so cosy and warm and the food you cook awesome sangat!!!!

Anonymous said...

salam mamatiamia.. it's here again.. 25th may!! i ingat kt u! remember the same 'dub dab' we shared 10 years ago??? congratulations to both of u.. and syukur alhamdulillah.. :)) lama tk dtg sini.. dah jadi model muslimah dah.. i like :))

annhuzi said...

rampingnya pinggang u! ;)
manisnya anak mama, sesuai jadi model tudung :)