Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Great 2 Days 1 Nite Stay at Aminah Resort.

Once you have your own family there will be so many things that you have to think before you embark on holiday especially if you have an old mother living with you.When you are surrounded by people that Allah sbt has entrusted you to look after you have to perform your duty;have got to give priorities to the smallest and the oldest but there is no regret,Allah is so great, happiness is always there and it is up to you look and find it.Macam tu lah kita jika dulu mama and papa can always pack our bag travel from Vienna nak pergi Cameron Highlands pun kena fikir,sesuai ke.As a result mama cancelled our booking at Ye Olde Smoke House in Cameron,was thinking about Universal Studio in Singapore,Hard Rock Hotel in Penang..than mama sat back and think..what about uwan,what would be the best place for her to this age nothing fancy her much,she just want to back to a place where love first started,no matter how great the live is in town..her heart is always there and oneday when mama is old like uwan mama will feel exactly the same.So made small plan and we made special trip to kampung just for uwan..furthermore you both love kampung very much too.Memang banyak kerja kena buat bila sampai rumah, tinggal tak ada orang duduk,walaupun kita ada upah orang utk bersih2kan tapi dalam rumah mesti singsing lengan and kemasss..but bila hati seronok semua tak jadi hal..We had the most wonderful time in cost us RM150 to buy groceries at Kuala Pilah but we had tons and tons of  sweet memories,uwan so happy:)Let see the wonderful pictures.p.s Uwan charges Euros 150 per nite untuk sesiap yg nak stay but if you come with lots of loves she will welcome with open arms plus entitlement for late check out and sumptious hot breakfast:)