Monday, March 25, 2013

My Little House is now fulled with blooms:)


I brought some happiness from the Highlands back to my little house. It may not last long but 3 or 4 days with that kind of happiness is enough;)

I went to Pasar Pagi at Kea Farm not to buy vegetables but to buy these;)

And the Chinese makcik was so happy layan me, she gave me more and more:)

I think i nak quit working and jual bunga at Pasar pagi at CH:)

My Hb bagi peluang to me beli bunga and he went to the next shop to buy vegetables- beli lah apa pun sayur dear..i tak kisah:)

When the mama is happy the girls will be happy too;)

But bila banyak sangat stop the two dah boring..he he he.

I tahan tapau lunch masa balik so that we dont have to stop for eating..takut tutup aircond my cut flowers semua layu- pengorbanan demi bunga2;)

Balik terus buat project- these flowers can last for years (kata si makcik penjual bunga tu ler) Bila dah kering pun dah colour masih sama.

Cheq sungguh happy lah no..kalau duduk kat Cameron rumah cheq mesti tak boleh nampak pinggan penuh bunga:) 

And isn't it nice to have strawberry bergantungan kat tepi tingkap sinki? 

Walaupun sekejap..jadi lah.

Roses everywhere:)

The small area at the back is brigthen up by the blooms:)

Terus rasa nak duduk2 jer kat belakang rumah:)(pretend membasuh kain)

Heni was away attending jiran kampung dia punya wedding in selayang- so the kitchen  was all mine on Sunday- no body letak baldi sana sini;)

When the maid is away the hb will accompany the wifey to cook:) So nice kalau boleh selalu macam ni:)

 Makan pun berselera:)

These what the husband bought from the Pasar-so i cooked it for him plus the chicken soup;) I told him " i cooked what you bought from cameron" He said " Ayam pun ke??" Ishhhhh;);)

Also when the maid was away we had our little breakfast at the back..why? sebab senang mama nak basuh after that he he;)

Tak besar pun but we had enough space for us:);) Uwan and Heni were away but we have Tim and Lauren in their little pink house to accompany us:)

Ta Ta... I have to continue working on my plan to open a flower shop in Cameron:) May be i should open a Tea Room- with everything white,grapevines,strawberry and Ivy crawling everywhere:):)

P.s- Where to have the steamboat?- i gave the name of the shop in my old entry before- i cant recall exactly but it was something like "Nyonya fern- halal shop at Tanah rata not far from the Bank- please google up to get the address.Thanks.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Favourite Things In CH.


Every time we go to Cameron we will try to enjoy to the fullest:) With the girls around semua pun jadi fun:) Alhamdulillah.

Butterfly farm visit is a must:)

The girls simply love the butterflies too much, the butterflies love them too- the two can spent hours here.

The Beauty.

Butterfly on my jeans.

Lucky one butterfly sudi hinggap on me:)

Giant cactus at the butterfly farm.

Another 'must' in our list.

She always excited to pick strawberry:)

This time Alhamdulillah strawberry besar2- sebab cuti sekolah belum start so belum kena pick.

We went to the same farm- Rezeki Ika the name- the price is reasonable here.

This is the first time we visited Rose centre at Kea Farm- penuh roses dari bawah hingga lah ke puncak yang sangat sayup tinggi menggalah ke langit.

My sister Maklang is a Rose lover so she asked me to take as many pictures of roses here.

Beautiful orange rose.

It's like a dreamland here- nothing but roses;)

Red beauty.

Lovely pose by Mia.

Maklang said this is called Rose Cluster- sangat cantik macam hand bouquet.

Pink beauty.

Lovely as princess.

The girls with the Ivy plants- I love Ivy but it is not easy to grow it here in KL.

Lemon Tree.

Big Challenge going to the top.

But it was too beautiful not to go up.

Wahhhh worth mendaki to see this!

So peaceful and beautiful up here.

You can see the whole valley.

Imagine if we have a garden like this.

Awesome view.

Beside Bharat Tea Plantation i think this is one of the nicest view at Cameron.

The girls in happy mode.


After the hilltop climbing we treated ourselves with the best nasi daun pisang and masala tea.

After lunch we checked in into Century Pines Resort. They have the XXL king size bed so everybody boleh tidur sam a.

We booked the garden room.

Time to eat hasil petikan dari ladang strawberry.

Yeahhhh heaven;)

Dinner we went for steamboat at the usual place.

The steamboat here is always nice- with the fresh veges and cold weather you can eat until the last bit:)

Steamboat gives you natural facial steam;) Sampai camera pun berwap;) 

Hmmm i love CH- i love the cold weather, the tudor house, the food,flower... how i wish boleh pencen kat cameron, ada rumah kecik with chimney,worn sofa, chesterfield in the reading room, copper pots and pans in the kitchen,garden with white gazeebo, voilet pansies and red roses and porch with crawling grapevines and bedroom with tomatoes planters box outside the window.

Salmi- best nyer your sister renovated her house macam ye olde smoke house, i love the beams too:) And Elena and Alina enjoy your holiday!