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Review on Ye Olde Smoke House .


Thanks pada semua yang singgah and wished me a wonderful holiday:) To those sharing my dream; ArtLoverCinnamonWorlsofColours- wonderful isn't it:):) but i think you have lived most of it! and i envy you:) And Mazni- yup this is the most closest to the wonderful England minus beku plus tom yam,nasilemak,banana leaf rice and all:) And The Britons surely had left their marks prominently there. And to Muna thank you so much- surely we will carik you tanpa malu Muna if one day we sampai there:) So seronok lah in contact with all of you may it be in Oz,NZ,UK,Singapore especially my beloved Malaysia:) Tak dapat pergi pun dapat di alu-alukan datang pun dah satu kesoronokan:) Thank You very much:)

Answering few queries about Ye Olde Smoke House especially our Cik Elena yang mencintai dapur dan porch bangat2 just like me- This is my review about the place, hope it can be useful.

First of all, Ye Olde Smoke House CH is a very old place,it was renovated in 1937. All things inside here is old, antique and original. And for that please expect old carpet,worn sofa,dented knick knack,dim light- This is a place for those who can appreciate it- you come here for an experience, if you like English country side with fine dining, house fulled with old charms, this is the place. A family suite costed you RM700++( i booked through Agoda, but you can also call in). Children above 2 yrs old is not allowed to share bed with their parent as the bed is small, if there is 3 or 4 person like us you have to book a family suite. With this amount of money you actually can book into a suite at the 5 star YTL luxury hotel- The Cameron Resort- so you can't  compare the money you pay for Ye Olde Smoke House with other 5 star hotel. In Cameron there's only two 5 star hotel i.e The Cameron Resort and The Lake House, while Ye Olde Smoke House, Strawberry Park,Century Pines and The Equatorial are rated 4 star by local standard.

We chose this place for an experience as we love English country side- the girls shared the same feeling too they found this place to be very nice and beautiful.

The reading room/lobby is very English- there's no bright light, they are dim and yellow but very cosy and nice.

We chose to dine here instead of going out- you have to select  you menu and wait here until you dinner is ready, once is ready the lady in charge will announce it to you and take you to your table.

It was a very quiet affair during dining, nobody is making sound, no sound of fork and spoon,there was  a waiter standing not far from your table- he will stand there through out your dinner. The girls to our surprise behaved very2 well-  they cut their own bread, spread the butter, finished their soup and veges- i think mesti sebab ada orang berdiri kat table tu yang jadi macam tu:)

Family photo.

Dinner here is expensive- this roast chicken costed us RM62, the lamb chop for my husband was RM70 while the small asparagus soup was RM27. The food was okay but the taste were light- just like the way British likes it i guess- you have to add  salt to your own liking otherwise memang tawar a bit.

Overall it was a good dinner, the girls had complimentary soup from the Chef, he came out from the kitchen and brought the bowl to our table:)

This is the dining room- kalau siapa tak suka rasa berselerak lah kan..memang banyak barang and the tudor concept is very prominent.

There's many copper displays here- they are shining and bright:)

Nice big fresh flower arrangement- This is the only hotel (except The Cameron Resort, that have fresh flowers in the hotel- despite the cheap flowers in CH semua hotel lain langsung tak fikir nak put fresh flower pun and I heran Ch tak ada majlis bandaraya or town planner ke- orang buat building baru main ikut suka hati tak ada concept and celah mana2 dia suka- sayang a nice place macam CH kalau jaga betul2 boleh jadi nicer) sebab you can have tea room with grapevines, apple and strawberry around the place.

Night in Ye Olde Smoke House.

The girls checking the old copper table. When you first arrived they will serve welcome drinks- they tanya you nak coffee or tea- the girls were served with fruit juice.

Semua copper display berkilat-kilat kat sini- according to the General Manager, masa low season semua pekerja hotel duduk ramai2 kerja kilatkan copper:);) 


We stayed in the main wing on the 3rd floor- there's no lift here but at least the floor is not creaking like some of the old building in Paris:) This place remind us of a traditional boutique hotel in Luzern, Switzerland:)

The girls love the 4 posters bed with the curtain- they rasa macam camping:)

There's another 2 single beds outside- the bed was comfortable, there's no musty smell in our room but i don't know about other rooms - they are not shining and tiptop like the 5 star hotel. At night you have to use ubat nyamuk elektrik otherwise nyamuk besar2 gajah will come and attack you! Also malam2 bunyi from either the broiler or power room was quite noisy- it made noise every 15 mins- i tak sure samada malam yang kita orang datang ajer ada atau every other night. But since my husband tidur mati dia tak komplen:)

We stayed in a suite called Glenmore:) There's another Smoke House in Fraser's Hill yang itu pun very nice. We wanted to stay at The Lake House at first but since dia jauh dari attractions tak jadi lah, that one is nicer- but dining is double expensive than Ye Olde.

Breakfast is included- you may order light continental breakfast (cereal,toast,butter jam and fruits) or English breakfast (eggs, hotdogs, baked beans etc) walaupun breakfast included but they will ask you; how many croissant you want, juice nak tak, etc,they only serve apa yang you order. 

Breakfast was served at the beautiful Conservatory .

The girls and their cereal;)

My English breakfast.

Their croissant,jam semua homemade and sangat sedap.

I must say that their croissant is the nicest in CH- lagi sedap dari Tea Plantation or the famous cafe above MarryBrown. Two pieces costed RM17, we makan tak cukup masa tea time, so breakfast i ordered 4 pieces for everybody, walaupun side order masa breakfast but they didn't charge us. Memang truly recommended lelap2 mata makan dengan cream and jam.

We stayed here for one night since we booked lambat and weekend full, second day we checked out to Century Pines Resort.

Blue Plates collection at Ye Olde.

The Reception.

Bye Bye Ye Olde Smoke House- we had a wonderful experience here- apart from nyamuk besar gajah dan sound that came from the power house we don't have any other complaint.

Will come back with more pictures at Century Pines, Rose Valley, Steamboat etc. The best i borong cut flowers sampai tergolek-golek:) Night Night All.



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Alina said...

Kak zu, great post, tq. I hav not been to ch for more than 10 yrs n u made me wanna set foot again n bring my kids there.. soon, InshAllah.

Salmi said...

Salaam Azu, missed the smoke house, long time ago, masa dd about tia and mia age, memang suka pergi sana with inlaws. My Sil suka sangat dengan interior smoke house, so dia renovate rumah dia with the tudor style..the checkers flooring, the ceiling beam and wall decorated with wood panel..till now pun she still maintained that interior..pastu kat luar dinding rumah dia tu memang dia biarkan pokok duit2 tu cover part of her wall..sangat relaxing kalau ada kat taman smoke house tu..

Elena said...

Akak....tenkiuu very much on details . Very nice deco jugak esp coppers dorang.Fewwww berkilat Sakan.Before this byk creepy comments baca ttg Smoke House, Bala's Chalet and Ye Olde tu yg mcm takut2 je nk try tu..hihihi. Tapi top list yg nkkk sgt pegi skang Lakehouse and Cameron Highland Resort tapi expensive jgk tu.Both of them ada veryyyy nice balcony and nice view....tapi selalunyaaaa plan sana sini endup kami dok tidur hotel budget Parkland kat town gak. Walau budget tapi bilik comfortable betul siap dgn wifi.roomrate only 98 aje.Plus jln kaki je pasar mlm kan.lagipun kami jenis c/out awal pagi nk naik bfast kat plantation so kurang skit rasa rugi. Hari ni kt kg inlaw insyallah esok naik kalu ada rezeki....seronok kan kak bila kat atas. rasa tenanggggg dan nyaman jeeee.

Dr Kamarul said...

Salam, saya yang pakai baju jacket biru Herbalife, kebetulan kita tinggal waktu yang sama, very nice review.

Dr Kamarul