Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Addition to the family!


Happy mode:) I sent S.O.S to my niece to come and help me with few settings at my Mac, she came and resolved the problem! Thank You Kak Ikin.

Euwww we got new additions to the family;) A boy and a girl- They are both gorgeous I tell you:)  Welcome Lauren and Tim we hope you love our home.

I baked double choc cookies ( ala Famous Amos) for the girls on Friday night- but i tell you it was quite difficult to figure out whether it's already cook because it was too black..he he.If you asked me about the recipe,sorry this time i just used ready mixed from one of the bakery shop at Sunway Giza. I just add butter and choc chips to it, the result was good, i would say 80% of what you get from FA. To those asking about my moist choc cake from the old entry - i used recipe from "The Joy of Baking':)

Saturday we had pink night:)

We went Ikea and the girls got this for our home, I am not into this type of light but they love it:) Furthermore it was just RM39.90.

Today i cooked Chicken Rice for lunch- the little people plus the papa like it:) Uwan pun suka jugak:)

And i threw anything pink and orange into a bowl for dessert.

A lil bit rajin i baked Macaroni&cheese for tea- as usual the girls can't wait for it to cook:)

Extra cheezy macaroni- the girls had it with ketchup while i ate it with the brown gravy.

Evening Kak Ikin the IT expert came and resolved my problem..yeayyy.

As a big thank you to Kak Ikin i cooked all her favourite dishes- bukan susah pun she loves simple kampung lauk.

Gulai udang with nangka.

Her number 1 favourite my sardine goreng kering with cilipadi.

Goreng ikan masin with bendi,bawang garing dan cilipadi.

While waiting for uwan to come down we semabng2 first- actually sembang2 non stop- so nice talking to a niece actually much nicer if it can be followed with golek2 on the bed after that:)

Presenting Tim and Lauren- names given by Tia Mia, i asked why sound so 'human' the name? They said they like it..suka hati lah.Hopefully panjang umur these two, they are really cute and friendly:)

My small storage project at the back is finally finished..pfuhhhhh si Alvin buat kerja this tiny berbulan-bulan tak habis.I think after nearly 2 months baru lah siap. That is the storage place, I can keep many things inside and it helps to maintain the place neat..sebab boleh dump all things in the storage.

Now that we have space the limited place can accommodate two benches- people would wonder why i put bench at laundry area- well when i was small i love to sit at the place where my emak buat kerja:) I think my kids share the same habit- when i cook she likes to sit here- now they and uwan can sit here.

This is my back area- half is used for laundry activity while the other half for wet kitchen. Masa banyak membasuh tak lah kemas this area, semua tergantung-gantung. Most of the items here are from ikea,senang dan murah. Somebody asked last time tak ker bau baju bila masak? No, because i have open air/grilles at the top of the wall- good ventilation- and i added cooking fan fixed at the wall near the stove. But i hardly switch it on because the air/wind is more than enough. If oneday i have no more maid, i might opt for dryer- fast and simple, no hanging clothes- now i have one wall mounted clothes hanger and small foldable on the floor.

Walaupun kecik, this is one of the area i love most in the house.

To Farah who asked whether my niece is a model- he he no lah,happy lah dia kalau dengar tu:) She's an Ngo activist.

Quite active actually- she likes to talk whenever possible- unlike me:) She has her own Persatuan now called " Youth Champion Leader" - they help students at University through the Mentor and Men tee system- they help  to build Think Tanker too.

Looking at all your nieces and nephews plus cucu sedara(s) you realize how time goes by...  i miss those days- this niece of mine in the picture used to be very very ladylike, masa kecik suka ketawa tak berhenti- whenever i went to Johor Bahru (Jalan Yahya Awal) we will play masak2 under the tree in front of the house, we stopped playing there when we heard about the Indian lady's story  who lived not far from my late brother's house  - her husband saw one Achi at 1.30 at night picking jasmine from the big tree there.he said when he asked the Achi why she picked flower at night, she suddenly walked through the tree and disappeared - upon hearing that we slept so near to each other at night and held our pee through out the night:);) Now my ladylike niece is wearing uniform and looked brave and smart:)

One of the wonderful thing of having many nieces; they buy things you love:) This is my new scarf that my niece Nur bought from Seam Reap;)

Well i told one of friend last week, if some people dream of becoming a leader and popular my wish lately is just to wake up to a wonderful family,spend sometimes in the kitchen cooking and baking and maybe 1/3 of the day in my garden planting flowers and some veges:) As at now i still have to fight jam to go to office but never stop thanking Allah Swt for all the opportunity given:) Alhamdulillah.




Farah said...

awwww wow your niece is too gorgeous! thought she was a model! beauty with brain, how impressive!! hehe it must run in the familyy ;)) pink night looks like so much fun!! you always come up with creative activities for your twins hehe ;) shall emulate you when i get married <3


Kniedaz said...

saya selalu berangan ada ruang laundry kat rumah..hehehe...sangat kemas la...maybe one day kan..hehe

Anonymous said...

owwhhh...dapat jugak tengok kak ikin kat blog akak ni. blog dia dah tak active dah :(.Understand that dia sambung buat master part time kan. Without boring and keep repeating...satu family pun cantik-cantik semua.


Anonymous said...

Salam dari kak noor (yr silence reader who never miss peering yr blog ..... hehehe panjang lebarkan pengenalan diri). Today feel like interruptingin yr blog dear after seeing the picture of yr anak saudara sebab men sebelah dia tu ialah my friend's husband who is founder of JMM (NGO also). Kak noor dulupun sangat aktif dengan NGO ni sampai merata tempat dah pegi hingga ke ulu banat segala hehehehe. Nway keep on writing the nice & sweet story with the wonderful photos.

Salam, kak noor bkt abangsa

yanizz said...
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ida said...

waaah..lama sangat duk belek2, asyik title fav photo of the week jer,kita punya minat yang sama in deco, so bila tengok u letak pic ur laundry+wet kitchen tu, wah teruja rasanya nak makeover sket my wet kitchen+laundry area tu.
Mine, tak jadi sangat wet kicthen , dah fully jadi laundry area...sekarang semua kerja2 masak buat kat dalam i dah besarlan bilik kat bawah tu, so dah makan space laundry tu..kononnya nak jadikan bilik bawah tu bilik family, bilik audio segala, last2 jadi bilik bibik yang besarr..silap perancangan..never thot of nak hire helper lagi after pindah tu...but as u said la,even small space pun , kita bolejh jadikan cantik kalau tahu menggayakannya kan .
Pls always update your house deco in here , boleh tiru2 sket ur idea Azu hehehe.
N also selalu2 la letak pic 2 princess and Uwan tu yer...rinduu rasanya kalau Azu tak letak pic Uwan...

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
Cantik dan kemasnya laundry area.. suka tgk meja makan dan makanan yg terhidang semua sedap2 belaka..
Wow dah ada Tim dan Lauren tu mesti comel sgt dan kuat buat bising malam2 kan? :D

Elena said...

saya pun pencinta dapur mcm akak jugak..
mesti nak ada tmpt lepak2 kat dapur

akak...kalu beli oven nanti update ye sbb saya pun tgh survey.

rina_mazlan said...

Salam kakak.

Rina nak tanya, tia n mia still tido dengan kakak ke? Atau tido asing? Saya ada anak umur 6 tahun tapi still nak tido bawah ketiak. Macamana kita nak pujuk anak... Tapi sebagai mak, saya pun masih suka anak tido sekali. Rasa rindu pulak kalau diorang takde.. :)

susumanis said...

salam zu, all t lauk pauk never fail to makes me terlio..hehe..ya kan zu, byk byk bersyukur, Allah swt pasti lebih merahmati..apa la sangat derita kita kalau ada compares to deriat mereka di syria dan palestine, may Allah swt keep blessing them..aamiiin.. kak susu manis

~ibuAdaMina~ said...

akhirnya entry pasal laundry muncul jua...tqvm inspires me!! love u kakZu...muahhh

The Singing Pilot said...

Akak, nk number anak sdara akak yg model tu bleh? Haha

suhaila said...


Can't wait to cook macaroni baked..plsss i need the recipe and what cheese u usually used..Thanks dear.

Nur-nba said...

Salam.. Kak Zu, rindunya nak rajin komen but masa tak mengizinkan.. Sedapnya menu2 tu.. Anak sedara dan mak sedara dua2 cantik.. :)

Shila Muin said...

Assalam Zue.
Lama tak jengah pangkin bawah pokok ni. Rupa2nya dah complete storage area tu. nice. Kirim salam to Uwan n not forgotten to tiamia

Gina said...

Waduh-waduh Kak Zu, cantik bangat anak saudara dengan mak saudara. Lauk pauk oun mengancam juga