Monday, January 31, 2011

Cooking is the best Therapy!

Salam and helloo.. facing some problems with blog last few days,can't do the new posting,now that it is okay again, as usual come look at the food we cooked:)

 The yummylicious golden brown pancakes for breakfast..spread butter and drizzle the syrup..yummehhh..felt so good in the cold morning:)

 Baked mini lasagne for dinner..tia and papa love this.

 I didn't bake this but wanna show it here because it tastes soooo good..Bought from a small cafe at OU,new wing outside the buttery and soft,the type that when you hold it the butter will stain your hand and it has beautiful fragrant too.. i always love good butter cake:)

 Then i cooked lauk kampung for everybody..

 Stir fried  mushroom with sawi is very nice to go with steam rice while it is still hot.

  Salmon Head curry..very nice to go with sambal telur and ikan brings nostalgia to my early days when i used to travel to Cannes..Kak Ani will always cook this and invite us to her beautiful rented apartment by French Riviera..she said she had to shout to the french fishmonger at the market not to throw away the head:)

 Bubur kacang merah with sweet of the favourite at our make it more creamy add fresh santan on top..nice to go with ice too;)

 Another favourite is bubur cha,cha..the girls love it. it is a pleasure cooking it:)

 We always like to have our dinner at the kitchen..i like the coziness compared to having it at the proper big table at the living room.

 Wahhh this man is having wonderful time after all the eating..look at the way he sleeps,nicely cradle in the sofa with fleece blanket and breeze from the window...
 When you look at this is priceless..whatever they want to eat i will be gladly cook,anytime..anywhere even on our vacation;)

 Weekend is rest day@reading day..both looking forward to it..

 Uwan enjoyed it too..

 The girls had check up at Tropicana Medical centre..

 They like it more screaming or shouting..mia had her pulse rated..

 "Tia show the nurse you hand...please"
The sad news..Tia Mia's teacher which they love very much i.e Mrs Lee is going back to Korea for good..she's a great cook..i will give this special grater i bought from Australia to her..hopefully oneday we can visit her in Seoul and she can cook for us..Bon Voyage Mrs Lee;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pasta Lasagne Weekend

 This weekend bangun pagi decided to bake lasagne for breakfast..some people askd"lasagne for breakfast!!.."he,he we dont have hard and fuss rules when it comes to food and cooking:)

 bechamel (white/cheese) sauce and meat sauce ready..

 I dont have thick oven dish,kenalah guna thin one tak lah tebal my lasagne nanti but the plus point cepat masak:)

 After one layer of meat sauce put dollops of white sauce..

 Then atur the lasagne sheets

Finally sprinkle the mozarella cheese after the repeat the process and bekas dah penuh

 Of you go into the oven

 Wallaaaa the super sedap sinfully rich lasagne:)

 Tak sempat nak tunggu sejuk sikit..walaupun tak tebal tapi sungguh sedap;)

 One happy man;)

 One happy uwan:)

 One happy kenit sedia nak siram bunga

 Siram jgn tak siram;)

 After breakfast heavy sangat we opted for healthier lunch he,.hee

 and salad of course..

 but uwan mana boleh tak makan masak lomak..hee..hee

 the day before was pasta pasta at The italiannies enjoy the photos

happy weekend everybody..tmrw already monday!!!! arghhhhh..heee..hee

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Happiness

Wahhh..tomorrow cuti,happy,happy..lompat2.lompat2..tiamia jom lompat..yeayyyy..he..hee my happiness very easy: if i can cook good food,serve to the people i loved,if i can spend time with my family,read good book,clean and decorate my house,travel to a place we loved..and of course angan2..I ll be happy need Gucci or Prada mehhh (but hubby tak baca ni..kalau dia bagi nak jugakk..kihh..kihhh).January coming to an end..cepatnyer masa.budak dua orang tu pun rambut dah pandai nak ala2 Rapunzel dahhh..hmm me berangan-angan..byk yang di angan kan moga Allah Sbt memakbulkan nya..impian terbesar nak membina rumah impian..insyAllah cepat lah sampai..hmmm hb cakap then simpan lah duit cannot travel this tu my love,my passion..tak boleh dah angan2 ..itenary pun dah ada dalam kepala..tak pe me sabar tunggu september..Spring,house by the beach,farmstay..yeayyyy..seronoknya angan2)..Okay jom lihat apa yang buat i happy for the past few weeks;)

 Ni dah lama laksa lemak@laksam..sedap sangat sedap..carik kat seluruh Kelantan pun tak der sedap macam ha..haaa..saja ajer..usik2;)

 Bahan2 taburnya..sangat crunchy,sambal extra limau..saya suka..

 It was served for breakfast..brunch lah actually..

 Tukang makan sangat happy:)
 Everytime we went to shop,the kenits sure angkut this noodles berkampit2 letak dalam last week i cooked it for them..

 They like it very much..yeap very very much;)

 My double happiness..of course these Rapunzels lahhh..

 Satu Rapunzel kuat merajuk..hmmm ikut sapa yerr:)

 Showing her curly hair after mama blow dried it..

 Rapunzels bee good okay..dont let down your hair to the witch..she might climb up and get youuuu;)

 Nite time is bonding time with time papa is a fulltime Strategic Planning man..nite time he got to plan how to change barbie dress from pink to blue..very sweet..i likeee ittt:)

 Boostore visit is a must weekend activity nowdays..they really love it..mama pun tumpang lah mengangkut buku:)
 Papa asked me"why you want me to buy you Chech Republic book? are we going there? lah pa..but i love to read travelling book lahh..mana tahu one of these days okay"..

Happy holiday everybody..dont go to batu caves tomorrow okay..the best way to unwind tomorrow is to try cook Nasi Daun Pisang at home..hmm i can cook rasam,cucumber in yoghurt,deep fried bitter gourd and cripsy ikan kerisi and chicken..waahhhh sodap lah;)