Sunday, April 26, 2015



Terima Kasih semua yang singgah,yang mendoakan,bertanya khabar- doa yang baik2 untuk semua. I thought of taking a very long long break from posting- but it seems not:);)

Raining weekend- it is nice to just seat at the verandah. That painting was given by an old friend long time ago- I still keep it- stories and memories.

Seronok mengintai yang manja di dalam pondok ni petang2.I wonder if they sit together and tell stories.

Masa berlalu, yang hilang tak berganti- melihat yang mudah,yang ringkas pun mendamaikan hati dan kadang2 menyentuh perasaan dalam2.

A simple view- but treasured by me very much-they will grow big, we will grow old.

Since i moved to the new office last year- i frequently reached home late- they will sembahyang Maghrib kat bawah instead kat atas to wait for me- bila balik nampak ni- hati pun terharu.

Have to find time to give happiness to those competing with time- took uwan out for lunch this weekend- after that we stopped for waffle and brownies/ice cream.

Kadang2 rasa baru sahaja meninggalkan my hometown- terasa diri ini macam dulu2 sangat merindukan kampung- peluang tak sentiasa sama, kehidupan mesti aja berputar, sekarang uwan uzur banyak- tak berapa larat travel jauh- nampaknya jika di izinkan Allah Swt hanya raya sahaja balik kampung- lama sikit boleh slow2 dan dia dapat rehat lama- kalau rushing short getaway weekend uwan tak larat. Teringat kampung, teringat lauk2 di masaknya dulu.

I made fish head soup- one of her popular dishes last time.

And the simple sambal cili with bawang- sedap kena dgn sup kepala ikan.

I am lucky to have her as a friend- we are friend since Uni Days- she is always nice to me- my anak demam she will be in front of my gate with cup cakes and story books, my birthday hb tak sempat wish lagi dia dah terpajak with flower depan rumah, my mom tak sihat she will come with bouquet and goodies and when i am down she knows how to make it better- last week without any occasion she came to my office with this beautiful roses- Alhamdulillah rezeki mempunyai sahabat yang tidak pernah meminta hanya memberi.

Today dari pasar tani- i bought few pots of flowers, pulut kuning and rendang and sent it to her home.

Today we just relax- tengok perangai2 yang tersayang.

Let them spur their creativity.

Nice garden deco using pebbles.


Today i made salsa.

Just dice tomato,onion mix with lemon juice,parsley and salt- nice to go with any dishes.

And this the dinner for the girls- no rice for them.

Untuk dhr yang tanya in the entry before this mana pergi cuti- we went for a short trip to Cameron Highlands and stayed at Bala Chalet- very english and nice- tak lah semahal Ye Olde Smoke House- itu pun kalau you suka benda2 classic- no new carpet or the comfort of a 5 star hotel:)

Berangan di England this girl:)

Nice garden where you can have your breakfast sejuk2 to- we made our own breakfast.

Spacious and comfortable room- but no fridge ya;)

This used to be British India School in the old days.

The girls enjoyed the lovely garden.

Okay lah cukup untuk malam ni- time to sleep esok harus meredah jam ke Bangsar lagi- Moga di permudahkan semua urusan kita hendaknya.

Before i go- sharing my new experience- i went to Parliament- bukan lah bersidang but i had conversation relating to broadcasting issues with ministers and backbenchers at the waiting room- They have nice food there;):)

With Tan Sri Shahril.

Our Deputy Minister of Kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia.


Monday, April 20, 2015


Salam buat Zakiah jauh di Germany dan Kak S- so sweet of you both risaukan saya:):) Alhamdulillah me, Uwan and family are okay- cuma these few months memang lah totally busy- Bangsar to my home is always jam- workload is increasing, responsibility too- had to attend many meeting through out the week- balik rumah macam dushhh pengsan:) I still cook, still browse internet cuma tak have enough time to update my blog sometimes. Tapi mengingatkan kata2 Kak S-'seperti gila talak setiap hari singgah di blog ni" I smiled and promised that i will update tonight:)

Salam- terima kasih yang bertanya khabar:)

We are okay too:)

Uwan is Alhamdulillah so much- she is the pillar of our strength :) See that smile- with limited vision and move she can give that smile- we took this picture last Saturday when we went to Sg Bagan Seafood in Tg Harapan, Port Klang to celebrate my sister and brother's birthday.

I have been blessed by Allah Swt- kesyukuran tidak terhingga- ada nikmat bertambah diberi Allah Swt this month- one day i went back home- i put her hands on my head and I told her that Allah has blessed me with few more things- i further said " emak ampunkan Azu" ( that's is all that i want at that time- i really need her blessing)- She said " tiada dosa kau pada emak" i cried and cried, sedih dan syukur menyelinap ke seluruh urat dan anggota badan. Moga Allah Swt ampunkan saya- beri kekuatan menjadi lebih baik setiap hari.

We had a good family gathering here last Saturday.

Happy Birthday Pashik and Maklang. Itu Kak Ikin yg dah heavily pregnant memotong cake- Alhamdulillah- In sha Allah more girl power in the house.

We duduk2 until malam dan Maghrib ber imankan my brother di surau yang sempit di sini. Gadis bertudung hijau itu ada kegembiraan nya jugak bulan ini;)

Then ada orang jual lantern happy lah this girl:)

This is the happiness for the girl in the green tudung just now- Moga pertunangan di berkati Allah Swt Kak yan- we love you:) Tuan blog tidak berbaju kurung dalam gambar ni sebab dah nak balik dan dah tukar baju- berjam menunggu abang Moo ni datang nak ambik gambar;)

Moga diberkati selalu- nanti nyanyi satu lagi kat kita orang eh:) bertahun- tahun berkawan- ini lah satu boyfriend si Ayan- macam Si Boy his brother- dia sangat setia pada yang satu;)

Beautiful engagement cake;)

Nice tempat menyarung cincin in my sister's garden.

Alhamdulillah with rezeki di beri Allah Swt- setiap rezeki saya adalah rezeki anak2, rezeki Uwan dan seluruh ahli keluarga- I moved to a more spacious room. I have bigger responsibities now and a lot of work to do too.

I have more plants too;)

I made this on my own using an old frame and i hanged my art piece on my office wall.

This is my working space now.

I have a small meeting table with six chairs therefore I intend to keep the room minimalist except with few pot of  greeneries.

But it is an open and glass concept here- semua org boleh nampak semua orang- i think i wanna get a big  table and floor lamp so that i can switch off the ceiling light and have more privacy;) Alhamdulillah everybody in the office semua nya nice- especially my assistance- she is super duper sweet- it is not easy to survive in a corporate world- sometimes you just stand in your corner- you never bother anybody but still there will be people who hate you- but to Allah kita berserah- semua rezeki milik Nya, kebahagiaan, kekayaaan, kasih sayang mahu di langit atau di bumi adalah milik Nya- harus lah kita malu sekiranya kita merasakan hak Dia adalah hak kita yang mutlak.

How about these two? These two pun sibuk jugak macam2 activity di sekolah- this is a picture from the International Week- They are the champion for Lower Primary Category- their class represented Switzerland;)

Busy? So no cook?? nayyy…macam biasa tiap hari jugak masak- cuma masa yang kena adjust:) My sambal sotong bersantan.

My to die for asam pedas (over ajer kan)

My super delicious seafood Aglio Olia ( perasan lagi- biarlah kita penat masak tau)

My lovelies- menggayakan the pyjama designed by me- ha ha i am into a fashion designer too okay- start with the pyjama first:)

Take care everybody- have a good heart- love everybody, love will come big to you- syukur everyday- syukur menyebabkan kita rasa cukup banyak, kurang sedikit.