Sunday, May 27, 2012

Roses are red Violets are blue:);)


Alhamdulillah and thank you for all the wishes. 
 We are not that "romantic' or punya kisah cinta 'terhangat"..haa..haa,we are just ordinary couple yang cuba menikmati hidup sebaik mungkin,bersyukur dengan apa yang ada dan 'sedikit berusaha' untuk mewarnai kehidupan harian.

To all young sisters out there who already engaged,getting married or just started a new married life, i wish all the best,may you life be as colorful as the rainbow and may you enjoy the company of each other and find peace and serenity in each other's present. May you find your home serene like a beach -something like you always long to go back too..something you never get bored with.

It is not easy to have a wonderful married life but it is not impossible either.Marriage can be as sweet as sugar,can be as dull as the black wall, bitter as lime,painful as a deep cut.So choose our path, we can go back to a field filled with roses and violets or we can sit looking at the dull wall.

 I am not an expert either:) we had our great and dull moment;) Early marriage..gaduh jugak just like any other young couples.Dalam tahap menyesuaikan diri we tend to fight because my expectation is different and he can't read my mind. We agreed to help each other with house chores,bila balik rumah,i masak and i expect him to immediately attend to the laundry and when he sat in front of TV first we went into big a fight! We even had big fight during our honeymoon in Redang!..a simple thing like where to have breakfast, how he should treat me in front of people and a simple flaw like when he forgot to hold my hands when getting into boat caused a big explosion and fight! I tend to marah with the way he put the fork and spoon,the way he sprayed ridsect,the way he talked to his friend..etc.etc..Until one day he said  'i never married before..i am also can't pick on me all the time..we have come this far and we suppose to make it work together" Upon hearing that i slowed down and let him show the best in him.

Like it or not man is not like woman,there's many things that they can't think of..the biggest problem is he can;t read what's on your mind bila you merajuk.So i learnt to tell him straight of whatever i am not satisfied with so i don't have to keep in my heart all night. The most important between husband and wife is sincerity in keeping the relationship alive..if one partner always hot tempered the other one must be able to be calm and be patience,if the other are fulled with flaws the partner must be able to assist and make do with whatever they have.

After we can overcome all these..after we have found the perfect 'template' for our married life..Insyallah there will be more colors in your life,your partner will become your best friend- and it is always nice to cook for your best friend, to bake and eat the cake in front of tv with him,to sit on sofa with hot chocolate ,to do groceries,cut grass in the garden,watch the sunset  and to travel anywhere in this world.
When you are blessed with children it will strengthen the bonding as children brings out the best in man and woman.With children we grow more love, we learn things which we never learn before,we feel needed,energetic and there always little people waiting for your hugs and kisses:):) 

So good luck sisters;) And don't forget to berdoa as after usaha and doa, have an open heart with whatever Allah Swt gives you.Dalam perkahwinan kita belajar setiap hari tiada yang perfect...kita berusaha,dan doa moga yang ada berkekalan dan Allah Swt memberkati.Tapi kadang2 sabar tu nipis macam kulit bawang kan..hee..hee nak merajuk ago kojo and jadi hulk sesekali:):)

As usual we have some pictures from our weekend;)

Routine for married couple with small children is to attend to all their the children activities- weekend kena hantar music class, etc,etc..lupa kan lah activity sendiri;):) but it can be fun if you don't look at it as chores:)

Tu dia..sampai tertidur lah papa menunggu;)

After music class papa took us for special anniversary lunch at Tony Roma's.

The yummylicious plate,this combo plate has 2 ribs,2 steak and 2 grilled prawn.

Tia loves the rib very much:) as usual TR rib is always tender and juicy.

And lunch is not a lunch for Mia without pasta..she loves this scampi pasta very much.

An this is how my other half took my picture..sebelah saja..he is so bad at taking pictures..dulu jadi point gaduh jugak ni:)

After good lunch at TR we went for ice cream at Tenshi cafe- a japanese shop.

They have a very nice shaved green tea ice cream,served with red been;)

The chocolate shaved ice cream is very delicious too,they are drizzled with dark chocolate on top.

Evening my niece came to send this nice cute things,siapa berminat boleh lah visit her fb at "Inspired Dayanas Cottage"..banyak barang2 english yang cute2..dia dual online.

I bought many good and cheap past season magazines at E much into reading these magazine again as i have small project in mind.

Sunday i decided not to cook and hang my ladles;) we took uwan and the girls to eat their favorite breakfast at Homst.

Uwan was wearing her blue baju kurung.When you have an old mother it is very difficult to get them to wear new baju,they always like to wear the same old baju.If you noticed uwan always wear same baju especially kat rumah.You have to use you budibicara in pujuk them to wear good new clothes:):)

Char kuey tiow kerang kat sini favourite uwan;)

I ordered seafood beehoon soup for myself.

The girls pulak as usual mestilah dried wantan noodles satu pinggan bahagi dua..boleh habis sampai licin after that.

After breakfast without anything specific in mind we asked papa to drive us on the highway:)

Papa then took us to Putrajaya,it was hot and humid after bersiar-siar dalam kereta we stopped for lunch at Taman warisan at Presinct 16.

I ordered sate for uwan and the kids while papa ordered coconut drinks for everybody.

Sedap sate samuri punya kuah kat sini..tak pedas and Tia suka lah makan, si mia pulak makan nasi ayam.

After lunch we pusing2 kat situ.

Budak nenas and mangga yang melekit:)

Seharian tak masak,petang i cooked gulai rebung manis dengan daging cincang..sangat sodap lah.Nak masak daging cepat tak sempat rebus i guna meat hammer untuk ketuk dan lembutkan daging:)

We had early dinner at 6.45 so we had it outside in the garden after the papa,uwan and the girls woke up from their evening nap.

Semua orang sangat sedap selera bertambah-tambah.Alhamdulillah,after that we just duduk2 relax kat luar until maghbrib. I am thinking of building the girls a cubby house:) I always like the idea of having cubby house in the garden for the girls.Masa kecik dulu i ada tempat untuk hide and play my arwah father buat:)

he,he adik merajuk,uwan pujuk:)

And mama pun buatlah this activity kejap:)

maghrib time..lets go in now..night night everybody..may you have a wonderful monday!


umiyumi said...

Salam Zu..
wow bestnye celebrate anniversary mkn2 kat TR.tak pernah lg mkn kat situ. apapun yg penting dpt bersama kan, tak kisahlah mkn apa dan kat mana pun :)

kasih.redha said...

gelak je akak baca...macam kena kat batang hidung akak juga...biasalah kan kalau x gaduh tak meriah..hahaha

sodap boanr gulai rebung daging tu :)

fiezachommel said...

Asam garam rumahtangga.tergelak baca...samalah kita Kak Zu.Even now,still rasa hubby tak faham kita,what we expected.still learning.....

shamsuhada said...

azu..hepi anniversary.. sama bulan kita ya...aku punya 19 Mei, dah 17 tahun..tapi begitulah..kdg2 bergaduh, merajuk dah jadi asam garam..terlebih kat sini, terkurang kat sana...tapi dia lah yg terbaik utk kita...redha pd apa yg telah Dia kurniakan.... moga kita sama2 diberkati & dirahmatiNya dunia dan akhirat..Amin....

Unknown said...

assalamualaikum kak zu. ehh...macam tau je fariha nak dengar something dr kak zu.hihihikkk^_^ tq! tq utk semua tips tu or should i call it warnings?? haha.. love u alwayysss kak zu. love uwan n tiamia too!
my adik kirim slm. dia pon peminat mamatiamia =)

Nadiah said...

Happy Belated Anniversary Zu.

Semakin cantik and glowing tengok you in 1st pic tu dan noticed juga nampak semakin muda.Rahsia SK11 ke:-)

Anyway Zu, dah lama i nak tanya dekat mana kalau you beli ikan diarea rumah kita tu? Since Pasar segar tu change owner I dah tak tahu nak beli dimana.

Take care Zu.

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

salam kak zue..

epi enibeseri...

bakul buah tu from aino kan kak zue..cantik...

erm lavender bakery yg dekay OU tu semalam nita dah pegi...the breads are awesome....sgt suke..n sedap2..the chicken floss so yummeh!! masuk lavender mmg terinat kak zue... heheh

wahh sedap betul lemak rebung dgn daging cincang tu...outdoor pulak tu...heaven kan mkn dgn tje loved ones...

Salmi said...

Salaam mamatiamia :-). happy belated anniversarie :-). I have been married for 21 years..sampai sekarang pun still jugak sentap2..gaduh2..and because of age different he banyak tolerate with me..but I noticed lately maybe la dia dah sudah mencapai angka 5 didepan..terlebih sensitip suda..*wink*..and me yang selalu ajer nak menang..semua pun nak put the blame on him even small things..tapi one day I realised that..dia manusia biasa..pun buat silap..macam me jugak...accept his mistake and both learn from it..malas sudah nak argue because argument can take a lot of energy..and we tend to say something that is really silent is golden for me :-)

Lily said...

sangat menarik kan kak hidup ni.... dan sangat menarik hidup akak sekeluarga.....semoga akk dan family sentiasa bahagia hingga akhir hayat...

Anonymous said...

lovely entry, full of beneficial advice esp for those who just got married…just want to add, in my humble opinion, marriage is like making a dough for bread, have to keep kneading until you get the right texture, then the bread will rise nicely…give and take and all that…this summer i'll celebrate my 15th anniversary inshallah…love your title, i've just put up pics of my roses and violets! :)