Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sydney- Departure Day.

 Salam:) Our departure was on Saturday, 2.00pm at Kingsford International Airport Sydney. We woke up early morning to have last breakfast in the beautiful city by the Harbour.We managed to visit the Saturday market! Not enough time to shop though:):) next time wehn we travel must make sure to depart on either Sunday or Monday otherwise sure leleh airliur to miss Saturday market:)

Last night at Shang we ordered room service, grill baramundi (again? yeap we love it very much) and seafood fried rice indonesian style.

Tia had to finish all the juice we brought from Mudgee:)

Morning- we had great walk from our hotel to a cafe not far from harbour..we need to eat the delicious pancakes one last time before we go back.

The Cafe is nice and sat next to hop on and hop off bus..the girls loved looking at the buses.

Okay..are you hungry? ready to order?

Papa ordered cappucino and this how it looked like...petit,thick and creamy..umphhhhh

I ve ordered two of the girls favourite..strawberry milkshakes and non other than lemonade:)

The pancakes was really i am writing now i can feel the softness and sweetness in my goes well with the wildberries and banana too.

and this is a winner too..muffin with smoke salmon,poached eggs and tarragon delicious.

Mia loved both pancakes and the muffin with salmon and eggs.

Tia nd her favourite lemonade.

after the good and sumptious breakfast we walked around The Rocks area.

Picture with local cabs.

Then we walked to the old area of The Rocks and found the Saturday market.

The saturday market was selling food and bric bracs.

middle east foods.

we found one charming souvenir shop.

a lot of beautiful things inside.

we found teh black and white painting on the wall..this is how The Rocks look in the old days.

It all started with the rock.

This is one of the original rock which the city preserves...but the two on top are not the rock:):)..but,but they can rock and rolls.

Come on,come on it was already near 11 and we rushed back to our room.

papa drove to the rental car company to return the car..know what happened? we had big luggages at the back and also infront that papa had to stay at the reantal car office and the man from the office drove just me and the girls to airport first. After we were dropped at the airport the man went and pick papa..huishhh..lucky it was a friendly country if we are in Moscow i surely worried very very much:)

Waiting to go through immigration and check up.

fast,fast last mins shopping..i can see may cute opal necklace around...also perfume on sales:)

We finally in the aeroplane..the girls tried be as comfortable as they could.

games time..they were quite good at it.

Tried to strectch out;)

Since they ca't sleep the crews brought some biscuits and warm milk..

they had good layanan on aeroplane..everything also extra..thanks MAS!

Well..that is the end of our story to NSW Australia..if di izinkan Allah we surely would like to go for another holiday next year:) Where? not sure yet..but we have something in mind:):) i think we still not tired of Australia..and the owner of rental home from Perth sent us message and asked us to come back fast to Perth! haa..haaa..taaa..we go back kampung raya haji dulu ya..taaa..taaaa.


Anonymous said...



Happy Ending! Waiting for more delicious stories!

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Kak Zue dear,
love love reading your sweet stories.
I'm currently residing in aussie.
Been to few parts of aussie, and the one that I like most is Tasmania.
If you're considering coming here again, do consider visiting Tasmania.
They have lots of attractions.
Salamanca Market, Port Arthur, Wine Glass Bay, and Cadbury factory for TiaMia.


MamaTiaMia said...

salam Zue, thanks you for reading;);) take care.

MamaTiaMia said...

dear anon, thank you for loving our blog:) lucky you to reside in the beautiful country:)never think of tasmania before,when people mentioned about tasmania the first thing that comes to my mind is "tasmanian devil" :):) he,he..will keep your words in mind..insyallah oneday.take care.

Cik Da said...

wahhhh syok nya makn mcm2...bestnya....baru nak terjah blog zu ni...

mamalisa said...

wonderful trip kan? Appreciate if you can provide your itenary & cottage rental cost + car rental over your vacation, manatau boleh jadi guidance ;)

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