Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Journey - KLIA to The Pacific,Balmain,NSW.

Salammm..Alhamdulillah we dah sampai dengan selamat di rumah hari sabtu malam hari tu.Alhamdulillah lagi semua orang sihat, happy dapat jumpa orang2 tersayang yang di tinggalkan.Unlike last year bila kita pergi Perth the house was empty,uwan stayed with maklang and Heni was in Indonesia,this time we came back to a clean and house fulled with loves:) Uwan decided to stay at our house and cuma pergi once a while to pakcik and maklang's house.

Walaupun dah ada few entries before this about our holiday but mama decided to start from the begining in this entry as this is our beautiful journey,both of you enjoyed it very very lets record it here. Holiday is very personal and individual to a family,sebab tu bila ada orang nak join atau suruh kita plan kan holiday utk dia orang susah rasanya.Holiday with family involved everything,it is about appreciation of certain things,way of thinking,how we perceive life..we might appreciate certain things whilst the others not,we might enjoy one thing too much while the rest might see it as biasa ajer.So kita kena plan our own holiday ikut me it is not about "holiday" yang mesti pergi berseronok,rehat tak payah buat satu benda pun..banyak yang comments di fb "wahhh you holiday pun masak..bukan ke nak berseronok?" to me, is a break away from work and spending time with the love ones at a place we like,the rest is the same..we still live our own life in our own skin..lucky all of us share the same interest.mama,papa and you two appreciate same things, we love city life and we also love country life,we enjoy travel to small kampung,look at building,parks and the way people in different place lead their lifes.Beside enjoying time in a big city like sydney strolling in their parks,looking at the awesome opera house and the bridge, we also like to go to the fresh market and look at the seafood,spices and other local produce.We travel a lot by car,papa drove us to so many places in New South Wales without the GPS..we read map,papa drives and mama two learnt alot two..learn to be patient in the car,reading the map,adjust to different culture and was like attending school in a more fun learn why we muslim cannot drink alcohol,eat or touch pig,why people overseas bawak masuk shoes..what is electric blanket,electric floor etc..To all of us travel is not about luxury but it is about learning and exposure while spending time with the loved ones..hope we have more good ones after this.Insyallah.

Okay now lets start our story with KLIA to The Pacific,a rented house in beautiful Balmain:)

This is Tia at KLIA,so excited..tiba2 visa ad problem pulak sikit..tak ada Sir name,sebab dalam passport tak MAS kena hantar telex pulak ke Sydney airport..tapi kejap ajer and they all nice to us.

Dah selamat check in while waiting for boarding..duduk lah kat the new Kopitiam kat KLIA ni..lucky ada iphone ni..dapat lah kill time these two.

Rehat2,makan and main ..our flight malam at 10.30pm.

Mia and her iphone.

Tia tak sabar nak masuk aeroplane dah.

Dah masuk boarding room.

Dalam flight,dua2 dengan head rest dan tak sabar nak tengok TV.

After dinner..main..then was a 7 and 1.2 hrs flight from KLIA to Sydney Airport.

After a tiring journey we landed in Sydney..both happy tunggu luggage...Alhamdulillah semua smooth the underground staff very nice to Tia and Mia;)

This time papa rented a car from a company outside the airport sebab last year Thrifty was too expensive..o we have to wait at the pick up area for the car to come and pick us.

Kena tunggu lama sikit sebab driver to dah pergi park jauh sebab kita lambat keluar..finally he came with a white Camry and took us to thier office near the airport for papa to sign the document.

So we arrive at The Pacific, a beautiful rental house..which mama dah pilih after dah tengok beratus rented house..the owner was in London and we were greeted by her friend Elize and she took us around the house for briefing..this is the ground floor..rumah ni ada 3 level..ground ni macam office kalau kita nak guna internet,buat kerja this is our house for 8 days,7 nites..lets check it out!

tempat penting nak main internet..the house is very clean..spotless.

Tia and Mia trying their hands:)

The side entrance to the house.

Dah spring kat mana2 pun boleh tengok bunga.

So this a place where papa park the the side of the house..kat sini semua parking tepi jalan.

Tia Mia happy nampak bath tub..semua peralatan dan keperluan pun ada termasuk lah hairdryer..electric towel rack etc.

The master bedroom with a small courtyard.

The second bedroom..tapi walaupun ada 3 bilik kat sini..Tia Mia tetap tidur dgn kita orang tengah2.

bagi yang suka masak like me..mesti lah dapur sangat sangat happy tengok a complete kitchen.

Check out the happy tengok banyak spices..semua ada actually,serbuk kunyit,curry powder,kicap etc..etc,,

garam pepper..semua tersusun..good idea to have pantry at home.

Living room and kitchen is on the second floor..the wall is very nice with the original sandstones from the 18th century.

Rumah ni belongs to a dseigner and painter..the husband dah passes house fulled with original painting from the late kena brief Tia Mia supaya tak rosak kan barang2.

hari dah pukul 12..kita pun masak pasta dulu dengan apa yang ada..ada sundried canned tomatoes and fresh tomato plus buatlah tomato pasta..nasib baik Tia Mia pun tak cerewet tomato pasta is good enough for them.

The cosy living room.

The bar counter connecting the open concept kitchen to the living room.

Bunga2 kat verandah pun semua dah keluar..sangat cantik di verandah.

View from verandah..cantik2 semua rumah di Balmain...kalau nak bandingkan jauhnya Balmain from Sydney..Sydney is like KL while Balmain is like PJ..cuma kat sini banyak water front, nak nak ke Balmain kena lalu bridge,water sana sini..but view so awesome.

Balmain road infront of the pacific.

The beautiful verandah.

The potted plants.

All of us had good homecooked lunch on the first day of arrival.

Lepas makan..kita rehat2 dulu.

Dua ni tak habis2 enjoy..tengok sana sini..actually they couldn't wait to go to the top floor..situ ada another bedroom with opening to rooftop garden.

The papa..rajin lah kat sini..hee..heee..

Within a walking distance..kita ada harbour view yang cantik ni..sini tempat bus pusing nak pergi city kan..tapi itu kita cerita dalam next entry pulak okay..taaa..taaa:);)


Nadiah said...


Rindu dah lama tak dengar coleteh you disini.Cantik gambar2 yg you tangkap bersama cerita you tulis terasa mcm i pun disana.

Take care dear.

Suffia said...

Nice! I love the cozy living room. Welcome back!


zeta said...

The girls punya baju i sgt!!
Mama..i baca dgn sepenuh hati..Thanks Mama for sharing this with us..seolah2 i yg pergi bercuti bila i baca ni.. :)

Cik Da said...

wahhh syoknya dah bersiaran kembali....rindunya dgn blog zu ni...

annhuzi said...

mia look so executive with the i phone :)
so beautiful the house. the verandah and the amben, all so cosy. macam nak dream house mcm gini.