Monday, April 1, 2013

Women of My Heart.


Thank You pada yang singgah and few lovely girls that  anxiously waiting for my update- so sweet of you all:)

It's the moment when sometimes you'll face a little dugaan-everybody fell sick at the same time in my house. I am the only one standing for the past one week running around to make sure everybody get well and be taken care as good as possible.

It was started with Heni, she complained of fever(after she came back from a Kenduri in Selayang), I took her to the clinic, she was diagnosed with high fever.While the girls were up and running happily, on Thursday i received a call from their Kindy- Mia was down with a very high fever. My husabnd was outstation and I took her to clinic, while Mia was seriously ill, Tia fell sick too and then  followed by my husband. We took the girls to Pead at TMC to ensure it was just a viral fever and nothing serious, Thursday to Friday seems like a very long day to me. To avoid the girls from being admitted to Hospital i had  to become a 'doctor', i prepared a mattress for them at the living room, thermometer, 100 plus, medicine, towel, cold water and suppository (ubat bontot) at my side. I had to sponge them, took them to bathroom for cold bath when the temperature was too high, gave suppository followed by a fever medicine every 3 hours, forced them to drink every 10 mins. Days and Nights were the same, I slept in the middle with thermometer in my hand, it was not easy to bathe them as it was cold and the hardest was to give suppository- while Mia was always submitted (with tears)  to my request to insert the ubat in her rectum, Tia was tough, she answered with all kinds of reasons.With 40 degrees temperature she can tell me " Ubat bontot is not in my list" i was a bit shock to hear an advanced statement from a 5 year 10 months girl- " not in my list" thing;):) With pujuk, justification etc she submitted with tears- it was so sad to see that and i had to do for both and sometimes for few times in a day.

Sunday, while the situation was a bit calm, Uwan came down with high fever, we took her to the clinic and the immediate effect was; her sight became very bad, everything seems to be blurrish to her and she cant' see things. It was very scary and sad, i was so worried. I had to monitor her just like the girls but tougher because she can't see her way to bathroom and she had bad cough at night, so i had to gave water to her every 20 mins etc. Until yesterday it was a long and tough time for me. The scariest she choked on her pill( even after i cut in small pieces) and she lost breath for few minutes until her face was all black, i was so panic, i pressed her tummy, knock on her back, nothing works. I put down my finger into her throat to make her vommit and that didn't work too. I thought i lost her, she can't breath at all but the third time i put my finger down her throat i found the ubat and took it out! Ya Allah it was one of the scariest moment, when an old people is sick, her body will be vary fragile, she can't even swallow a small pill, i pound her pill now and added water so it becomes liquid, walaupun seksa because antibiotic is very bitter but biarlah. But whatever it is Allah Swt always give dugaan yang kita termampu, while everybody was sick Alhamdulillah i am fine, i can take care of them, for that syukur tidak terhingga. Plus, Uwan fell sick while the girls were a bit okay, otherwise how can i handle the  situation when they were still with 39 and 40 degrees temperature.

In a time like this family and friend were really wonderful- My sister, brother and niece came with support later, as usual we will hold hands when time gets tough - Ikin my niece sat with me during Sunday night when Uwan was sick, we had a good luahan perasaan- that made me feel very good. My BFF came while the girls were sick, she just stopped by outside the gate, gave me a very tight hugs and kisses, taught  me several surahs and she bought something to make the girls feel good. Those are all the priceless and precious things during the hard time.

ALHAMDULILLAH today is calmer, moga semuanya baik2 sahaja, my doa to Allah Swt " kasihilah ibuku dan kasihani lah dia sebagaimana dia mengasihi dan mengasihani ku semasa masih kecil'

After 3 days sakit, the Sun was shining on Saturday. Both can get up and had little fun at the back but they were sick again that night.

While they were sick, Uwanlah peneman setia, this is just a day before Uwan also fell sick. Both sat at the back and ate Kismis Mekah. Sometimes i am very bad at controlling my emotion when it comes to uwan- whenever she sicks my heart will leap with worries.My sister said i should take things easy, i know that but Uwan and me is like a team- only Me and Her last time when my father passed away, she took care of me, supported me all the way until i finished my education and became what i am today. While people would say that is a normal thing between a daughter and a mother but i always feel it super duper special.May Allah Swt bless her with good health and long life.Amin.

Not many picture to share here, this is a little gift from my BFF to my girls- Thanks so much, my bff is also a special human being, as i have written in few entries before, she's the type that- she just give her loves to me without expecting anything in return- she values our friendship very much.

The only food picture i snapped yesterday when situation was a bit calm. The girls been asking me to make "Munchy Honey Cake" from "Tigger and Pooh" series:) I had to settle for this yesterday, i made them Petit pancakes like muffins in a paper cups with lots of chocolate shaved and after that i drizzled with honey maple syrup- they ate 4 each:);)

May Women of My Heart be blessed by Allah Swt always and my doa to all women out there. Alhamdulillah. Take Care everybody, love those dear to you while you still can and give love without conditions as you ll be loved back in many ways and forms.



Anonymous said...

Kak Zue,

Ada tip untuk letak ubat bontot. Saya dapat dari nurse dia suruh letak baby oil pada ubat tu supaya senang nak masuk dan kurang sakit.

Anonymous said...

K zu,
Allah loves you =) Masya Allah,ujian utk k zu.Tough time dont last,tough people you..Ya ALlah, pjgkan umur Uwan dgn kesihatan dan kegembiraan..ameenn..


shamsuhada said...

Assalam azu..semoga TiaMia & Uwan cepat sembuh sepenuhnya. Amin... Benar, Allah tidak akan mendtgkan ujian yg diluar kemampuan kita.. Sesungguhnya awak seorg wanita yg hebat & kuat. Allah menguji kerana Dia sygkan awak.. Ada hikmah disebaliknya.

suhaila said...

Zu, Alhamdulilah hrp semuanya getg better..kadang2 bila dugaan dtg ia dtg bertimpa2. Sesunggunya Allah yg maha mengetahui, memberi dugaan pd org yg mampu menerima dugaan itu dan zu salah seorang yg terpilih..bersbrlah syg Allah akan beri lbh ganjaran di akhirat nanti lebih2 lg khidmat yg di curahkan pd ibu dan anak2 yg tersyg..untung zu msh di beri pahala yg berterusan dengan adanya ibu disisimu..moga Allah mempermudahkan segala urusan dan dikurniakan dgn kshtn yg baik..ameen

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah, you're all much better now! My family and I pun fell ill a week before that...was worried we couldn't attend a wedding we were invited to (in my latest blog post). I was wondering why you haven't updated your blog...glad you are back. My doa for you and family...good health and happiness always.

pelangi petang said...

salam kak zu....

Allah tu Maha Mengasihi...dikala semua kesayangan kak zu tak sehat...Dia beri kesihatan pada kak zu...agar dapat kak zu jaga semua kesayangan kak zu...saya doa agar kak zu sekeluarga sentiasa dirahmati Allah...

Anonymous said...

Ya Allah kurniakan kesihatan, kebahagian and kesejahteraan kepada keluarga ini.. Amin


saniah said...

Alhamdulillah uwan n the girls dah bertmbh sihat...lega dengar :))
Just nk share sikit...masa mnjaga my arwah ayah dulu arwah ada masalah menelan ubat biji jugak...what we did was bg ubat demam yg bdk2 tu..ubat air la kan....that was an advice from a doctor jgak...:)

Lepas ni u pun kena rehat ya...betul mcm ur sis cakap...jgn terlalu stress..klau u sakit mcmana nk jaga ur mom kan :)
Take care k

Ikin Othman said...

moga semuanya selamat ye kak azu. amin

Anonymous said...

as'salamualaikum dear zu, semuga tabah dan sabar, dan muga uwan, tia, mia dan encik suami cepat sembuh, ameen. du'a dari SG

Anonymous said...

Salam Mamatiamia

Alhamdulillah...u lalui dgn tabah..Allah tidak akan menduga umat NYA diluar kemampuan mereka...dan disebalik semua kejadian..pasti ada tersembunyi hikmahnya..insyAllah..semua akan me..ive gone thru dis 5yrs ago wen i lost my daughter in a wink! With no sickness...but she passed on peacefully....she ask me not to cry juz way b4 she collasped for the 2nd time.... Its too much for me to overcome all this...but for my hubby and my other 2 boys n family...i brace up! Ive to move on for their Mamatimia u r a great daughter, wife & mom...surely Allah tested u to be more stronger...dat is y i love reading ur blog and to b ur silence reader...hope u will write more!!!

Love fm
Umi Triple S.Y.A.

ibuintan said...

moga Zu sabar dengan ujian ini .. sakit susah dan senang ..ujian dariNya kerana sayangkan kita

moga semua yg dikasihi diberi kesembuhan oleh Allah swt dengan segera

ida said...

alhamdulillah that they getting better...after several time clicking on ur blog and no news at all...i started to think that sumting is happening to ur lega that everybody is getting better Azu..ujian kecil utk u i pulak cuti to handle my second twin...balik kerja semalam she cant lift and use her right hand...brought her to clinic doc kasi ubat and minta datag balik for reassess..sedih bila kita tengok anak anak yang ceria down camtu.. ..

Anonymous said...

Salaam Mamatiamia,

I've been your silent reader for awhile and always wait for your updates coz I love reading your sweet stories....but so sorry to hear what happen to your love ones....Glad your girls are well and hope uwan is recovering well too....In shaa Allah...Aameen.

Take Care Sis!

~Lynne, SG~

eda said...

masyAllah ..
kak zu very brave ..
kite dpt rasa susahnye hati kak zu on that time ..
yes , not very easy rite ..
i can fell it ..
kak zu very powerpuff mama gurl .. superwoman ..
perempuan la tulang belakang keluarga .. becos we're multitasking since kecik tayah di ajar .. kann ..

Fatimah said...

Moga Uwan and the 2 little girl cepat sembuh, in shaa Allah. And Zu, you pun kena byk berehat ye.

Mak Lagenda said...

Ya Allah..kak zu melalui saat yg sukar rupanya di sepanjang ketiadaan n3 disini. :(

Wlu apapun, alhamdulillah finally uwan dan girls dah kembali sihat. Moga Allah mendengar semua doa kita.

But, plz..take care ur self too kak!

Anonymous said...

MashaaAllah azu, i can imagine how scared u were for that choking episode. Alhamdulillah u must have doa real hard and successfully found it. Azu, your love for uwan is true happiness and Allah bless you and family with kindness and support around you. Lovely pictures. U captured those priceless expressions of contentment, the girls and uwan in that special little space.
Our week was filled with sick children too. Alhamdulillah all have recovered.


Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum.. alhamdulillah.. syukur sbb Allah temukan saya dgn blog kakak.. sronok bace..
maha suci Allah yg kurniakan perasaan ni.. sayang kakak kerana Allah..

The Singing Pilot said...

Wow, I did bugged u durin a rough time. Sorry. Alhamdulillah sume dah sihat

Unknown said...


Terlambat baca but the Heni, Uwan, Tia and Mia dah sihat...alhamdulillah...

Just nak share some tips on fever dapat kat FB...

Sekejap tadi 3 anak diuji dengan demam. Yang paling teruk ialah sikecil berusia 1 tahun. si kecil hanya menangis-nangis kepanansan. Lalu saya teringat dengan arahan baginda saw
فعن ابن عمر رضي الله عنهما أن النبي - صلى الله عليه وسلم - قال : ( الحمى من فيح جهنم فأبردوها بالماء ) رواه البخاري
daripada Ibn Umar ra Nabi bersabda demam datang dari luapan api neraka maka sejukkanlah ia dengan air. Hadis riwayat Bukhari.
lalu saya sirami kepala si kecil dengan air sambil dibacakan surah al-Fatihah, 5 ayat pertama surah al-Baqarah, ayat kursi, 3 ayat terakhir surah al-Baqarah, ayat 21-24 surah al-Hasyr, surah al-mukminun 115 dan 3 Qul. seterusnya dimandikan dengan air tersebut. alhamdulillah selepas beberapa ketika si kecil berhenti menangis, badan kembali sejuk. 2 lagi abang dan kakaknya juga kembali normal suhu badannya. Alhamdulillah atas petunjuk Nabawi dan barakah ayat-ayat Allah yang menjadi penawar.

Happy days to you and the rest of the family....hugs n kisses to Tia Mia ye