Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roses,ice cream and cake

Yesterday - 25.05.09,we had small celebration at home,actually pakcik had cited doa kesyukuran on Sunday when we had our big makan at Sunterez,Monterez Club.So yesterday evening papa bought mama a bouquet of roses,cake and mama bought cute ice cream cake from baskin Robbins. We had exchanged present earlier,mama had been wearing beautiful set given by papa to office and same goes with papa,yesterday was meaningful thank you from the heart,hug and kisses..that is happiness.(notes; gambar tak clear..battery dah nak kong)

And tomorrow mama will be on leave for two days,we have people coming to new house to install kitchen cabinets and mama has to supervise,hopefully they are fine.Friends,see ya on friday.


Dr Sofea J.Ann Tan said...

oooowwww ..such sweet roses....must hv felt amazing to receive roses at d 7th anni... awesome feeling !!!!

4 Kay-E said...

Best dpt gift tu :)
ice cream cake tu, mesti Tia&Mia habiskan. hehehe...

How's ur kitchen cabinet - dah siap ke?