Monday, May 4, 2009

VVIPS at mama's office

Last Thursday mama was on leave as uwan and heni went back kampung early before the khenduri. So there were only 3 of us in the house, mama then decided to take you jalan2 to mama's office,both behaved very well,enjoyed the ride to the office in your car seats but then fallen asleep shortly before we reach office,both had fun in mama's office sepah everything and met many people.Mama is glad that both can behave well,you are not that bad after all ,if both continue to behave well 3 of us can enjoy going to shopping complex,visit bookstores etc even if papa is working. That's mama's girls..mama was a bit worried because at kampung Tia had sort of "emotional turbulent"..sticked like a glue to mama,stopped mia from touching mama,bad tempered etc..pity Tia everbody thought that is how Tia behave, that is not the true you..Tia is always happy,likes to play,fulled with fun and love everybody..mama thinks the "emotional turbulent" is due to tension as abang amir disturbed Tia by shouting loudly to her ears,jump harshly on the ground Tia ia back to normal..both can cakap banyak now..Tia can say "cayang mama".."mia how are you?' and mia can say "i want air cond'."cantek light".

"hmm mama,this is your office haa"
"wah mama got pinggan mangkuk here too..just like home"

"the chair is quite hard mama,you should get a comfy one from ikea"

"wahh so many satellite it safe mama?"

"aaaa..i found mama's lotion'
" mama,kiblat is facing this way right?"

"we sembahyang first la as we can hear azan loudly from the surau here"

"hello papa,we are at mama's office.."

"mama how much do you have in your purse,let me calculate whether we have enough to go shopping"

relaxing time
Mia prefers to sit outside mama's room.

Not bad here la mama..

Tia is still relaxing,enjoying her fries

adusss..kenyang nyer ngantuk la me

bestnyer baring..

Mia don't disturb me ok.


4 Kay-E said...

2 beradik ni buat mcm rumah sendiri je. heheee.. Comfy abis.. Siap lepak santai lg... Memang mcm vvip! hehee...
Kiut je aksi Tia & Mia... :)

Kiss2 from us..

Unknown said...

Allllaaa... rugi nyer chek takdak... takleh kawan ngan tia mia... nanti bawak lagi ek!

Unknown said...

cumel nyer bebudak 2 oarg nie..sgt kiut miut

Anonymous said...

ala comey nyer anak akak...bila tgk gambar mak akak tgh urut tu...mengingatkan kita bawa mak kita g urut dia happy sgt...:)

Dr Sofea J.Ann Tan said...

xde g r cuti2 thn ni... due to the fear of H1N1.looks like may hv to postpone all trips to next year faraway trips for this year la... pray all will be well soon....

Tulipot said...

Lupa sgt2 nk snap pics dgn nak dara dua owang ni.. dah balik baru teringat.. ish rugi sungguh.. nanti bawak lagi tau c.zue..