Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last Saturday we went to a grand wedding reception at Palace of the Golden Horses,the bride is a daugther to our Group General Manager, Corporate Affairs,Puan Badariah Jalil, The Wedding Planner is the famous Pak Abu and the guest of Honour was YM Tengku Zarith Sofia.I didn't take pictures of everything,guess too old to stand in the middle of a wedding reception taking pictures.Having said that i must admit that couldn't resist temptation to snap pictures of Anuar Zain performing..he was so good and he swooned all ladies there including the mother of the bridegroom,Datuk Siti and MawiEkin were there too.Everything was grand about the wedding..it was a very expensive wedding and being me yang tak banyak duit just drool hearing on the amount spent, i can buy a bungalow with that money! Puan Badariah loves songket so we see songket everywhere, the gift includes cut cake in songket box and a "tembaga cembul" in songket case..there are beautiful and for sure are expensive.The food was good too..we thought of staying there for a while only as i kept thinking about the girls we left behind but we got to follow iteneries plus the reception was quite entertaining.Thanks to Puan badariah for the invitation and congrats to lovely Hawa and her dashing groom, Tajul.As usual in every wedding there will be people gossiping criticising here and there..i don't think i want to do that, they have spent much,it was a big day for them and they invited you to be part of the important moment in their life..so i just cherish that and be happy for them.

Fresh white orchids and lilies everywhere..actually the ambience was really nice and beautiful unfortuntely my camera and the place i sat didn't managed to capture that.
My poor camera capturing the big screen and table setting.

A gentleman by the name of Dodi performing love poem,they have Rabbani singing too.

The songket gift, i love their telur pindang.

The old bride and groom..but still very much in lurveee:)..he..heee

hero to all ladies that nite..( me too:)..ya papa)
The swooner..singing love songs.

datuk Siti was lovely too..she sang 3 songs including Sri Mersing and dedicated it to YM Tengku Zarith Sofia and the bride family.


Ikin said...

Anuar zaing...anuar zaing....hahahahha
Ish...sikit bonar gambar anuar zaing ni...

Jarng orang guna orkid kan...selalunya rose...
tapi cantik la...nampak simple...tak crowded sangat

Linda Latip said...

huhuhu ingatkan anak dara dgn si bujang mana tdi..rupenye mama n papa tia n mia hehehe..ye la, fr me tak elok la nk criticise wedding org kan..big day derang, biar derang enjoy sehabis buleh..sok sek tu smpan je la kat umah..

Dr Sofea J.Ann Tan said...

hey ..de ole bride n groom looking gorgeoousss!!!!!

well,,, we can only ponder on such grand weddings ya ... hmm..guess its more of the ASIAN customs... i had a friend whom came from FINLAND for a wedding here and she was SHOCKED to see the amount of guests we hv during our wedding receptions here.. for them its usually a quiet affair like a garden party for close friends n relative. wish we could try such concepts too ..
ponder ..ponder .... :)sure makcik2 yg xsempat dijemput tu mesti mengamuk giler..hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

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