Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mark Bittman takes on America's Chefs.

Good Morning girls, this friday morning let us start with something nice and yummy.One of mama;s favourite programme on ASTRO is cooking programme and those that mama have been hooked up are Mark Bittman takes on America's Jeff,Licence To Grill and the Classic Jamie Oliver. Mama loves a simple,no frill chefs because their recipe is realistic and easy to follow, by looking at it you know the food are really delicious. Mama do not fancy programme like "Lets cook like a chef" because preparing a simple souffle takes hours and they are not realistic,they are only meant to be served to you in a fancy restaurant. Why mama like Bittman is because he is known for his candor,simplified,no nonsense style and simple recipe,this old guy is also sweet, he never try hard to show that his recipe is so good.Licence to Grill on the other hand gives so many tips on BarBQ, how to grill without shedding pail of sweats, all menus prepared by the chef looked so easy and yummy and lastly Jamie Oliver is always good,he is talented and he cooks from the heart, with easy going character no body can resist watching his programme.

Last nite mama watched "Mark Bittman takes on America's Chef', the episode showed Bittman visiting Suvir Savan a famous Indian Chef in America, mama really loves the recipe taught by Bittman last nite and would like to try it this weekend,they looked simple but delicious. So the show last nite started with Suvir showing Bittman on how to cook lamb Pratha,he first started with preparing the Pratha dough and he had prepared earlier the filling for pratha with mince lamb with tandoori spices.Suvir prepared the Pratha dough into small ball and and he put the mince lamb as filling,he then rolled the ball into thin pieces with the mince lamb embedded nicely in the thin Pratha,he then put the Pratha on the hot pan,flipping it few times until it slightly turn golden, he put small amount of oil on the pratha and started pressing it which cause the Pratha to menggelembung, he keep continuing it until it turns into a nice golden brown piece.

The recipe showed by Suvir is nice but what mama is more interested in is the recipe by Bittman after that, using the same concept like preparing Pratha but with faster and healthier way, Bitmman prepared a samosa like recipe with yoghurt,potato and cilantro filling.What you need is just the ready made "roti pratha skin" or "tortillas bread" which you can buy from any supermarket,you need a few good potato,boild it until it soft, cut into cubes,put in a bowl mix with yoghurt,salt,cilantro or parsley,dash of cili powder,you then place a heap of potato mixed on center of the tortillas/pratha skin, fold it into a square shape, put your pan on the stove,put a small amount of oil with butter,place the square shape that you have prepared on the pan,flips over a few time until it turns golden brown. Once you cut it you can see the yoghurt melting and sweet smell or cilantro, mama can imagine the crispy plus the creamy filling.It must very nice to eat it hot with a cup of good coffee.lets try it this weekend.

This is not Bitmman's kitchen but mama Jujidah preparing "Roti Arab Toast with meat,onion rings and cheese"

Running out of idea of what to prepare this morning,mama took the Roti arab bought by papa last nite,slice the big bread into two pieces, spread butter, spaghetti sauce and pesto on the bread.
Put the mince meat (fry slighthy first) or in mama's case just shred the burger patties into pieces and put on the bread,add onion rings and cheese.

Put in the oven until it turns golden brown, it really nice because the bread is light so it get crispy easily.
The roti arab toast is nice to go with a tea with lemon.

Mia is not well, she got fever due to the Hepatitis injection so mama prepared her fish soup with gebu potato and celery,this recipe is really nice even papa likes to eat, you must get a fresh fish,take out all bone,chop it, chop potato into cube,slice the celery, stir onion and garlic with olive oil until the fragrance smell fills your house, throw in the fish first,once the fish gives it sweet smell you can add in the rest plus water,add salt a bit and the soup can be eaten on its own or with a plate of "lembek rice"


nerry nerry strawbery said...

sedap2 nanti henni bibik balik 2 minggu anak branak kat indon makan pesto, chesse, spagetti. dah x makan lagi kerabu tempe, tempe goreng, sayur tempe lemak....

MamaTiaMia said...

pagi tadi heni dah cakap kat aku "di tempat heni tak ada roti besar macam ni puan" i think dia nak bawak balik jugak macam di cakap nak bawak balik sushi..aku lak teringat ayam penyet kat curve..tempe panas sodapp.