Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rekindling memories from good old days at Le Meridien.

There are countless memories from the University days. The good and challenging ones, laughters and tears go hand in hand those days. After so many years i feel like i left the Uni just a year ago, every inch of the memories are kept intact in my mind. Sometimes you wish that you could visit the good old times but when you look back and see what you have now you feel so grateful.Good old days are to be cherished and the life that you have now is built from those great experience which lead to the strong foundation.Yes i miss the faces from the Uni days,due to the tight schedules,logistic etc couldn't see face to face to rekindle the good memories.Thinking about how young, inexperience and naif you were made you cringe and laugh,those days Rm50 was enough for you to enjoy yourself, i remember when i was broke with only 2 or 3 ringgit in my pocket i will give my sister (mak lang) a call,she will tell me that she' ll leave money inside one of the shoes outside her house since there will be nobody at home during day time. Seeing the Rm50 inside the shoe made me feel so good, it was like seeing my pay cheque now, with that money apart from buying things for college i can still get a RM5 bermuda and Rm8 T shirt from Petaling Street, that made me feel so happy wearing new items at Hostel.Life in Hostel was simple "berat sama di pikul ringan sama di jinjing, maggie mu maggie ku,serunding mu serunding ku, water heater mu water heater ku" so seronok, when some one balik to their hometown we will eagerly wait for them to bring back food so that we can kenduri, a packet of maggie mee can be shared by 2 or 3 people..thinking about how sedap makan maggie at nite, tambah cili padi and ikan bilis,rendam dalam air panas...buat jadi senyum sekarang.Semua pun we share, even the small katil, bila cerita hantu keluar, the small katil can accomodate 2 people, susah senang bersama, so much fun peeping from window skodeng orang dating kat car park,tengok drama hindustan..heee..heee. Recently i met those good people i miss at FB, we had small virtual reunion,followed by tiny reunion between myself Dayang and Sha at le was good,it was great, i hope we can do more often with more people.

The reunion at FB started with Sha posting this photo..i was so kurus masa tu.. so pucat and lesi macam orang tak cukup vitamin:) )From left rufa a somebody at Kementerian Pertanian ,me,Sharifah Norfaridzah has her own legal firm in Shah Alam and Datin Dila, ada legal firm as well in Seremban, this bubbly girl married a Dato.

Ni gambar baru balik dari dinner final year with Mass Comm students,macam2 style..i look awful with style rambut tinggi,tapi masa tu rasa hebat...jalan pun confident..he..heee.depan sekali tu haslina samat,lady of leisure now, husband duit bertimbun ada chain of money changer all over KL.

We were our yearly law Dinner.. every year kita kena attend Law Dinner, wear a proper formal black and white attire, belajar guna cutleries yang betul,how to cut the bread,spoon the soup,socialise europe they called "Wine and Cheese party" we called "no wine and cheese"

Dekat Class with MR Vesu, our English Lecturer masa Pre Law School, a one year preparation for English language to prepare you for your law course as all subjects will be in English.Mr vesu garang gilerr ada yang panggil dia macam2..garang macam hantu..semua takut and kecut..dalam class asyik nak torture orang, tanya soalan bukan2..bila masuk dia akan soal everbody macam2,satu hari dia tanya soalan what is "FM" kat radio channel stands for..half of the class tak dapat jawab, sampai my giliran i terdengar Syukri ( 'budak pandai') cakap perlahan to himself " frequency modulation" confidently i jawab,Mr vesu was impressed..ha..haaa.

Our tiny reunion at le Meridien, dayang on the left,sha on the right, dayang was an every year dean's list, pandai dia ni,now a succesful lawyer in Sarawak, married to our senior Ayob..Ayob mengorat dayang dulu bagai nak rak..dayang mula2 tak nak,tapi cinta ayob sungguh kuat,menangis dah ada anak 3,ayob tinggalkan semenanjung demi dayang..banyak harta dia orang ni,boat,luxury kondo etc. Sha pulak dulu kegilaan senior jugak..rupa aznah hamid masa remaja, very confident girl..kalau tak kenal ingat sombong..pernah dating our classmate rupanya,now married a Syed..ada anak 3 jugak..running a legal firm kat Shah Alam.Sha,thanks belanja we all okay..nanti belanjalah lagi.

The 3 happy you all.

dayang bawak ole2 so banyak from Sarawak for us..bila balik tengok the box,nearly 3o ekor fresh udang di frozen kan, 6 ekor terubuk masin sarawak, 4 rolls of kek sarawak and rempah laksa sarawak..hmm kenduri sarawak delicacies lah nampaknya..thanks dayang.

The terubuk masin is so nice, tak masin sangat tapi lemak..goreng dengan bawang and cili padi malam tadi makan dengan nasik panas berasap dan goreng udang segar berkunyit ..wah syoknya:)

the famous kek lapis sarawak..macam2 colour ada.

My fridge is fulled with the big prawns and terubuks..thanks you so much dayang.. ikin,nur and ayan maksu will masak laksa sarawak this all are welcome.


nerry nerry strawbery said...

now we know where the rambut tinggi bukit tia mia klu bangun tido come fromm.... he he dasat la gambar dulu kan... masa tu rasa grand gilaaa..

Idida Aziz said...
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Idida Aziz said...

thx to FB la kan...
hehe...camner lak ngn azu time nih? kalu sha ngan dayang jd kegilaan ramai tentu azu nyer citer lg best nih...nanti kongsi dlm entry lain k..haha bole gitu :D

MamaTiaMia said...

nery, tia mia lagi tinggi rambut dari aku:)memang rasa grand lah masa dulu tu..bubuh gel punya banyak:)

idida, kita tak do orang nak minat haa..sobab asik balik kampung nengok ayam itik yo kojo..asal cuti balik pilah asal cuti balik pilah.

Sitie BUm BUm said...

udang!! yum!

Gee Harun said...

Wah.. lain betul gamba kak zue msa dulu2.. Tp skg makin lawo..sonok ye tgk kawan2 semua berjaya dlm career.. Kak zue pun apa kurangnya..

cippa said...

What can I say, I am a green monster, jealous cos all of you dapat makan-makan dan bergossip without me. Walking now the memory lane...there is a sense of sadness and happiness. Life was so simple then, just gossiping...

annhuzi said...

truly, mamatiamia u look ever so young. Lucky genes :)

4 Kay-E said...

wah Azu..

seronoknye tengok gambar dulu-dulu. mesti teringat cerita lama...
Bagus ada facebook kan? heheee.. mcm2 boleh jumpa.

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