Friday, October 1, 2010

Splendid Perth - Chapter 8 - Tulips at Araluen

After the Subiaco's visist, papa drove us to Araluen,it is more than an hour drive,however the view along the road was beautiful.Araluen was situated on a hilly site,we passed the farms and fields,we saw small shops selling fresh produce at the road site.On the way to Araluen Tia and Mia were asleep in their car seats at the back as they were tired from activities at jamuan raya and Subiaco,mama had a good conversation with papa peacefully:) we both love farm,country site,the greeneries,we appreciate small things like stall at the road site,hedges,wildflowers,jumping rabbits,we both imagined about our future home to be built..hmmmm it was a good trip to many dreams unveiled by papa and mama during the road cruise..may it come true.

When we arrived at Araluen it was already 4.45pm and the park will close at 6.00pm,since it was at the hilly site  and surrounded by forest the place was cold. We had to wake Tia and Mia and both were not please, stilled sleepy plus cold especially when they had already taken their dresses and left with tops and leggings only.So gambar with Tia Mia muka masam and penat..hee..heee..but they had great time on the way back,they made papa stopped twice at Mc Donald Drive In for chips and Ice Coffee (yeap both loved Ice Coffee at Mc Donald when they were in perth)

Let see Araluen:

 Greeted by lovely and beautiful Tulips bushes.

 Striking beauty.

 Just like picture in the postcard..

 Papa,beach bag,tulips and budak tak berapa nak ada mood:)

 Kalau dah kembang jadi macam ni...

 Sea of fire red tulips..

Cold,cold mama,hug me tight...

 Nak puting pun ikutkan lah ...asal tak nangis sudah..nak jalan banyak lagi ni..

 Papa pakaikan cardigan...

 Okay Mia dah warmed up...

 Lizard come take picture with tulips..

 Beautiful yellow tulips..

 Shiny and bright..

 One happy lady with one boring little missy..

 Sweet white bloom..

 Really lovely..they are like snow..

 Papa,Tia and Cherry Blossom.

 Breathtaking beauty..

 Syahdunya budak Tia...

 Jom gaya dulu Mia..nanti kita makan chips ye..

 Mia always answer 'okay mum"..

 White,pure and gorgeous..

White bloom everywhere..

 Log Cabin..cosy and nice..

 papa and girls..

 White and blue..

 Fresh look..

 The place is really heaven but it's getting dark..we can't cover the whole park..

 Another beauty..

 Araluen has rose farm too..unfortunately we can't go as it was getting dark..mama shot picture from far only..hmmm kalau dapat pergi rose farm lagi time insyAllah.

 By the time we reached home,dua orang tu mood dah baik..makan fries and ketchup berbakul dalam kereta..siap suruh papa masuk Drive In 2X apa tak nya..

Everyday kalau dah jalan jauh2 and penat..both were really glad bila sampai Anabel's was our home sweet home for 8 days..We shall come back one day..The next entry will be Farmstay..girls get ready your farm gears!


annhuzi said...

tentu teruja dikelilingi beautiful flowers.

Anonymous said...

Hi, accidently terjumpa your blog, best baca your story dan gambar pun cantik2. Mia & Tia memang cute.


MamaTiaMia said...

hi auntie ann..yeap rasa sangat best bila banyak bunga,cuma the two girls jer mood tak baik sanagt masa ni.

Hi anon..welcome to our blog:) hope you will enjoy more:)