Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good Weekend for Us..hope yours were fantastico too:)

Salam aetouch - Hopefully our dream kitchen pantry will come alive oneday:),farhanna- thanks:), cacah- wahh dah balik cuti ke?hope you had a great one:),fiezachommel- hope you have tried the recipe:).Khairee-thanks!, sekadar coretan- tak sure lah rasanya ada kot kat metro,living quaters,maybe ikea pun ada:), zuzus-bestkan duduk rumah pun pakai elok2, Nadiah - thanks dear,glowing sebab baru bukak mask kan:);), ijazainal- tulah kita ni kan terbawak2 terms technical etc too:), mekjangok-terus mencuba mesti boleh tu:), fatimah- dah jumpa ke pisau tu..useful kan, sarahkalam- masakan nogori semuonya sodap..dan muarghhh kat anak dara awak yang lebih manis dari wajik tu:),linda-thanks for yr lovely comment-actually i am the one yang untung,kids are greatest gift from Allah sbt,with them around semua nya indah:), Hanis- insyallah kita sama2 share recipe okay:). Zue-thank you:),umiyumi-yang jauh di perth,nampak umi pun masak sedap2 semua,kalau tiamia nampak picture yor sons pergi Caversham tu wahh sibuk dia nak pergi balik:),mamacharice- syokkan beli groceries..i likeee:), lemongrass- hi mommy yang sangat pandai masak dan ada garden yang cantik di perth tu- i envy you very much..tiap hari masak yang sedap2 untuk dua anak dara jelita,nanti i give a try kotak arnott yang hijau pulak ye..glowy mowy sebab mask tu ler:):) he..hee..tak edit pantry pun tak apa sebab hasil masakan semua yummylicious:) ummisya-thank you, anon- salam to my "invisible sister at heart"- i love knowing people who shares same passion with nice to be surrounded by cooking items in the kitchen kan..i can just sit down in my kitchen and listen to music while waiting for my pasta to bake:):)

It was a wonderful weeknd for us hope all of you ladies had a fabulous ones too;) We didn't go far,very much of a family affair actually...we buat perkara yang biasa2 ajer;) and i was determine not to spend money  eating outside since we have spent a lot on thursday to buy masak2 all the way except sunday lunch,i hang my laddle and give myself a little break:)

Let see the iphone photos-so lazy nowadays to take out my camera,iphone so convinience:):)

I was puasa on Friday- i came back early and cooked my favourite lauk..i normally cook everbody's favourite but last friday i masak my idaman..i always love asampedas..the whole week makan pun tak per.But i am a bit paticular about asam pedas,i like the cair,just nice, non oily asam pedas:) i cooked two types of fish-kembung and kerisi:)

Then i teringat nak makan terung masak taucu macam zaman2 i kecik2 pergi kenduri kahwin..orang masak sampai lembik dan hancur terung tu.

So this is my terung in tauchu sauce..looks good ehh..really tasty if you like terung and tauchu.Easy to cook actually just pound the dried shrimps with,onion,dice big red onion,half the red chillies,one whole garlic..tumis everything until wangi,masuk tauch,bubuh air biar mendidih sikit masuk terung and biar lembut:)

After masak ada masa relax kat atas with my "pakaian rumah" niceee to rest with the loved ones with "pakaian rumah" dalam rumah...(RM19.90 shirt frm factory outlet and AUD7 pyjama bottom from Target:)

I made nescafe for uwan and took up to our family area uwan tengah tutorial nak guna Tab dengan Tia:)

Mia with her "kampung blankie"..hujan2 kan apa yang lebih syok dari lepak2:)

Maghrib i turun bukak puasa..i want to show how my maid cut and arranged the cucumber..she tak masak so this is her contribution in enhancing my buka puasa ambiance:):)

My super sedap asampedas with sawi jeruk and tomato,cair,tak banyak kuah and less oil..just the way i like it;)

Opps..another contribution by my maid..i ajar dia how to buat sambal cilipadi kundang ni lah hasil nyer..not sedap with nasi panas and asam pedas plus terung tauchu..Alhamdulillah:)

Since i frequently cook, my girls appreciate good food too and they are quite well versed with menus,type of foods,good restaurant etc..Friday night before we go to sleep,Mia told me she wants to have pancakes with syprup and whipped cream for breakfast..i thought of baking lasagne..ok kenit madam..pancakes on it ways!

So we had English breakfast on \saturday..hope uwan likes it too;):)

My pancakes were thin..nak cheat masa,biar cepat masak:)this is the first time using "Green" brand..just add water in the container and shake it..i would say "Philsbury' is much nicer..more fluffy and soft..but "Green" so convinient.

I made nice soft scrambled eggs with sausages is so nice to eat soft scrambled eggs with lots of pepper..yummmyyyy;)

This how the girls like their oranges to be cut...easy to eat this way;);)

Pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream for Tia Mia..

Both were really good..they finished their pancakes before moving to sausage and scrambled eggs.

Uwan pun suko makan pancakes dengan syrup..macam cocah lempeng dengan air gulo ya uwan;)

Love this shot..muarghhhhh

Time tak gaduh siap suap2 bagai;)

After dah makan segala benda berlemak..jom exercise sikit..we went TTDI park.

Uwan pun kena kerah exercise sikit;)

The girls love the little creek at TTDI.

Uwan relax bawah pokok.

We had a good time there;)

Hee..heee siap terjelir lidah lagi.

Dah puas..Okehh jom balik lunch..i cooked lunch before we left..kan determine tak nak makan kat luar..hee..hee

After good lunch i buat kerja2 surirumah..tukar curtain bilik tidur..i bought this curtain like 1 1/2 yr ago from British Homes closing down sales..asked my maid to change it..she can never figure out how to put it did it myself finally.

So we had new curtain at bedroom..i like the design...not much different from the old one though..hee..heee..Then when everybody taking evening nap..i went down to the kitchen..

Took out my oven dish to make lasagna..

I prepared the sauce..i just put my simple and quick steps of baking lasagna here..i guess everybody pun tahu..i diced one big onions,tumis with minced beef until brown and wangi,put in leggo pasta baked sauce,one canned of chopped tomatoes, a lil bit of salt and sugar..rasa2 lah..if dah rasa sedap boleh lah angkat.

I prepared bechamel sauce (white sauce too),this will make lasagna more creamy and moist..very easy,put half glass of fresh milk in sauce pan,add i table spoon of cooking flour and one cube of butter,stir until thick and withdraw from fire.

You need this too.

To cheat the 40 mins baking time i boiled the ready oven baked lasagna sheets..kalau dah boil dalam masa 20 mins dah boleh masak bila bakar.

spread the sauce on the sheets.

pour some white sauce on top.

sprinkle a lot of cheese on top..repeat the process few times..and finish it by putting last layer of sheets on top and generous amount of cheese.

Pre heat your oven,..masa prepare tu..set your temperature from 180 to 200..biar masak and kuning..nampak dah masak sikit turun temperature to 150..biar betul2 took me about 25 - 30 to bake..tak really sure the timing but definitley tak sampai 40 mins.

Tadaaa.. super rich creamy lasagna is ready to be eaten by the hungry tummies;)

Since we had aour dinner early like 6.40 i set the plates in front of tv on our coffee tables..boleh makan lama2 dan relax.

very yummy mummy lasagna;) Tia and Mia plus the papa love it very very much..Tia mulut ada blister pun nak makan banyak so i kena suap dengan tangan..ada orang makan lasagna suap dengan tangan tak?

Uwan pun makan lasagna..sibuk tanya " apo namo ehh ni?" hb jawab " Lazatnya makk";) tapi uwan jangan risau tak kenyang kat dapur ada gulai kari daging dan tumis timun air plus ikan masin okay:)

After maghrib..since dah makan lasagne banyak hb nak bakar2 lemak agaknya..keluar basuh kereta kat luar pagar..

These two pun suka lah bersiar di malam2 kat luar..kalau tak tegah siap keluarkan basikal bagai.

Heppp..nak pi mana malam2 dengan guitar electric tu...nak jamming ka?

Ohhh so sweet my girls..suka tengok tangan Mia peluk Tia tu..sampai keluar muscle;)

Oklah nite,nite everybody;)

Esok kena bangaun pagi..nak masak nasi lemak..kak ikin coming..since birthday dia..i will cook apa yang dia mintak hari tu:)

Yeayy it was Sunday and Kak ikin's birthday..sebab kak ikin bawak datang cake yang tempah kat kak yan.. we gave her a special "cake"..hee...heee..kak ikin listen to your maksu.." when a woman passed 30 years old,she is no longer a cake,which is a dessert to everybody,she becomes a bread..a more solid based in that is what you are now..we love you very muchhhh..." so i gave my niece a roti paung to be cut instead of cake..because she is more matured and stabled now:)

kak ikin punya birthday tapi these two girls yang dapat hadiahh..syebukk betul lah;):)

Tetapkan doa dalam hati..semua bermula dari niat di ikuti doa;):)

So ini lah request bithday girl-nasi lemak sambal sotong bersantan dan goreng 3rd times repeat order dah nasi lemak ni;)

Sangat berbaloi semua orang makan dengan seleranya..uwan dia dah makan sejak pagi so dia buat activity "bermake up" dengan tia and Mia.

Tia bergaya dengan hadiah dari pashik;)

I want show this..after semua orang dah balik and we nak go out  ..i asked the girls to kemas the living room..and this is how they arranged the cushions..they said " diamond shape mama"..and nampak tak kat belakang tu pi  menyusun semua cushion jadi diamond:)

After berkemas basuh pinggan mangkuk,periuk etc..(yeap sunday i do housework sebab heni tak nak cuti so i buat kerja supaya dia boleh relax sikit but she stilled menggosok dan vacuum kat atas)..we went out for lunch and also nak let uwan beli barang2 dia..kenalah pergi kompleks PKNS shah alam..situ banyak lah barang2 untuk orang tua2 uwan telah belanja us pulak..nasi kerabu,nasi dagang dan nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah..

Dua orang ni dah dapat "pau" dua ekor pinky;)

Tengok tu gaya tak boleh tahan..tengok tv..siap pakai crown lagi...nama teddy baru tu " Maria" heee..hee..tak nak kalah.

Uwan beli few "pakaian rumah" dia.

Petang i turun masak balik tapi ada anak dara temankan..okay lah..rasa happy ada budak kecik ni layan2 i berborak sambil masak:) Taa..taa everybody..hope Monday will be nice to us;)


cacah said...

hi kak zu...
i baru je makan terung masak taucu ari tu kat restoran madam's lim... sedap jugak.. now da dapat recipe, i will try it! tq... i baru balik isnin lepas... pergi bekerja... tapi i lajakkan sikit ambil masa untuk diri sendiri for few days.. ;)

Mayyonnizz said...

slm kak zu...nice weekend u have..

ermm nak request boleh? can u share with us your wedding pic... tersangatlah teringinnak tengok..mesti cantik and meriah sangat.. hihi

Parin's wife said...


shahid said...
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shahid said...

Hai uwan! <3 <3 <3
Zu, kena buat fanclub for uwan nih and i'll be the one of the first to register :D

Mrs. Fedex said...

suka the lasagna recipe.. tq..
double suka the front view of the house.. like.. like..

saniah said...

hah at last..dpt jugak resepi mudah buat lasagna..dh lama i beli lasagna sheet ingat nk buat for my son..tak sempat buat dia dh g kolej..:( takpe nnt dia balik cuti i buat kan guna ur mudah resepi.. ;)

masa anak2 masih kecik ni lah nak luang masa utk diaorg..nnt dah besar dah sekolah diaorg pun busy kan...emm mcm i 2 ank dh g kolej..kat rmh tggl i 3 beranak..yg kecik pn dh 12thn but stil sunyi sgt..anak2 yg besar mcm burung yg terbang tggl kan sarang...sedih juga la

p/s nasib baik ada ur blog...;)

Anonymous said...

dear kakak.. all this while mmg takde rasa nk leave any comment. but lately, makin seronok pulak baca.. through the reading i can feel that u have a very smooth & lovely lifestyle. seronok sgt..i wish that i can apply it too in my real life..

btw, i think i know kak ikin's hubby.. its samsudin kan?

- l.i.n.d.a -

MommyCT said...

first time bought lasagna sheet today..hehe nak try le.

Btw, ur garden bench tu is it fr ikea? I tadi nampak kat ikea (table+ 1 bench+ 2 armchair) tapi tengah fikir tahan lama ke tak ye?

mekjangok said...

just nak berkongsi,pepagi saya dtg keje,benda pertama yg saya bukak kat komputer ialah blog akak...kot2 ade cite2 baru..mmg best la baca blog akak..rasanya saya dah jatuh cinta la..i love u la...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Salam Kakak,

Seronoknya weekend bila surrounded by our family kan. Suka sangat blog akak. Terima kasih atas resepi-resepi akak yang memang sesuai untuk orang bekerja.

P/S: Keluarga akak semua cantik-cantik macam akak . Ikin pun cantik. Baru perasan bulu mata dia sangat panjang. Baru jumpa blog dia daripada list akak, wowwwww nice blog too. Cuma dia tak rajin update kan? :(. Gambar-gambar semua cantik.


Hanis Azla said...

hujung minggu yang menyeronokkan.. bestnya.. happy monday to u too..

arinieva said...

kak, ur meatball n lasagna recepi tu membuatkan i turunkan my oven from top of my closet. hehehehe nmpk sgt yummeehhhhhh!!!!!!


seronok nampak gambar-gambar Uwan yg ceria..betullah..kena buat fan club utk Uwan..ramai peminat ni..;)

mami charice said...

Gonna try the lasagna , hubby da lama request hehe. Harap2 sedap mcm yg kak zu buat yer. Pancake tu pun our favourite jugak especially my daughter. Have a nice Monday ya....

mami charice said...

Kak zu,
Can I request for bread pudding recipe?
Hehe, I Saw your post about it long time ago, tapi tak ingat la entry yg mana .

Dah lama nak Makan, tapi macam Ada je yg kurang rasa dia hehe.
Thanks ya

Anonymous said...

zu..i pun suka tgk uwan..ya we should have fan club for uwan!...suka baca blog u mengujakan..hehehe..paling tak tahan tgk masak lemak telur itik letak pegaga...kelam kabut i cari telur itik..meleleh air liur tgk gambar masak lemak u :)