Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Syarida; Thanks:):),Ann Huzi; Thank You so much for all your support,you re telling sweet stories to me while i need it:), Anon; Alhamdulillah and thank you so much,Insyallah you always in our doa:),Kak Sham; si tia yang ban yak akal lah:), Mummy Akmal's at Brunei; Alhamdulilla and thank you so much:),Rina; yeap i wearing bobbi brown only:),Hanis; mia said tq auntie hanis, Nur Raihana; thanks so much..you pun sangat manis;)

My body desperately need massage..it needs to be revived! When you are busy time passes in a blink of an eyes...i suffered backache and pain here and there so i took myself to be pampered:) It seems that 1 hour is not enough;) I succumbed to the delicious massage..i slept! so rugi..bangun2 dah habits..but it was a good one..tender and delicate! must go again:)

So long didn't see this view..i drool upon seeing it again:) If not of the price i might fix a 3 hrs massage next time:) A bit pricey here at Bluebealle  but they are good:)

When they dim the light,put on the music..the butterfly  fingers start to dance on your skin..you drown:)

I decided to buy few things for myself this week..so i bought two shawls from ZARA,the pastel one is really nice..it is like Yuna's jetscarves..just hang it on your head.

I ve been visiting M&S few times:) and been wanting to buy this knit wear dress.Today i bought and paired it with the bootleg pant..i like it:)

I went to M&S today to change the size for these shirts actually. These two will be given to Uwan physiotherapist as a thank you gesture:) Emmy has done a lot for Uwan,now the session has been reduced from everyday to 3 days a week since Uwan can walk with minimal help;):) Alhamdulillah:)

And Thank You so much to my best friend Rufa..she came down from Cameron and came to my house with these flowers for Uwan. We had a good catching up at my little kitchen,it was short but warm and sweet..we talked over chocolate cuppies ..we must find time for each other, maybe next time a tea with curry laksa in my kitchen:)

The two girls now can really utilize any gadgets that they have in hands..this shot by Tia is very nice isn't it..i feel romantic and dreamy looking at this picture.

But..oppssss wrong frame dear..i bet they never realize it:) still cute though;):)

Tonight Tia/Mia been asking for Kak Yan..they missed her..so i let Tia speak over the phone with Kak Yan.Kak Yan promised to come and overnight weekend.

Night,night everybody..i took two 'supposed to be' most powerful cough pills..tapi tak boleh jugak tidur..kalau massage baru pegang jari i dah tidur isshhhh..:):)


annhuzi said...

Alhamdulillah uwan can now walk with minimal help. so nice of Emmy to come everyday.
Mesti hatinya tersentuh dengan kebaikan uwan dan mama sekeluarga sebab tu dia boleh mengikhlaskan dirinya untuk datang setiap hari untuk bantu uwan.
And i m sure he is motivated to see uwan's progress.
nice people meet nice people :)
nice kan azu seeing me, ur reader has blossomed over the years to be able to write sweetly too ;)
it's the good feeling that spreads out far till over the selat, which i embrace whenever i made my visits here.
itu belum visit nyata lagi..hmm pasti lebeh menggembirakan.
especially if i get to visit aminah resort :)
azu u deserved the shopping and spa rewards cos u have achieved many things in this short month, a lot of hardwork but satisfying results.
may u recover from ur cough soon. just to remind ourselves, sakit ni can be a nikmat. esp it cleanses us from our past errors :)
i know u know that too :)
saja nak ingat diri sendiri juga.
kan bila kita terasa dan sentiasa mensyukuri nikmatNYA, akan ditambah lagi nikmatNYA atas hambaNYA yg bersyukur.

hehe cutenya criminal caught, muka pun serius sedeh. snowy effect, blissful smile :)

saniah said...

Alhamdulillah...seronok dpt tau prkmbngan +ve uwan...and u pun dh nmpk makin ceria...bercerita lah lg ya...miss ur stories sgt2...esp cerita psl shoppg n masak2...hal kecoh2 u kat dapur pun i suka baca...n jgn lupa cerita ur mum lg ya..:)

mamalisa said...

bestttnya massage..i pun teringin nak gi lps abih pantang

Anonymous said...

as'salamualaikum - just want to say alhamduillah and i like reading your beautiful and elegant blog.. may Allah SWT reward you with happiness in this world and in the hereafter, ameen. take care dear sis!

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah uwan makin sembuh dan moga uwan terus menunjukkan perkembangan yang positif... alhamdulillah jua atas penghijarahan... patutla makin manis mamatiamia! ahehehe... cantikla scarf zara yg berbunga bunga tu nnti kite pun nak cari gakla bole pakai sedondon ngan azu :p

take care

Hanis Azla said...

mmg best bila dapat urut.. urutan dari tangan halus anak2 dan tangan kasar hubby pun dah buatkan kita rasa best dan lega.. inikan pula dari tangan tukang urut yg pro kan.. Alhamdulillah kesihatan uwan dah bertambah baik.. budak2 skrg ni mmg lebih pakar bab gadget2 ni.. mereka lagi pandai nak godek2 dari kita.. he..he..