Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good Things Do Happen.


Was very busy since yesterday, well office works mainly.That's how it works here,sometimes it's a breeze,sometimes it's stormy:) But then again as the famous quote says 'after rain there's rainbow'. I had a hard tasks yesterday and i didn't realize that i tak pergi toilet one whole day!!! But was puasa, today pun that explains why i can skip toilet. No matter how hard the task is, if you put your whole attention and energy to it..boleh buat punya. So i am happy, now dah settle and many good things happen around me too:):) If i sit down and think.. i feel wahhhh how Allah Swt put things in place..so nothing much to say except Alhamdulillah:);) To those i know still waiting for their doas to be fulfilled, just remember, fast or late,happen or not..there's always reason to it..don't be so stress up..don't be dissappointed, if there is no rainbow after the yesterday's rain..wait for another rain to come as there will thousand of rains during the year:):)

I was looking for my entry on lasagna just now  and found this picture..terus drooling..puasa today kan..ikan bilis cantik garing dari langkawi dan petai segar bugar di goreng wangi dengan cili padi..sedapnya makan nasi panas:) And to those asking for my lasagna recipe please check out my 20th November 2011 entry, i had written a step by step recipe there:):)

Kalau lauk kampung macam kat atas..sedapnya kawan kan dengan terung bakar di mandikan sambal cilipadi berlimau:);)

So sorry asyik tengok food because me puasa:) Tengok gambar buka puasa last year, buat sambal belacan kering uwan style..sedapnya..ada pulak ulam bendi rebussss..nyummmm:):)

Dah lama tak cerita Uwan kan..Alhamdulillah,Uwan dah macam dulu balik,hari tu Uwan pergi ke rumah maklang..balik rumah Uwan okay and selera pun baik:):) This morning Teacher Claire said she saw Uwan yesterday when she sent Tia Mia back home,she said Uwan looks so okay and Tia Mia were all over her:):) and Uwan tolong angkat pulling bags Tia Mia;):)

Alhamdulillah tukang beli tudung i pun dah bertudung..you look really sweet Ayan dearie.. you have been a good girl all these years..you were one of my solid rock masa Uwan sakit..proud to have you as my niece:):)

What else yang good? These two girls have been good too..dah boleh tolong2 kerja, tolong ambikkan we all air,lipat blanket..behaved at dining table masa makan kat luar:):)

No 1 Daddy have been good too;):) berkorban melompat lompat mengajar Tia Mia few steps sebelum the girls join ballet class this weekend. Myself like " ohhhh nooooo..my husband ke yang berposing macam ballerina tuuuuuu"..demi anak2 kan:):)

Overall it was all good..andddd i received a life time experience invitation and so looking forward to it...semoga semua di permudahkan oleh Allah SWT.Aminnnnnn:):)


Hanis Azla said...

Alhamdulillah untuk segala yang terindah.. semoga sentiasa terus diberkati..

mamalisa said...

baca entry you u ni, jiwa kacau pun boleh tune jadi relief..thanks for the reminder :)

nak gi haji ker this year?

Rin Saharina said...

Alhamdullilah :)

Anonymous said...

zu, nak travel ke mana plk ni? Alhamdulillah...rezeki zu, u r such a good daughter, wife and mother...suka baca life tips zu tulis..

daydeck86 said...

Salam kak aritu akak g duk hotel mana ekk?? sebab nampak macam gambar papatiamia kat dlm blog member opis saya....



annhuzi said...

Alhamdulillah all good things happen as a reward to those who have been syukur and sabar :) Happy for all HIS blessings. We can see how HIS test results in lots of positive changes. So nice of teacher claire to send tiamia home and feedback to u her observation of uwan's wonderful recovery.
so fun tiamia dapat quick escape to the beautiful beach. we went thistle last december, upon ur recommendation. my anak kecik takut nak masuk air laut. must show them gambar tiamia main air laut.

daydeck86 said...

betul lah kak
akak bercuti sama dengan member saya tu tapi dia segan nak tegur akak aritu.. ehehehe