Monday, August 13, 2012

Annecy-France's Most Beautiful Town.


Thanks everybody:) Time catching so fast,suddenly there's so many thing to prepare before we go back kampung.I wish all friends in Malaysia,Singapore,UK,Australia,Eygpt,Germany,NZ and where ever there are,have a blessed last few days of Ramadhan.I wish i could address everybody but i ve got so many things to please accept my early Selamat Hari Raya just in case i wont be able to make Raya entry before this weekend:)

Today no bebelan,let's see something nice and beautiful here.Annecy is in France but so near to Geneva, if you take a local bus within 1 hour you will reach the town.Anncey has been touted as France's most beautiful town' for long,surely we want to visit it. 

The town was so just want to sit there on the grass and try to imagine that you re living there;) If you ve been to Venice before,Annecy is a combination of Venice,Southern France and Switzerland.

Sleep tight girls tomorrow we will be going to France's most beautiful town okay:)

My blogging place in Geneva:)

Waiting for the bus.

Beautiful French village along the way.

Clear blue sky.

Rides on a local bus,kids travel for free.

When we fisrt reached there,the town was empty..we thought we is the beautiful town?

Reminds me of Bukit Tinggi,good imitation by Bukit Tinggi:)

 We have to walk to the other side of the town to find this!

So beautiful and serene:) It looks like a postcard.

Like in a movie too.

Ohh i like it:)

100 of pictures is not enough:)

Tia enjoying herseld here.

The wonderful bridge with mountain backdrop.

So cantikkk:)

We can rent the boat.

The pretty Alps against the gorgeous lake.

Time stood still here.

Holiday feeling.

Budak kenit;)

Paddle paddle away.

Million dollars view of the Alps.

Lets go and walk.

We found one spot on the ground and makan2 as it was puasa time.
I truely treasure it.

We took a petite train to go around the lake.

I snap a photo of a crystal clear water from the train.

A young mom with her LV by the lake;)

Then we walked into the old town and there was canal flowing through it.

So much like Venice.Italy.

One pose for Tia Mia.

Charming town that packed with tourists.

Lovely cobblestones street.

Lovely lovely cafes and shops by the canal.

So lovely that's all that i can say.

If you come here oneday should stay at leat one night at the hotel by the canal:)

Many many charming shops.

So many things to see and buy:)

You will alos be entertained by the talented baskers.

We had a great time there.Bye.


Nadiah said...

Salam Zu,

Meleleh air liur tengok semua gambar2 kat atas tu.Jangan lupa credit untuk you juga yg pandai ambil sudut yg lawa2.

Selamat Hari Raya Zu,maaf zahir dan batin kalau ada kata2 dalam message I yg menginggung perasaan you.Drive safely dan Selamat Hari raya.

cacah said...

Cantiknya! :)
Selamat hari raya kak zu, and family. ;)

aishah jamrek said...

Subhanallah..cantik sangat kak zu..

Parin's wife said...

cantiknya kak zu...rasa mcm nak terbang ke sana sekarang jugak..hehehe..hope one day dapat berjalan ke sana.

Hanis Azla said...

Subhanallah, sangat cantik, Alhamdulillah dapat peluang melihatnya sama, Allahuakbar, dengan segala ciptaan Allah yang maha indah..

susumanis said...

Salam lebaran to MTM n yr beloved family n uwan too.. MashaAllah tgk picas tu semua rasa noo yg i ni bagai frog under the tempurung..huhuhu, insyaAllah de rezeki i pun nak travel tgk ciptaan Allah swt yg sgt indah itu..aamin

Liyana said...

Subhanallah cantik sgt scenery dia kak zu....btw selamat hari raya to u & ur family kak!

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

subhannallah..i like the pretty alps against the awesome!!!

Salam aidifitri maaf zahir batin ye

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.. selamat balik kampung, hati2 dalam perjalanan..
oh ya tengok gambar2 mcm ni sebijik mcm tempat org shooting buat filemlah kan. kalau jalan2 sini mesti mcm dlm mimpi. umi dah update post pasal guildford termasuk tea room kat situ. mmg best sgt nanti nak pegi lg ;)

Anonymous said...

truly lovely!

The Singing Pilot said...

That's sooooo dreamy. Mcm dlm alam fantasi. Tp rindu KL. Haha homesick sgt

annhuzi said...

tengok gambar u aje dah rasa oh cantiknya. mesti u kat sana tengok sendiri tak henti kata subhanAllah.
u ke france's most beautiful town ada teringat i tak heheheh

zazaa said...

Saya dah jatuh cinta dgn blog ini. thumbs up sis!! :)

Nur-nba said...

Kak Zu, gambar2 akak memang superb.. Cantik sangat.. Buat kami semua terasa ingin nak ke sana.

By the way, thanks a lot sebab sudi berkongsi gambar2 menarik dari serata negara.. Bertuah akak jejakkan kaki ke tempat2 ni..