Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bumi Indah Ciptaan Allah Swt.

Salam buat semua:)Alhamdulillah pagi Jumaat yang indah,hati pun sesejuk salju.Thank You so much semua,you are lovely people.Alhamdulillah rezki bertemu all of you di alam blogging!

Semalam was a bit tight for me,and ada kerja yang really complicated kat office;( If i was cool tak lah menjawab-jawab ni ha but i am a human too,kadang2 terloncat jugak:);) I noted all the good points in everybody's comments:):) Yesterday the other half@Mr Sherlock Holmes took me out for Nan Cheese at Subaidah, as usual kita cerita2 ni dia 'hmmm hmm' ajer lah,he had a board meeting yesterday and 3 days in a row before that he hardly sleep in order to finish the paper:( kesian dia...Anyway the nan cheese at Subaidah was really good,the secret is in the kuah give a try if you go to Subaidah in Kota Damansara.

Don't worry, i will not stop writing as it is my passion:) plus menulis ini untuk my girls:):) and the most imporatant I will not hate anybody,people have their own mind and saya pun sama:):) Frienship is more beautiful than vengeance:):) Today; I would like to share my beautiful frienship as i didn't post the above picture before.That's a bouquet of flowers from my friend ,she hand delivered to me on my birthday together with a box of cuppies and some candles.We hardly jumpa,berborak pun kat fb,she's my friend sejak di U,in term of a friendship  didn't give her much,birthday dia kadang2 ada jugak i terlupa..but she always there for me..kadang2 we bertekak-tekak sebab lain2 pendapat but it never affect our freindship. Without fail on my birthday she will have something for me,kadang2 dia ambik cuti muncul kat office with flower and cake..this year masa my birthday, i baru bangun,my husband pun tak beli cake lagi for me,my door bell rang,she came with her husband and kids,hugged and kissed the busuk me yang tak mandi lagi&gave me flowers and cake..So beautiful the friendship kan..and so difficult to that attain that kind of love and sincerity in your heart.Alhamdulillah i have the opportunity to receive that kind of sincerity and love from a friend. And now i am receiving loves from all of you out there,so Alhamdulillah,lots and lots of loves from  me  to each of you out here;)

These are our kids,she has two girls too:);) Hopefully they will continue the beautiful friendship.

This is my special girl! We should meet more often ya,i need your hugs and surely you need mine..heee heee.When we sent sms we always say " hugs and kisses for you and yr girls ya but minus zubir!" and she will reply "hugs and kisses for you and the girls okay but minus azam!" LOL.Finally hugs and kisses to all of you out there minus Mr The Singing Pilot ( he received brotherly love and firm ukhwah salam for standing up and declared himself as my 'defence lawyer'!)

.................................................The end to the yesterday's episode:):).............................

Today i am sharing pictures of "Bumi Indah Ciptaan Allah Swt".

One of our great visit in Geneva was a visit to sunflower's farm.

The flowers were so beautiful but had to be careful of the bees;);)

Tia and Mia were so excited to see the sunflowers as they are one of their favourite:):)

The farm has berries too..and they look so lovely.

The leleh2 air liur girl:)

Red and black berries.

Then we saw this berries,you can find many of these at the local market.

Look so good ya..but they are sour,the local normally soak or marinate them in sugar before eating or use it for cooking/baking.

Anyway the best finding of course the apple trees in Nyon.

 The girls love green apple very very much:)

Just to share with all of you the recipe created by Tia and Mia themselves- try to eat the cut green apples with coleslaw is so nice! I have many coleslaw dressing at home due to the makan2 girls prepared fruit salad almost every evening:):)

Continue with our visit to sunflower/berries farm- this is the lovely farm house.

The farm was simple and old but it was well maintained and clean.

This is our wonderful breakfast at Migros the local supermarket before our visit to the farm;):)

Finally i wish all of you a wonderful short break this weekend:);)

Hmm we are longing for a short breakaway too:);)

And to those asking about Lowick bungalow in CH..unfortunately none of the numbers i called yesterday okay..semua tak boleh go through:( However the Hilltop Bungalow as per in the picture is available,anybody interested can visit their website by typing "Hilltop bungalow CH".This bungalow is a bit pricey, priced at RM1200 per night per 10 people and that makes RM120 per person per night. You cannot cook at this place as they have a cook there,they will prepare breakfast,lunch,tea and dinner for you at a separate price.The place look so wonderful kan but when i read more comments i found that this bungalow is also spooky.especially at night and according to one of the writer the bungalow was used as japanese office during the war! Ayaya! macam ni malam2 kena duduk bawah selimut ajer my sister said " NO!"

Thank You so much Fadila for your offer to assist on Mardi cottage,sangat suka:) sebab ni more suitable for uwan:)If our program jadi nak buat family gathering there,saya akan cepat2 call dila tau!Thanks again:):)

Lastly a bit on Nusantara,English,contemporary,minimalist deco/architecture..even we are living in a different part of the world with different look and culture ;somehow there's many similarities in many aspect:):) Just look at this building in Chamonix,France during our trip to Mont Blanc.Dont you think that the balcony and architecture look similar to our 'rumah kampung"? Bilah2 balcony tu sama dengan bilah2 tingkap rumah uwan di kampung:):) The more we read and the more we see the more we understand:) The  similarities are obvious and it's all in a beautiful way:);)

Salam and happy weekend everybody!


ada the baker said...

Salam kak zue. selamat bercuti di CH. jgn lupa beli bantal stoberi untuk tiamia ;).hikhik. spread the happiness to

Sara said...

Terharunya laa ada kawan mcm tu dtg surprise morning2 on our birthday yer.. hehehe..

Psstt... actually kan saya sgt admire dgn Aminah Resort kek kolo pilah tu. sojuk mato memandang ehh

annhuzi said...

azu! thanks for the beautiful pictures, bumi indah ciptaanNYA!
i especially grateful as these are the places and the creations that i have never had a chance to view personally. but i get to experience them from your sharing. tengok aje dah rasa lovely.
insyaAllah the more places you go the more pictures i get to see :)

susumanis said...

Tqvm mtm, all t lovely picas tat u shared btol btol jadi great mind therapy for me yg asik tgk graf kat umah ni, may Allah gives u more happy returns sista, love u, tiamia, uwan minus hubby u..hahaha, insyaAllah will alwiz prays for yr happiness till jannah..aamiin

syarida said...

:) ha.... macam ni la kak azu saya...

shamsuhada said...

azu...sambung holiday lagi ya..lama dah tak jumpa rufa & bear.. nanti kirim salam kt diorg ya..& enjoy ur holiday...

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Zu, hehehe how to say ya? actually saya dah addicted dgn blog akak. Mesti kecewa kalau akak punya post pendek.N maybe dah terpengaruh dgn akak. Smua pun nak buat lebih kurang sama dgn akak. Mcm nak sambung blaja jadi lawyer pun ada. Actually, this few years, life saya teruk. saya ni hopeless, useless, n mcm2 lagi less less. Tapi sejak baca blog akak, saya jadi bersemangat. Maybe tak 100%, tapi at least, ada perubahan, ada semangat. Maybe akak rasa biasa je, but as for me, kata-kata dan ayat-ayat power akak tu memang memberi makna pada saya untuk mengharungi hidup ini. Mungkin dah rezeki Allah utk jumpa akak di sini.Apa2 pun TQVM!

Ash Zahrah

zuhriyannie said...

hepi weekend kak Zu. :)
Kak Zu tau x, post kak Zu psl rendang ayam dgn daun puding tu yg buat sy kenal kak zu, tia, mia dan uwan. Terus sy tertarik dgn blog nih. keep on writing yer..:))))

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

luvly and sweet piccas...

nampak sedap roti dengan udang banyak2 kat farm tu.....udang tu rebus je eh?

Nadiah said...

You should try roti canai kuah banjir dekat Subaidah.Boleh addicted tau mcm I ni.

Anonymous said...

all's fair in love and war! alhamdulillah zu you have calmed down. a storm in a teacup, thats all it was…anyway, just to highlight to all your readers, i have been living in england for 16 years…and inshallah for the rest of my life…(dah jodoh kat sini), and i have traveled around europe and usa too…i take whatever good i see from the west…tak kisahlah from food, deco, clothes…as long as tak bercanggah with my islam. and i maintain whatever good from the east too, for i cannot get my eastern values out of my heart and mind. zu is right, the more we open our eyes to the world, the more accepting we are of different values, cultures and influence. as long as they're good, there shouldnt be a problem!

kaezrin said...

CANTIKNYA sunflower farm and berries tuh nmpk sebijik2 segarrrrr..uwaaaaaaa besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

tgk tuh panjang sbb terliur giller nih..hahahahaha

mamalisa said...

kalau x kecur airliur kat blog ni mmg tak sah..

itu nan pun sodap
itu berries pun sgt la terliur meleleh leleh airliur nih, terasa masamnya bila baca your sentences psl berries tu

lastly have good weekend dear :)

AQisH said...

aduhh duhh..santek²nyer berries tuu..dok imagine put some on the top of my pavlovas hehehe ;)

epi weekend azu..

kasihredha said...

selamat bercuti zuuuuu...have a nice holiday!!
cantikknya buah berry tu kan...geram je kan
Alhamdulillah ada kawan baik mcm tu...sahabat selamanya.

Anonymous said...

best ke brcuti ke CH..? i x brpeluang lg nk ke sana, plez do 'hasut me', then its going to be my turn to 'hasut' my husb.. Hihihi.. *zarynnzariffzaraa*

The Singing Pilot said...

So jd ur loya kpd loya, mesti kene charge kan? Haha
Takmau jd loya, llb is hell as wat my frens told me and chambering pun serupa xde masa utk diri sendiri.

No hal la bab backup membackup ni. Dh biasa.

Nak tandoori bleh? Tgh frust sbb baru mkn nasik padang yg super expensive! Ayam je kot lauk. Xkan pegi lg

Nbi sepah puteri said...

Satu lagi sedap kat subaidah ialah capatiiii.marvelossss.zue dah pernah try tak?

dhr said...

bestnye jalan2..i still remember my ustaz pernah cakap dengan berjalan makan angin pun boleh dapat pahala kalau kita berniat nak melihat keindahan bumi ciptaan Allah selain dari mengambil iktibar dari apa yang kita lihat. kadang-kadang dgn berjalan kita dpt tambah rasa syukur, insaf dengan kesusahan orang lain berbanding dengan nikmat yang kita dpt. lama dah rasanya saya tak jalan-jalan. sejak suami posting kat Manila ni dia busy, susah nak dapat cuti nak pg holiday.

Yong Is My Name said...



ciptaan Dia Yang tiada terkata indahNya..

Nice shoot!

rostina76 said...

salam kenal mamaTiaMia @azu (i guess)...ur gegurls are sooooo lovely. btw had read a few of ur N3 & i believed u are surely nice person. hope can accept my salam ukhwah ;)

Anonymous said...

salam zu, just remembered something when i read your post again pasal cottage berhantu kat cameron. over here most old castles and victorian buildings are haunted. good thing is they would advertise it so we know what to expect. the last castle i visited clearly stated a ghost called grey lady roaming about castle grounds at nite, there was a picture of her too. and a few years back i was looking for b&b in devon i came across many saying their premises had victorian ghosts, siap descriptions and all. i finally found one not haunted…but still couldnt sleep too well at nites!

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Aslmkm Azu..
What I read at yr previous entri was so uncalled for. People like that patut dikasihani..kekurangan somewhere. I had someone commented like that in my blog *lagi teruk* ..tho sakit hati tapi tak ada guna lawan org macam tu.
Life is short, enjoy while you can with the people around us and share those beautiful memories with the world.

Anonymous said...

Aduh, panasnya topik harini. Kesian jugak si anon kena hentam dari fanclub sebab bagi pandangan. Tapi dia ada cakap betul daa, ada English Deco, french deco, Oriental deco, Bali deco pun sangat fofular sebab mereka ada ambik kisah dan konfiden sapa mereka, tapi mana pulak ada malaysian deco sebab kita asyik layan homedeco dan ikea, ahaks!


Aaron Mayes said...

aduhh duhh..santek²nyer berries tuu..dok imagine put some on the top of my pavlovas hehehe ;) epi weekend azu..