Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Good time and food!


I was so busy for the past few weeks; meetings here and there, in this hot weather once you re out for meeting especially like Cyberjaya- that's it, you came back feeling lethargic- no more any energy to shine like a diamond:):)

The two have bad flu and Mia was down with bad fever yesterday-We took her to the hospital today- Alhamdulillah she called me  from home today and said she is doing okay . So adalah mood nak update entry terperam ni:) I was worried for the past few days, the girls were not well and i ll be leaving for 4 days conference outside Malaysia next week. Whatever it is first of all Alhamdulillah and so happy today when the school informed that Tia and Mia have passed their Readiness Test with flying colours- biarlah hanya Readiness Test but as mother i am very happy- I know both have a long way to go but we just be happy with this first:);)

To those asking about Gangnam Station- The muslim Korean Food it is located at laman seri business park seksyen 13 Shah alam, you can google for direction- after Giant and after Kolej PPTL. Yang tanya kindy Tia Mia- unfortunately and most proably that Tia Mia will be the last students as the Teacher will have new plan next year- anyway you can leave your email address here and i will contact you with some infos- i can't leave the school contact number here as it is a small operation and more like a homeschool and very personal.pada yang tanya Agoda refund- the refund was standard if the booking si not a promotion package- which will state celarly no refund- your booking can be cancelled anytime 3 days before booking date and they will credit your money back which take a week or more ( not so sure whether they will charge booking fee or not).

Photos that we have for the past few weeks:);)

Gulai Rebung with ikan.

Went for lunch at one of company's event at Hilton,KLsentral.

Chilies was the best part.

Bought the girls shoes at ZARA with a good price- RM59.90.

Had wonderful time with Bff at Delicious.

Forget the waistline just enjoy the dessert first.

Heavenly delicious sticky dates pudding with vanilla ice cream for me and warm brownies with ice cream for my Bff.

Saturday night i cooked nasi impit.

Nasi impit with lodeh and sambal.

Tempe is the thing in lodeh.

Mia with her "Teacher's Day" present for Ustazah.

Specially for our Ustazah.

Dinner i cooked telur itik lemak cilipadi with tomatoes.

My all time favourite.

After Sunday night Paktih came and uwan was happy.

It was a la carte lunch at home on Sunday- it was a very hot day and i didn't dare to go out- so i took order from everybody:) Mia asked for pasta bolognese.

Cooked lambchop for Tia and Papa.

I baked spinach with cream for lambchop side dish.

I dont eat lamb but more than glad to cook for those who loves it:)

My baked spinach turned out to be a hit for Tia..she loves it very much.

Mia the pasta girl.

Uwan? Ese totap nak makan masakan N9;)

Maktih brought gulai ikan with bacang for Uwan..sangat umphhhh:) so tak payah lah masak gulai on Sunday.

Since we didn't go anywhere on Sunday evening- i took out my Food book.

Traditional butter cake for Sunday evening.

I always treasure time with uwan during weekend:) dulu2 bila balik kampung everytime nak balik on Sunday mesti sangat sedih nak tinggal kan that she lives with me- i can enjoy every moment- everyday pun rasa macam kat kampung sweet kampung:) I masak she duduk cerita:)

Quite sometimes KA berehat- now time for the action!

The nice and fragrant butter cake.

The two cant wait to eat.

I had to take out while it stills hot.

But the bunt pan never disappoint me, hot or cold it always came out gorgeous.

Everybody's favourite- butter cake yang lembut dan moist.

Bila masak everybody pun makan- penat pun hilang.

See what i mean- nanti kita bake some more ya Uwan!

Happy Thursday everyday! and enjoy your long weekend.Salam.



cacah said...

alhamdulillah everything is fine, hope both Tia and Mia are doing fine.
pelik juga takde update dari kak zu.
hugs. :)

Zaila Mohamad said...

akak nak resepi baked spinach..macam sedapler pula tengok Tia makan:)

Anonymous said...

good to hear from you again, not the same without you in the blogging world! alhamdulillah your daughter has recovered, and well done on their achievement! as a mother we are always proud of them when they do well, regardless how big or small. food looks good as alwiz..have a good weekend break with your loved ones! salam from england.

ida said...

lama nya tunggu ur update Azu.
I was worry a bit laaa thot that uwan or kids not doing well.
Suka tengok uwan hehhe, bukan main sedap makan yer.
been sometimes for me too , tak duk kat dapur n im in my diet regime session , kids sekali tak dapat makan hehehhe

Aniz said...

Assalamualaikum Zu, boleh share with us recipe baked spinach ;-)
Thanks -Niza Noordin-

zura said...

Kak..sume sedap! lambchop resepi ada dalam tak kak?butter cake tu dah penah try, sangat la sedap..

Hanis Azla said...

Salam k.zu..

alolor.. comelnya mia berkain batik.. butter cake tu terbau2 sampai ke sini.. sedapnya.. Aduh!.. manisnya senyuman uwan..

afid said...

salam ka zu,

cayalah uwan! thumbs up somel

afid said...

salam ka zu,

cayalah uwan! thumbs up somel

aishah zaharin said...

i love the thumbs up from uwan! i called my nenek, wan too. and looking at your cooking, reminds me of her as well. once a negeri sembilan, always a negeri sembilan. hehe. masak lomak cili api gak yang ese carik!

Unknown said...

Sodap nya gulai lemak rebong. Rasa nak hirup je kuahnya!

Unknown said...

Sodap e gulai ikan ngan robong tu...zu, dura nk resepi butter cake tu bolehh...nk cubo pulak resepi zu. Pasti sodap.♥♡♥♡♥♡

Unknown said...

Sodap e gulai ikan ngan robong tu...zu, dura nk resepi butter cake tu bolehh...nk cubo pulak resepi zu. Pasti sodap.♥♡♥♡♥♡

Unknown said...

Sodap e gulai kuning ikan n robong tu...zu, dura nk resepi butter cake boleh tak...nk cuba pulak resepi cake zu ni..pasti best..

Unknown said...

Sedap nyer...

Unknown said...

Hi zu ..knape lama tk update insta..

Hayati said...

Happy anniversary Kak ! No one is perfect,but you are almost perfect.a perfect housewife . Such an inspiration !
Yes,here is my email
I'm asking you about Tia Mia kids club details.thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kakak,

Is there a way I can contact you via email?I have some questions which I would like to ask you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kakak,

Is there a way I can contact you via email> I have some questions to ask you and hope you can help me.

My email is