Thursday, September 12, 2013

Queen Victoria Market.

Salam,thanks utk semua comments and wishes:);)

I ve received many question on how to book apartment online- which websites?the steps,whether it is safe etc etc. I have written few times before this in the previous entries but will write it again here- so that yang belum baca will know how.

First of all you have to find the reliable websites, kena confident baru boleh buat deal. In the past i have used a few masa travel ke London,Paris,Geneva,Sydney,Perth and latest Melbourne. Untuk hotels i selalu guna Agoda atau while rental homes/vacation rental/apartments untuk Australia before this i guna tripadvisor which will lead to you to another website called Tripkeys. I pernah guna "Stayz' jugak in 2012 masa pergi Sydney,it was easy and realiable too, my first experience with Tripadvisor was my booking dekat Perth,it was wonderful and until today we jadi kawan dengan owner rumah yang kita duduk tu:) Last year masa nak ke Paris and Geneva i discovered "Airbnb" - it is a platform created to allow owners to advertise their property online, sebab tak ada agent jadi harga lebih murah and competitive- Airbnb hanya ambik a minimal fees- selebihnya kita liase directly with the owner.

How to book rental homes through Airbnb- first go to the website by googling Airbnb- -lepas tu you boleh access dengan register atau guna account facebook, key in city/town yang you nak visit, after dah    come to country- let say "Melbourne" then you tengok kat sebelah kiri websites ada banyak section, boleh pilih nak apartment atau house, berapa bilik,kat town atau outskirt, lepas tu nak harga dalam RM atau AUD etc etc, lepas you dah tick all the particulars- boleh tengok thousands of rentals, like myself i akan sedia kan note book and take down at least top 10 pilihan utama (yang reviews given by previous penyewa adalah baik)- macam rumah yang boleh sewa the whole house/apartment and not the room only, cukup utk 4 orang, ada stove, wifi,washing/dryer,iron,kitchen utensils,tv etc etc. Then kita boleh contact owner by sending mesaage through Airbnb- selalu nya i akan tanya- house available? how much total price? how far from city? how far from airport and how much will it cost to take a cab? children friendly? and anything that you want to ask.After we sent the message owner will reply and if you access through fb they will send notification through you phone- bila owner dah jawab,kalau available and kita suka boleh proceed bayar deposit dengan isi online form- isi our details,including credit card details, bila dah key in credit card ,our credit card will send notification to us and payment will be confirmed- print out all details including messages, payment details,receipt etc and simpan dalam file.One week before traveling the balance will be automaticly deducted from your account and this includes bond/security fee( if applicable) - this bond will be credited back to your credit card 24 hours after check out and confirm by the owner tak ada apa yang rosak. Hopefully this information will help you to book your dream vacation rental home as a good holiday starts with a good place to stay!

Okay,cerita today:

The first day sampai hari dah malam- the next day was Sunday- so we siap2 pergi the famous Queen Victoria Market- Sunday is the best place to visit market.

Ini jalan nak keluar dari kawasan apartment,selalunya kita ikut jalan belakang,sebab depan adalah pantai.Ada security gate and the owner bagi kita kunci utk keluar dan masuk.

Nak ke tram station/town adalah dekat saja dalam 10 mins perjalanan- kawasan ni neighbourhood dia sangat baik2 setiap orang yang jumpa kita kalau dia local dia kan tegur kita termasuk lah budak2 muda.No wonder Zulfadly misses Australia very much- people here is nice,service bagus- a good place utk duduk dan retire kalau ada duit- apa pun I still want to retire in Malaysia- i will miss my Kuala Pilah;);)

Kawasan yang di lalui nak ke town St Kilda- 

Tia really seronok the first day nak menjelajah St Kilda/Melbourne.

Travel is one form of education for the children- so much that they can learn if you take your time to explain.

Dont rush to go as many place as you can bila travel- don't pack your schedules with too many itenaries- let them enjoy the surrounding- to the children semua pun menarik- banyak yang dia boleh belajar- the culture, the nature,environment,facilties, building structures,shops semuanya lain dari tempat kita- explain to them and they will understand kenapa pokok tak sama, kenapa bentuk rumah lain, apa nama malls and brands di situ etc.

About St Kilda pulak- it is a very nice place- well connected by tram to the city etc- masa dulu masa Tia Mia kecik selalunya bila sampai ajer we rent a car- now masa duduk town kita guna local transport first- sebab murah dan nak ke farm house baru kita rent car,jimat sikit.

Yellow Taxi banyak di mana-mana.

Luna Park is just at the back of our apartment.

Mediteranean feeling of St Kilda.

Waiting for papa to buy tram card and local phone card dekat 711.

Tram system sangat senang di sini- beli the card and boleh pergi mana saja. 

The girls enjoying their tram ride:)

Dah sampai kat Queen Victoria Market- the food court.

Macam2 lah jual kat sini.

Fresh fruits with reasonable price.

Macam2 jenis Orchids.

Rare and beautiful.

Sunday ada performance kat sini.

Penyanyi yang baru nak naik macam ni dah ada buat album akan buat performance.

Tapi suara sedap and really professional.

Dua orang ni minat kat penyanyi perempuan dua orang tu tak berkelip mata duduk depan sekali.

Sambil makan strawberry murah dan fresh:)

You can find anything in the market.

Abundant of olives.

Yummy bread.

And of course Chocolate- i suka chocolate yang kat kedai ni ..sedap...

We bought and tried a few.

Dah makan kat halal food shop kita pun sedia nak keluar.

We stopped infront of the national library to let the girls run around the park.

And they had a good time.

Balik dari melbourne town tram berhenti depan Luna Park and ada sunday market kat sini jugak.

We jalan2 tengok.

macam2 lah ada jual.

Before heading back home we singgah kat the beach.

Two happy girls.

We stopped kat Nandos for chocolate Mousse, Lemonade and chips and finally singgah Woolworths utk beli groceries.Semuanya jalan kaki sahaja around St Kilda town.

Dinner - i masak Barramundi and Spaghetti.

This is very useful kalau kat sini- picit ajer dan masak;)

Dinner was Grilled Barramundi with sauteed Veges.

Seafood Spaghetti.

We had a good dinner:) 

That's all for this time- nanti cerita lagi, got to go now- tomorrow will be busy,we will pick the the car and drive to "Tulips Festival"- Bye All.



Nastyna said...

Wow so nice. I really enjoyed the pictures as if I was there too with u guys ;) Have a good time there, I believe u all do ;)

Salmi said...

salaam azu, alhamdulillah dah kat melboourne, love their flea market, surely bnyak brg2 kraf dan handmade. selamat bercuti with family :-))

fai said...

oh gosh, dont even notice my question need that very long answer.btw, tq so so so much for sbb willing to answer my question. mesti penat menaip, sorry :) betul2 appreciate the kindness.

herlyna said...

Tulip? Can't wait ur tulip bebyk yea ...

shafa said...

Kak Zu,

may I know which apartment did u stay? sbb my small family of 5 nih pun nk gi Melbourne on this 22nd December..n mmg nak gi duk tpt yg sama kak zue duk sbb the view tuh...cantikkkk sgt...

Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading your blog kak.
please keep on writing..
suka tengok tia n mia juga.

naja said...

Salam Kak Zu..first time comment in your to read your blog n the stories..

Happy holiday...

hana said...

At VM, ada booth jual souveniers. That man tag - beli2, murah2, bagus2. claimed wife dia from Penang.but brg2 dia mmg murah compare to other stalls. Enjoy yr holiday. Kak Hana

cacah said...

Bestnya! :)
Have a great time kak zu and family! :)

SM@A said...

Salam sis ...

Tesselaar Tulip Festival ... best tu !!! ;)

Ricotta Cheese Pizza kt QV tu mmg TDF ...

miss shuwa said...

wow kak.. nice place to visit.. complete info utk tarik kita p sana.. suka baca blog akk...

Rozz Hazidi said...

Salam mamatiamia..

Wah! Bestnyeee...dapat pergi festival tulip, akak tak sempat...pergi hari tu belum spring lagi.

Seronok kat Victoria Market kan, akak pergi dua kali tak jemu...ada jer barang bole dilihat dan beli.

Tak sabar nak tgk gambar u dan keluarga kat festival gambar banyak2 ye..

Unknown said...

Nicee.. 2 thumbs up.
Melbourne memang best!

Unknown said...

Nicee.. 2 thumbs up.
Melbourne memang best!

Ila said...

hi again... Wow .. Bestnye holiday... Happy holiday... But just asking about the utensil in the apartment... Did you bring your own or samak... Just wondering... Tq for sharing

Ila said...

hi again... Wow .. Bestnye holiday... Happy holiday... But just asking about the utensil in the apartment... Did you bring your own or samak... Just wondering... Tq for sharing