Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Day at School,Mama's Bff,Golf and First Cake for 2014!

Basket of stories to tell- but we cut it short tonight- tomorrow we have to wake up early- 3rd day of school! Hmmm how i wish it's still Saturday- he he;) It's the mama's wish and not the girls as both seem happy going to school- many excitement is waiting for them- Alhamdulillah no complaint so far,they like the teachers,Ustaz even the school bus:) Tak habis lagi cerita sekolah- first time hantar anak pergi sekolah kan:)

Hari tu the mama and papa were quite ambitious we asked the school to put the two in a different class so that they can be independent - but after 2 days of observation,it was not a good decision- they are wonderful as they never complaint and tried to adjust (walaupun they never been separated before)- but i can see the sadness in their eyes- during the tea break  Mia will sit at her table with her class's friends  dreaming- looking at Tia having a good time with her new friends- she said " That's Tia and her friends" it broke my heart- i immediately went to admin office and asked them to be put together-the school was supportive-biarlah apa pun orang cakap- my girls i know them- I just want them to be happy- this is one of the best time in their life- let them enjoy it- it's not about getting as many As as possible or the top in the class- i just want them to have a good foundation- grow big with happy heart- understand the need of knowledge- goal and ambition should be theirs and not ours- we parents will give them the full support and non stop doas- the rest we leave it to Allah Swt- may you be protected,may you be blessed;)

Second day at school- keeping books in the locker.

They need to learn how to use the key and padlock

They keep all books in the locker- whenever they need it they can take it from there- but the Principal has warned during the orientation day- dont keep your fried chicken there for weeks! It happened in the past:)

The school provides lunch for standard 1 up to Standard 3.They give parent meal plan for the whole month.

That's Tia having a good time with her new friends.

and that's Mia- sesat beberapa kali jugak dia nak ke meja- i think asyik fikirkan kan her sister- kesian- dont worry starting from tomorrow you will be in the same class- do keep an eyes on each other okay- you are sisters')


Habis cerita sekolah:)

We and Uwan having lunch at Chef Zaidah's cafe.

Only us and uwan- Girls's day out:)

Malam minggu adalah malam terseronok- esok sabtu dan esok tu ahad ! yeahhhh- malam duduk di halaman bakar keledek di instant bbq set- bagus betul set ni- campak jer mancis on it- boleh terbakar up to 1.5 hrs- kuat pulak api dia apa pun boleh masak:)

Keledek sedap.

Saturday my kawan sejak darjah 1 datang rumah with her sister- dia tak cakap nak datang pun so masaklah apa ada:)

I cooked fried seabass.

Gulai seabass with petai:)

and sambal petai ikan bilis.

Anak dia dah darjah 3 tapi boleh ngam sangat with Tia Mia:)

So happy to see yr bff''s daughter jadi kawan anak you pulak- masa i darjah satu dia lah org pertama tarik tangan pergi kantin;)

Ahad papa took the girls to driving range.

"Harimau Kayu mengajar anak2 daranya"

Mia's performance was unexpected- kalau kat rumah lembik kuat merajuk but she can hit 200 balls easily and wanting more balls after that!

Si Tia cakap dan membebel lebih- hit satu ball buat ulasan dulu;)

The mama duduk order Pan mer sedap pedas meletup:)

After that we went dais to buy apron and craft bag for the girls's Art&Craft class.

This morning after breakfast we took Uwan to the nearby park.

Lunch i cooked simple ayam goring kunyit with oyster sauce and corn starch- the girls's favourite.

Petanh we had mee goreng kering.

And i baked for the first time in 2014!

Special Sexy Moist Chocolate Cake with Dark chocolate sauce.

Dark and dangerous:)

Dangerous to the tummy:)

We had a good day- it was a tiring week but we survive- may tomorrow be a good day for all of us:)



Linda said...

Bestnyaa nampak sekolah dorang...private school yek?

shafa ismail said...

hi kak zue... same goes to me.. bila pihak sekolah tanya,nak satu kelas atau kelas lain-lain? straight forward i said.. they will be in the same class.. nasib pihak sekolah memahami... n now dua2 di kelas yg sama, n dua2 akan nangis bila sy nak tinggalkan depa... pagi2 dh buat kecoh dalam kelas plak... hehe....

ida said...

haii Azu..lama tak dapat comment here...tapi never miss your story, nanti rindu kat Uwan and the girls.
How la my twin nanti dah masuk sekolah , surely tak boleh pisah jugak kan ....salam sayang to Uwan and the kids yer...

Unknown said...

kak, always waiting for your new entry

Unknown said...

u hantar sri KDU international school yer? u tinggal KD kan…i need to register my son this year for school..utk standard 1 … tgh pening nk cari school…how much is the fees ? tgh survey….& how about islamic subject isn't ok in private school...

Wordsmith said...

Dear Mamatiamia, this is my first comment in your blog:) I am quite a longtime reader. Wondering if you bleh share recipe untuk ayam goreng with oyster sauce, your twins' fave? TQ !

Zuraimah Ismail said...

Happy schooling twins!!!!
Elokla x pisahkan tu kak zu, biarkan diorang bersama selama yang boleh..:) nanti masing2 dah besar, dah anak dara, dah kawin...mana dapat moment mcm tu lagi kan... :)

Jangan lupa share recipe choc cake tu...kita nak buat 2nd cake pula...:)