Friday, February 21, 2014

Impiana@Dapur Magazine in my petite kitchen.


Last month when the Laman team came for garden shooting at my house they asked whether they can recommend my kitchen to the Dapur team- was a bit malu to agree because there's nothing much in my small kitchen;):)

Today the nice team came: a journalist,graphic designer and Mr Photographer- Thanks to Suhaida and team- they did a good job- they showed me the pictures that they took and i like it:);) Unlike garden/laman shooting kitchen's session took  a bit longer-about 2 hours.They told me that it will come out in April- May issue. 

Sharing my non professional shots- not brought to you by Canon but by iPhone.

Dapur team from Impiana in the house. 

Mr Photographer- i like his shots.

Arranging things to get good pictures.

The Graphic designer at work.

My fresh roses.

The country cuppies.

My stove . Glad that i managed to put and hang all the junks i bought from travelling here:)

They asked for fruits or veges as accessories- so i happened i ran out of fruits today:( lucky i have tomatoes in fridge- tomatoes on port meirion chopping board.

They took some pictures from my wet kitchen too.

Stevie and Felly (the cats) place to lepak- they were asked to go jalan2 during the shooting:)

Finally done!

Have a great weekend peeps! no rest for us tomorrow- got to be at UIA stadium gombak for Tia Mia's Sport Day! i am stress as we ve got to be there latest by 7.30 am! 

p.s Will try to answer questions from previous post soon okay:)


Nastyna said...

ur kitchen and u deserve it, to be in magazine. Memang cantik and mesra tau ur kitchen ni. Saya memang suka skodeng dapur akak hehe.

Tiha Azmi said...

Indeed kak ,your dapur is so nice ...simple decorations yet sedap mata memandang ....tak sabar nak beli magazine tu nanti :)

imm said...

sedap mate memandang betul dapur akak ni..roses tepi dinding tu mnarik perhatian betul..akak gune baja ape ye?

Hero said...

Seriusly gorgeous...and the portmerion tu sangatla cantik..itu pomona ke sis?bila la nak ada dapur macamni jugak.tengok pun dah rasa bahagia.

rostina76 said...

wow dah msk magazine. congrats sis!!!

Salmi said...

Love the tablecloth :-)

Ila said...

Kena beli majalah dapur April ni nampaknya :-))