Friday, June 6, 2014

Casa Del Rio.

I arrived at KLIA from Colombo at 7.00 p.m- my phone was ringing " Mama where are you? Tia is crying, she misses you very much" Alaaa kesiannya my anak2- after i picked up the luggage i rushed to the arrival hall and saw them:) So syukur:):) actually when the flight selamat mendarat  i was like in tears already- Alhamdulillah so much perjalanan selamat pergi dan balik;):)

We went straight into  the car and drove to Pullman Putrajaya for a one night stay,they already checked in before i arrived. Nothing much at Pullman Putrajaya the Hotel Complex was huge but somehow the i dont understand  their  architecture- bali? malay? anyway we stayed for one night only-the Kingsize room that faced the clock tower is RM280 per night without breakfast and tax.

The next day after a good breakfast at the cafe by the lake in Putrajaya we drove to Malacca- the girls never been to Malacca before;)

We checked into Casa Del Rio Hotel at Jalan Laksamana, it's a 5 mins walk to Jonker Street and right by the Malacca River Boat Cruise. Casa del Rio is 5 star hotel rated 9.5/10 by Trip Advisor.The room is pricey, sama rate macam Shangri La di Sydney;):)-since tak bawak budak2 pergi mana jauh2,tak per apa lah, i booked a double room facing the River Boat Cruise for 2 nights- so lets check out whether it's worth the price.

We arrived and greeted well by the staff, they ushered us to a nice sitting area by the pool and fountain.

They served us cold towel dipped in mint and jasmine and bowls of lemon sherbet with ginger- it was really refreshing:)

The staff took us to the room- it was georgoues-the Hotel's decor is Spanish influenced- i love it very much.

The girls loved it too and busy checking the bath tub:)

I suka table lamp dia- semua sama di hotel ni- very nice handpainted base.

It was a hot day and the two can't wait to jump into the bathtub.

We had lovely balcony facing the River Boat Cruise.

end of May until early June they ada International Dragon Boat Festival- so it was very lively along the river.

Ample space to sit,relax and drink coffee at the hotel.

Since it was aweek days tak lah ramai orang- that gave us time to wander freely around the hotel.

The exterior of the hotel.

The Cafe by the River.

Lepas semua orang dah puas mandi etc we pun jalan2 dekat2 area hotel.

bagi dua orang ni experience naik beca- 

Beca ni selengkok ajer dia hantar and it costed us RM25- kalau yang jauh sikit tu RM40 

After penat jalan we went for a tea at Jonker street and found one good Rain Forest Cafe that sells nice garlic bread and cappuccino.

Then jalan2 lagi melihat keunikan kedai2 di Jonker Street;)

Evening we took the girls to the Roof Top Pool.

Nyaman betul air yang suam2 kuku dan boleh tengok skyline Malacca- food by the pool pun sedap dan very reasonable price.

We Maghrib kat bilik before going for dinner- kat sini ada surau lelaki dan perempuan.

Nice balcony by the river.

I left my telekung di Colombo- mintak telekung they hantar yang siap bergosok.

We went for steamboat by the river.

Steamboat is priced RM40 per person- serving for 2 really banyak hingga tak habis.

And sedap too.

It was a good dinner by the river- lepas jalan2 we balik hotel.

And singgah tengok orang nyanyi live di hotel.

Dua orang ni tercengang tengok Filipino lady ni nyanyi:) But very sweet of her- i suruh nyanyi lagu "Frozen" for the girls and she tak pernah nyanyi pun but she complied- lepas tu asyik cakap ' sorry baby i never sing this song before i ll improve tomorrow night- i ll wear wig for you"- Told the girls- see how susah people carik duit tinggalkan tanah air- she is quite old already and might not really enjoy apa yang dia buat- so kena mencari ilmu demi masa depan- dua orang ni menganguk- angguk jer entah faham ke tak tak lah tahu;):)

We dapat special treatment- chips on the house and personal magic show by the musician;)

It was a good first night- jom balik tidur dulu, esok we sambung lagi.

p.s yang tanya macam mana nak buat goreng petai tu- i just tumbuk bawang putih merah dan cili padi- petai tak payah kopek- just potong sebijik- tumis bahan tumbuk hingga wangi,goreng ikan bilis asing kan, masukkan petai hingga masak dan last sekali masukkan ikan bilis garing.



SHA said...

alhamdullillah semoga Uwan sentiasa dirahmati olehNya

SHA said...

alhamdullillah semoga Uwan sentiasa dirahmati olehNya

admin said...

Petai...ha3..part ni best ..sjak tgok akk asyik mkn petai..brselera tul..sya pun mencari lh petai kt psr mlm semata2 nk mkn.mcm sedap je....da mcm pun..thumb up..mmg cdap cyg oit..he

Tom said...

Thanks for the post! Do check out our coverage of Casa Del Rio Melaka as well!

Happy Travels Everyone!