Sunday, November 9, 2014

Short Holiday.


We just got back from a short holiday in Lumut- The papa ada Management Retreat at Best Western Marina Island Pangkor/Lumut for 3 days 2 nights- we pun ikut:)Tak sempat lagi nak balas pertanyaan dalam the previous entry.

So how's Lumut? We ve been to Lumut before this but we stayed at Damai Laut Resort- this is the time we stayed at this Best Western- since it's all free- we just jumped in the car and drove to Lumut.

Papa and the luggage provided by his company for the trip.

But the girls put these in the luggage :)

After a few stops along the way to Lumut- we finally arrived.The hotel apartment is spacious- nampaknya baru kena refurbish- masih baru dan berkilat-kilat.

Kalau family besar memang okay- but this room has no extra bed- macam kita orang 2 adults and 2 small kids okay lah boleh jump in the king size bed- kalau ramai kena bawak sleeping bags:)

Bathroom is okay too- clean and has all the amenities.

The King size bed that can accommodate 4 of us.

The room has nice view.

This resort is located on a man made island.

There's a big gate to the ocean and the water level is control by the gate- when the gate is open the water from the ocean will come to this cove. The place is secluded and quiet- which is okay for us.

Evening before dinner.

After dinner- happy:)

The bekalan in our room- papa every night starts discussion at 8.30 till 11.30 pm we kena duduk bilik saja.


Nice morning view from the balcony.

Breakfast at the cafe near the water.

After lunch we went to the Marina Jetty across the Resort.Kalau naik free ke Pangkor from here hanya 10 mins.

Papa left us money to buy food but we went and bought few items from the souvenir shops:)

We had to rush back sebab setiap petang musim hujan di Perak.

We went back, took bath, ate our laksa and rest at the balcony - the papa came back for break and took the girls down to the beach- i just watched from the balcony.

The view was really awesome in the evening. The girls sempat collect shells walaupun turun sekejap.

These are among the gorgoeus shells that they had collected.

Today's breakfast at the Cafe.

We strolled along the beach looking for more shells.

It was a beautiful day- the sun was up and the water was clear.

Simple beauty.

Mersmerizing view.

Good time together.

Clear water with beautiful shells under it.

Passionate shell collecters.

Warm water under the sun.

Good place to relax.

Pool was the final destination.

Hasil kutipan.


Sneakers at the lobby.

Thank You for bringing us papa.

We had a good time here.

The blog owner is really tired- nite nite all;)



Chekgu Azrine said...

Jgk bru blk dr kuantan..fenattt..weekend holiday memang penat kan sis?

Nastyna said...

Nite nite and have a good rest kak... I enjoy ur pictures as always.. suka tengok the twins :)

mamabeauty said...

short gateaway memang memenatkan esp ada kids.. but yet still we have a quality time together.. Alhamdulillah rest n recharge..

Cik Da said...

bestnya lma x g holiday sekarang ni bz ermmm kene tunggu school holiday...

Faza said...

woww..cantik2nya shell kat sana! perfect je bentuk dia.

FadMN said...

Boleh la try p lumut plak.tak pernah p lagi.bice view after all.

fazianbatrisyia said...

seronok. cantik2 pemandangan...relax

Unknown said...


Rozz Hazidi said...

Salam mamatiamia,

Lama tak gebang2 kat pangkin Zu nie..

Wow....nice pics & nice view. Holidays mmg best tapi bila balik kena tanggunglah penat lelah. Recharge & rest banyak2.