Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hello Labi Labi Kura Kura!


Aiyaa my Unifi at home was like Labi Labi Kura Kura these few days:( I lost my mood due to that- tonight is a bit okay and i managed to post these few pictures.

And to Eda- Terima kasih:);) Appreciate your concern:) 

These few weeks extra busy at office- i really pity the girls- they are restless at home- i managed to take them for movie and jalan2 at the malls few times- that's all..we can't go cuti betul2- the papa couldn't take leave until the last week of December,papa will have official visit at a nice place and we can follow....we have to be patient girls. Out of guilt i masak lah macam2 at home- membaking jugak sebab dah lama tak bake;)

The old time favourite Marble Cake zaman dulu- belang secara natural bukan perfect lines seperti yg popular sekarang;)

One of the best menu of the week- One lauk sometimes is the most awesome- Grilled mackerel with cili  kicap berlimau;)

The last Saturday me and the girls watched the sad Japanese Youtube video about the dog named Mari- menangis guling2 kita orang- the next day early in the morning we watched The Horse Whisperer- sedih berguling jugak hingga tak bangun2 dari katil buat breakfast…kih kih when i went down i saw  the papa already bought us breakfast quietly- Thanks Popit;)

Our morning breakfast with the loved ones;)

Pregnant Elsa is also part of our family;)

Sunday took the girls to see somebody special- they didnt see each other for more than a year- while waiting for the special someone to come we ordered lunch at the Club. 

Eager to meet the special lady.

This is the special lady- Teacher Claire William! They hugged and cried- they missed each other so much- i had tears in my eyes too- Claire is a very special lady- early childhood education was wonderful for both- she taught the girls all the good values- most important they love each other:)

Us- we will keep in touch- hugs and kisses;)

To those commenting about my age- ye laaa kita mana muda remaja lagi- rahsia awet muda- dont risau too much about petty thing like age;) Give your love, honesty and sincerity- submit to Allah and doa a lot- You can't have all but you can choose a few good things and be happy- You can't control people- sometimes they will be mean to you, they will try their best to hurt you- you cant stop them..but Allah can- We doa to the No 1- that's my secret- i am not perfect but i am learning everyday!

That's all for tonight! Shall continue when Labi Labi and Kura Kura turn into horse and bunny again!

p.s - DZ cerita plate tu bukan Lat- maybe Lat ada jugak kot but i read from one English book:):)


mamabeauty said...

always love your entry..

love and a lots of love

Unknown said...

Hello Kak I always read your postings,especially the ones of your mum,it is really beautiful to see the love and care you give her.God bless you n family.

eda said...

alhamdulillahh !!! hehe ...
terlebih concern kah eda neh hehehe ..

yaaa eda teka miss claire jugak before reaching to the exact photo .. huwaaa ade jugak ujung2 air mata nak turun time baca ... i feel it!!!

yaaa , we are not perfect kan .. tu yg kita dok kat bumi neh utk learning b4 "balik kampung" .. there are no wrong n right yg perfect kan , so kalau dh salah kita kene baiki , walaupun byk mane sekalipun ..

my frens ade share one pic , in the pic say " if ur plan A is failed the u still have letter B-Z's plan to try on " :-)

walau susah , kita kene telan jugak kan ... sory pjg plak !!! hehee

Cik Da said...

salam sedapnya nasi lemak bungkus tu..yumee...

Faza said...

Hahaha..sedih sampai berguling-guling..dan tiba-tiba breakfast jadi sendiri.

Faza said...

Hahaha..sedih sampai berguling-guling..dan tiba-tiba breakfast jadi sendiri.

noya ahmad said...

mama tia...cantik2 la kasut your daughter. Beli kat ne ye?