Friday, June 5, 2015

Singapore@Universal Studio

It is our 7th day in Singapote today and the last day of conference too. On the second day here i.e Sunday we went to the USS- we bought our ticket online from SISTIC and you can collect it from shopping mall in Singapore.

Morning breakfast at the beautiful Intercontinental.

The breakfast is good here.

Pandai pulak makan healthy breakfast here:) 

Tijah and her waffle,whipped cream and maple syrup- hampir tiap hari dah boring tukar croissant pulak.

Today is USS day- their second visit to entertainment park after Disney Paris- ticket pulak boleh tahan mahalnya Singapore ni- infact semuanya mahal sebab exchange rate kita:(

We took a cab to the Mount Faber for the cable car experience

Nice view from the cable car

Heading to USS@Sentosa Island

bye bye mainland.

Us on the cable car

We took a shuttle from Imbiah Lookout to USS.

It was hot and sweaty at USS but the girls had abundance of energy.

First activity was face painting.

Tia to get her face painted.

While the other one tunggu giliran.

The result- SGD10

The other one got her hand painted- dia penggeli.

They enjoyed the show from this young men very much.

One picture for mama.

Cookie Monster.

Childhood hero.

Dekat USS ni ada section halal food kena jalan ke hujung sikit- we ordered chicken briyani.

While the girls ate fish fingers and chips.

We went for few rides including the 4D show and stopped for the delicious giant churros.

After that jalan beli souvenir sikit yg cukup mahal.

Panas sangat kat USS- jalan pun tak berapa larat-unlike Disney Paris yang sejuk sangat pulak:)tapi jalan jauh2 tak rasa apa. Apa pun we had a good time- these two always appreciate apa pun kalau berjalan.

Betty Boop and us.

Cute minah ni:)

Cotton Candy time.

satu share lah dua org nanti melampau sugar level.


Ada sale umbrella so we bought two- caps mahal sangat pulak.

And we bought ginger breadman for kak ikin's baby si yasmin:)

Balik budak tak tau penat terjun jacuzzi after that.

and we had dinner malaysian style here in singapore.

Hasil tangkapan- Princess Fiona- advanced birthday gift:):)



Jueliza Jamani said...

WOWW Bila lah nak sampai sana ni..
Sourvenir skit yang cukup mahal?? gurlpppp takut jer nak bawak anak2.. hahaha habis depa paw macam2 nanti.. hahahha

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