Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bits Of Random

Not so rajin but feel like updating:)
Some pictures that i managed to upload.
People has more important issues to discuss -i appreciate all those but i love my garden too.

The girls are now very much into gardening too:) They cant wait to tag along me to the nursery.

I love looking at the blooms- now i am into the pink and purple colour for items in the garden.

My two helpers:)

This flower attracts bees.

After sweating in your garden it is heaven to just sit under the fan at the verandah- and do nothing for hours except staring and dreaming:)

Pictures few weeks after raya- i went to pantai timur and bought some spices- i bought beras nasi dagang too- so we had nasi dagang one morning when i a bit rajin and cooked nasi dage ganu.

My acar is without cuka- because my husband has sensitive tummy- so i tukar dgn limau and gula saja.

A place to bersilat- penuh but  i like it:) one day when we have extra rezeki shall upgrade to something all white- cool and cozy:)

kawan datang nak makan after raya- cooked some simple dishes.

Tia can help with kitchen work already.

it was my birthday on 29/7- i came back from office with these two in the garden waiting for me with the handmade present:) love you both so much.

And the girsl from office chased me sampai rumah- i had meeting one whole day outside and didnt go back to office- they tricked me by saying something urgent cropped up and one of them need to see me:) Appreciate it very much. thanks girls.

They bought me this beautiful necklace from Bits of Random:)

We went to Revolving Restairant at Menara KL for dinner.

Met this lady at the open house- Congrats! Nak jadi isteri orang dah- akak is happy for you:)

These two in songket sarung:)

This week we went out and celebrated our birthday- i shared a birth date with that baker in white blouse;)

Good outing with negeri sembilan gang;)

Tq for pavlova Cik Ina!
Orait - that's it from Bits of Random from me:)


Jepun Mari said...

salam k.zu
tempat bersilat akk tu lebih kurang tempat bersilat sy jugak..
periuk kuali trgantung2,nak paki senang capai je

Chekgu Azrine said...

happy belataed birthday kak zue...u are so gorgeous...
semoga panjang umur murah rezeki ye

nurul asiken.apandi said...

salam k.zu..
baru berpeluang baca blog hari ni. anyway happy belated birthday buat k.zu, may Allah bless you dan diberi kesihatan yang baik utk terus bebakti kpd org2 tersayang. semoga murah rezeki dan sentiasa bahagia