Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get The Look You Love

It is not necessary to shave off your home's existing character to bring in your own style; its' a matter of enhancing and building on to what's there. In building a beautiful and cosy house you cannot be rigid or so much bound by the rules, if you think you love english country style it doesn't mean that you have to stick to all white or rosy things.You should know to what extend you can experience and play with mix and match. I used to love english country deco so much but now i found new love with French Provencal deco, i fall in love with provence bright fabrics,i feel that they are so much alive,with the two sweet girls around i think i must add more colours to the house. Having said that i won't forget my love for english country style at all, whereever i can i will blend Provence and English deco together. One of the most important rule in building a cosy and comfortable house is to connect the indoor room to the outdoor, if you do not have this element you should start looking at it now.To entertain,dine and recline,there's no place like home -its time to connect your garden or backyard to the indoor.Your outdoor makeover may feel like an Italian cucina, a countryside terrace, or a Zen garden but its main source of inspiration should be your home.I love to have a laid back feeling for all rooms, i dream to create a reading room with lots of good book,colours and a Chesterfield sofa as i feel Chesterfield brings classic feel to a reading room. I want my living room to be colourful and cosy with throw cushions and great sofa. I need a good storeroom to store up things so that i can have things organised and i need wonderful outdoor setting as i love outdoor dining very much. I must get the look i love:)

I dream to build a small reading room that can become a second living room,no tv,just books,comfy sofa and hot chocolate.

My new love is colourful and bright living with soft cushions and throw.

It will be so wonderful if i can have rabbits running around in the garden for the girls to chase after.

Chesterfield brings classic feel to any reading room, i dream to have this handsome and pricey sofa in my reading room.

A good store room is a must .. i will build from scartch using ikea diy racks.

the above picture creates an english and house by the ocean feel, i don't mind to have it for our new veranda.
I share same love with Friends- love of provence tablecloth and i found great website, a shop in Australia selling it i have talk to the owner yesterday.

I love the blue and yellow design very much if I am not mistaken this pattern is called Bastilde.

Provence design is very unique, they are very bright and if we look in detail they have a combination of malay, india and french element in it...the sad news is they are quite pricey.

I have 15 meters of the above type at home,thanks to our friend in Uk who shipped it to me, i will use for our dry kitchen as i have a white theme there.The above type is called lavender over beige.

Another bright and cheerful type from Provence design.

The above pasta will be tastier if serve on Provence tablecloth which placed at outdoor setting with rabbits and girls running around.

Who inspired me to love beautiful house? My emak of course, i will tell in the next entry how she decorated our kampung house when she was young and i was little, how i grew up with loving country roses around Arbor built by my late father.Now i am building my dream house and i am so glad that she is still around to see it.


nerry nerry strawbery said...

ha ha zu, tang rabbit tu aku dah buat mmg best tengok dia lari2 melenting2 tapi 3 ekor dah mati digigit anjing liar mlm2 tinggal janda dia sorang...suma cantik2 la kat atas tu nanti cerita psl uwan deco rmh yerrr...ingat bunga2 zaman mak aku dulu mcm orkid harimau, ros kg , bunga gantung..

MamaTiaMia said...

la sian nyer..macam mana pulak anjing liar masuk?bestkan tengok dia melenting2..hmm memang semua cantik ler..dream2..nanti aku citer

Gee Harun said...

Best!!.. ni yang tak jadi ikut laki den ni haaaa... rumah nak siap. Abih cam noo? hehe. Gee love white for our living.. but as u said english tak semestinya all white.. Setuju sangat ur idea utk study room tu.. this is what my dream too.. urrmmm. ;-)

Keep on throwing ur idea k.. Love it!

Re: Psl Umsiri tu, maybe letak rumah mother in law utk sampaikan April ni dia 2 yrs.. pastu dia balik la


Anonymous said...

wahhh... dah beso yer bdk kembo nier... hapi belated besday.. dah lamer tak masuk ... sibuk skit.. tp dah tak sibuk =)... akak leh buat part time home deco ni.. idea2 yg menarik

Unknown said...

Cik Zueeee...santik le yg sunflower tu!!!

Colby Burke said...

Cik Zueeee...santik le yg sunflower tu!!!