Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Women

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is mama's favourite movie, mama had watched the vcd again and again and everytime watching it mama can't help but to cry. The story is not the melancholic,teary type but it was so succesful in decscribing the little women lifes,their hopes,their dreams and struggles. Susan Sarandon,Winona Ryder,Christian Bale and the rest of the casting are so good,the story begin with 4 March girls- Meg,Jo,Beth and Amy- sitting in their living room,lamenting their poverty.The girls decide that they will each buy themselves a present in order to brighten their christmas.Soon,however they change their minds and decide that instead of buying present for themselves they will buy for their mother,Marmee.Marmee comes back with a letter from Mr March,the girls father,who is serving in the civil war.The letter inspires the girls to bear their burdens more cheerfully and not to complain about poverty. Mama really loves watching the girls growing up as little women, enjoying themselves without spending money,they read books to each other,they played theatre in their bedroom.Despite being poor they care about those less fortunate then them which caused Beth her health.They hug each other all the time,sit in the bed cuddling,tickling,laughing,they love each other and try to realize the other's dream. The story had a sad ending as Beth died in the end, mama was devastated and really hope it won't end that way , mama had always hope that winona ryder who played Jo and the strongest among the four girls accept Christian Bale (the neighbour and childhood friend)when he proposed, but life won't turn up to be as what you always want.Now that mama has mama's own little women,mama hopes you will love each other.Both must learn to care,stand and support each other.You can have different dream,hopes and ways of doing things but you must remember that you are so lucky to have each other.This love cannot be bought from shop and cannot be traded with money or things.Remember that darlings.

My own sweet little woman-Tia Khadeja

The other sweet little woman- Mia Ayesha

These two small girls fight,hug and kiss.

Sometimes or most of the time,they are drama queens:)wink.wink

Tia you must take care of Mia,your other half.

Mama will always love you both equally,fairly.
" Mama stop being so serious..take a break, have a raisin first.."

Despite being tired in the evening mama will try to take you to the park,mama wants you to enjoy life..see what other kids are doing.

Mia loves going to the nearest park to see people flying kites

Tia on the other hands always look forward to go the play area...

The playground can be dangerous sometimes as there are big kids who are really means and rough.

The main attraction at the park are colourful kites.

The park has lovely shade etc but pople just love to litter here in Malaysia.

The little women enjoying themselves.
Tia made funny sound "eook eookk""

"Mama i don't want to go down"

last nite we opened another two presents..they are from auntie mimie and niza, they found these sweet indoor slipper from auntie's mimie bag,it comes with a matching pyjamas,they love the sets.
The girls feel they are really cute in the pyjamas last nite:)..both dancing and made a catwalk infront of mama papa after that they sat down to do colouring and sticking stickers activities,auntie roza has given them lovely stickers's books and they got wonderful colouring books plus the crayon from mama's friends.
" mama i am cute la..."

me too mama...

The encyclopia books from auntie mimie

These how both little women look like at nite,they will insist for mama to sleep in the middle..mama always got crushed in between but it is a lovely feeling:)

a surprise from auntie niza,anis and ct kamisah..lets look inside
yey got many things inside this bag too..among others in this bag,the most loved one by the girls is this colourful diy star curtain.So last nite mama had to sit on the bed and finish the curtain for them.


Unknown said...

hehe...suke sbb bebudak suke we all punya gifts...
cute nyer tia mia pakai munge kt tepi tinggee..
klu nk main layang2, elok pi kt Metro Park, Kepong tuh...ramai bebudak main kt situ..warna-warni...byk kemudahan...can walk2, run2 & jog2 in the park...ada playground, can snap beautiful photo some more...

Ikin said...

Yup...Litte Women...movie yang best. Ikin ada novel dia.. by Louisa May Alcott. teringin nak tengok version yang lama...especally yang 1978 punya version.

Alallaa....cute and sweet nya gambar diorang pakai bunga tu....ala2 anak dara gitu. hehe

Pakai pyjamas tu cute sangat...adorable sangat...nyum...nyum...geram kat pipi diorang

Mesti perasan je kan diorang...ala2 drama queen...bergaya...tengok cermin pakai pyjamas and indoor slipper tuh... so comell

Dr Sofea J.Ann Tan said...

ooowww...such cute lil gurls...!!
comel jer tshirt drama queen..hahahhaah...!!!

so sweet to hv a flower for each of them... soooo sweet :)
i bet u must be wishing time can stay still and they remain lil cute girls !! stay cute lil twins ...alwiz :)

MamaTiaMia said...

yes sofea at this age they are so cute and adorable buttt they are also drama queen,queen control,mess maker etc..end of the day they are just your sweet lil girls:)