Sunday, June 14, 2009

We went Toy R us

On Sunday Mama&Papa took Tia and Mia to Toy R us,mama had free cash vouchers and we went there to redeem the vouchers.Tia decided on two cute tiger cubs and Mia agreed to it,they had fun in the Toy R us,running here and there and mama papa had a difficult time taking them out from there.They were really happy singing and jumping non stop, we had our lunch at Milano Pizza,lucky, both behaved quite well this time and mama ordered pepperoni beef pizza and Seafood Olio Spaghetti. After lunch we went back home,after leaving them with the new tiger cubs mama papa went to our new house,due to nak berjimat a bit ( and no more money..hehh..hehh) mama had decided to clean the house ourselves rather than calling the cleaner,the kitchen was covered with dust from the solid surface installation's works,it was really bad,the dust was all over kitchen hood,lighting,windows. Papa did the mopping while mama did the wiping of hood,hob,lighting,windows,table top etc,it was a hard work and we were really tired but mama feel so satisfied, we used to do everything ourselves before we have maid,the feel is good.We reached home at 4.30,it was raining heavily, at 5.30 pakcik,makcik, kak ikin and abang din came to our house to send the invitation cards for Tia Mia's Birthday,mama gave idea to kak nur for the card,kak nur designed it at her office and Kak ikin printed it for us.pakcik and kak ikin brought so much goodies: durian,kit kat,pajeri nenas and mama's favourite biskut azan,in returned mama cooked them special mee bandung muar,thanks to auntie mimie for the spices which she brought from muar.All of us went to bed early last nite,after maghrib all..zzzzzzz..zzzz..until this morning:)

The girls eating spaghetti at Pizza Milano

Enjoying their food,Pizza Milano sells the cheapest Pizza and spaghetti in town,the pizza is good and spagehtti is not bad,its nothing like The Itallianies but they are okay.

Yumm..yumm this spagehtti is quite hot but Mia is enjoying it.

hmmm.. i like spaghetti..lets use hands.

baru bangun tidur,still got puting tapi terus happy ada kat Toy R us.

Big Barney and Tia..mama not buying you that Tia you better find something smaller that match mama's vouchers:)

Okay... i am ok with this mama..

happy nyer tia...

Hmmmm Mia mama will not buy you this play house..the price tag can get mama one built in wardrobe.

The Tiger Cubs now belong to Tia and Mia

Thank You so much Kak ikin and kak Nur..we love the cards.


nerry nerry strawbery said...

wahh grand nye card invites budak nonit ni cam kad khawin kat palace of the golden horses. cakap ikin dan nur boleh buat business sampingan nihh....

MamaTiaMia said...

berry card itu sebenarnya teramat nonitnyer wait until ko dapat..hehh..hehh..budak 2 orang tu memang boleh buat business..rajin

4 Kay-E said...

Ooo.. Si kenit dpt toys ye... Bestnye - pulak tu Mama dpt voucher... Double Best..

Tia&Mia, cant wait to be TWO?

*Mahalnye playhouse tu...

Azu!! Nak mee bandung Muar gak!!!! :P

Karmila Haryati said...

Hai zuraidah, thanks fr visit my fp, and i wish HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to yr kids!!!!U can also view my untuk pinggan mangkuk cntik2 yg sukar didapati diluar, dan juga koleksi gelang2 swarosky.kristal ,pearl yg cantik dan bergaya.Happy viewing!!!