Monday, June 15, 2009

Knowledge Sharing :Going White to beat the Heat!

I ve read in the STAR newspaper today,Environment section about the heat problem, its says that "white paint might just be the solution to tackling climate change". The article says , the stifling heat might have gotten some of us thinking about how best to cool our homes without pushing up the electricity bill in this time of financial crunch. Dr Gary Theseira the botanist with FRIM says that we should simply reflect the light and heat back to the atmosphere.Concrete surfaces absorb heat,causing the heat island effect. If roofs and buildings are painted white,they will reflect the heat instead.He says conventional tiles absorb heat as almost all are made from material that do not reflect heat and head absorption is intensified manifold with the dark coloured tiles preferred by most malaysians. Yes,i totally agree with his statement,most malaysian preferred dark colours due to 'easy to maintain" reason, it is good that he can give solution by suggesting to paint the building or roof white as to buy material that can reflect heat is expensive. For example the price for a piece of concrete tile(do not reflect heat) and clay tile (much cooler and reflect heat) for roof is double, i have checked this with my contractor when i engaged him to build porch and deck for my new house a few weeks ago, as i do not have big budget at the moment i have opted to paint the internal part of the concrete tiles in white.With the new finding,whenever i have budget in the future i might consider to paint the external roof tiles in white. Dr Hashem Akbari from University of California says that " In the middle East and Mediterranean,for thousands of years,buildings have been traditionally white-washed to keep them cool in the summer". While costs (without incentives from governement) is prohibitive,there are malaysians who have embraced the idea at their own expense. A guy from TTDI decided to coat his roof using UV-reistent called Tileflex, he said " replacing the whole roof would have cost me in excess of RM25,000 not to mention the mess i would have to endure", he ended up paying RM6,500 using Tileflex and got a new coating for the roof in three days. So if you are eco conscious lets just restore our house by painting them white instead of replacing them:)

STAR today.

white paint as solution.

Whatelse is white today..yey we got nice white&red skirts and t shirts from mama's big boss who just got back from London.

yes girl you are drama queen..pandai merajuk and make up stories..but still sweet and cute:)

Mama got white cashmere perfume from the boss..thank you,thank you.


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Anonymous said...

cantiknya tshirt ngan skirt tu azuu...
tia mia pakai sure cun habih niii.. ;-)

4 Kay-E said...

Go white go!
Sweet je baju for Tia&Mia.. Mama pun dpt perfume.. best :)

nerry nerry strawbery said...

nak satu rolex, 2 chopard, 3 patek philipe putih untuk rasa sejuk seluruh badan.. he he

chocoholic said...

maksu, vry useful knowledge. tq tq. share la lagi. hih. sharing is caring.

cantik baju budak2 tu...sesuaiiii....drama queen...hehe..

MamaTiaMia said...

neri ko memang materialistik penat aku ngajor ko nampak rolex,chopard jer..agaknya wujing tu tahu aku ada kawan yang banyak duit ni ha:)

annhuzi said...

so white is coool. an added bonus to use white :) ya la mama tia mia u are caring and loves to share. feeding our children is a challenge and you have great ideas which we can follow, i like the eating outdoor concept but we live in pigeon holes, no verandah :(

MamaTiaMia said...

ann,come get your land in m'sia quick,you can build long,cosy verandah with bird chirping and squirrel singing!