Monday, August 31, 2009

1.HaPPy BiRThDaY PapA 2. gArDEn CleAniNG 3. BuKak PoSA aT AlaM dAMai

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! WE LOVE YOU,WE LOVE YOU..Alhamdulillah may Allah sbt bless us always.Papa is a Merdeka Boy,we celebrated papa's birthday last nite, we didn't go out anywhere, we just stayed at home clean our garden and all of us had so much fun. Mama cooked few of papa's favourite yesterday : Dalca Daging, Sambal Ikan,Pengat Bola Pulut with Pisang and Honeydew Milk Shake.Both of you were really excited,after a tiring day cleaning our garden and a long nap in the afternoon,mama put you both in new pyjama and all us sang birthday song to papa "EBy to you papa,Eby to you papa..." that's your versian of happy Birthday.The long weekend seems so short to us, too many activities and we had wonderful time bukak posa at maklang house too on Sunday.Enjoy the pictures.

Mama bought a small blackforest cake for papa,just nice and enough for 5 of us as uwan is still at maklang house.

Light up the candles..4 candles represent four of us:)

Both are really excited, more excited than the Birthday Boy himself:)

Yey..Papa make a wish..Alhamdulillah..we sayang you papa,we hug2 and kiss you..

Mama so happy managed to cook a few of papa's favourite.

Makan time..Tia Mia is having their cake,avocado and chicken wings..yumm..yummm

Special dalca daging with potato,terung,kacang panjang,carrot..memang sedap,boleh makan dan hirup macam tu jer..haa..haaa...eksen la mama.

Ikan sambal yang nyum..nyum..

Pengat pulut ball with pisang and tepung mata ikan..papa,the girls and uwan memang suka ni.

Monday morning..both kerja keras..wash,wash,wipe,wipe girls..

Papa fixing the new bench.We have bought new garden furniture,our garden dah tak kena bela quite sometimes,dulu mama use to take care baik2,we always have orchid and roses bloom,lately since busy with the new house..our garden terbiar.So mama decided to clean it give new look,everbody kerja keras on Monday.

Papa keep our mesin rumput at the new house..but that didn't stop mama from cutting the grass,mama cut with scissor and girls help out with sapu,sapu..hmm ye la ,helping and messing at the same time.

Adoiii..penat nyerrrr..sian both memang penat,berpeluh, mama prepared a cold strawberry milk for both...sedapnya relax kat bench baru...see Mia siap masuk tangan dalam tumbler nak korek the ice cube..

Haaaa..tu lah padahnya..habis air tumpah kat atas Mia..but since booth in a joyous mood..they just laugh and laugh.

yey papa dah fixed new bench and we makan2 first dah penat ni...

Peanut butter cookies ...makan peanut butter jer dua orang ni..biskut tu tinggal.

Sunday evening kat Alam Damai,nak bukak posa rumah maklang..the girls checking out reban ayam maklang..egg,eggg where are you.

Papa relaxing at maklang garden at the Eve of his Birthday.

Fun time with daisy the nomok kucing...

See daisy tambah nomok...

Food on the table..lauk semua maklang masak,daging salai,sambal telur,sup tulang with macaroni..kueh pot luck dari us,pakcik,maklong and kak nor

Homemade pegedel maklong buat..memang sedap ni.

Mama pulak suka sambal2 and the ulams la..

Tia having fun outdoor

happy dapat snake dari kak ayan..terus bawak balik.."Ni Tia punye Syenake"

Uwan and her two daughters in law..maklong, wife arwah paklong (emak kak nor) and makcik wife pakcik (emak kak ikin)..wah uwan yang paling slim la.

Both memang tak reti duduk diam..tapi so far so good kalau mama marah mesti berhenti buat sesuatu..

Hmmm panjat here and there..After dah makan mandi,we balik with perut kenyang..thank you for the wonderful food maklang,and sayang kak ayan for layan2 us:)


Idida Aziz said...

hepi blated bday kat papa tia mia...
moga bahagia selalu sama mama ngan tia mia kay...mmg terserlah kebahagiaan kat muka tuh...hehehe

nak nengok gambo2 kat rumah kak ton lg....suka bangat la ngan garden dia..

Unknown said...

Hapy belated besday to enjoy la besday party paksu..hehe..kek yg sedap..lauk2 yg menyelerakan & diapit 3gadis cantik yg sygkan paksu..semoga paksu pjg umur&murah rezeki..

wah..tia mia enjoy la mengemas rumah..anak dara yg rajin..

maklang masak semua sedap..blk perot buncit..hehe..thax maklang..

Drama Mama said...

happy belated birthday to ur hubby..amboi seronoknya anak dara ni main2 ya. u got nice house and garden, bestla enjoy duduk outdoor sambil minum petang ya hehe

adex-aieda said...

sedapnyer tgk pengat tuh....
seronok gak tgk tia mia tuh..
enjoy sungguh....
lau mkn biskut cam athirah & athiqah,...
suka jilat yg manis...biskutnyer baling entah mana...huhuhuh

MamaTiaMia said...

kak nur, mestilah kita rajin,cam mama kita ..hehh..hehh..nanti kita makan2 lagi ok

Anonymous said...

tk ingat cmana boleh jumpa blog ni.. sgt enjoy and happy to read your blog esp when it's about the clever adorable twins!! harap keluarga mamatiamia sejahtera selalu.. selamanya.. selamat berkenalan! :)

Gee Harun said...

Happy Birthday to Papa si twins tomey ye.. Ingat kan 40s juga.. rupanya 4 of us... ;-) Semoga di murahkan rezeki & happy always ya Kak Zue..

MamaTiaMia said...

hi gee..thanks,tak dapat tinggal comment kat fp la,so saya jawab kat sini..happy nya tengok gee sekeluarga dah dapat buat lucky the kids..alhamdulillah.

Unknown said...

eh..ehh...rajin nyerrrr tia mia tolong mama papa dia buat garden cleaning...pastu mama upah makan yg best2...

maklongggg..nk pegedel sket!! hehe...

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