Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mama and food,Tia Mia & the things that they can do.

One of the idaman today..

picture courtesy of Knizam Artwerk

Since Monday mama had been visiting pasar Ramadhan to buy food for break fast.This year the pasar ramadhan at our place is not so impressive,some of the sellers are 'bidan terjun' and from the look itself you know that the food is not nice.But for the past few days mama had no choice but to buy from there, so mama had to 'tawaf' like 5 or 6 times before deciding and bila bukak puasa tak der kepuasan.Apart from that going to pasar ramadhan needs kesabaran yang tinggi too,with the high traffic mama had to park the car quite far,upon reaching the pasar mama will face all kinds of kerenah,like yesterday bila sampai kat gerai murtabak tu,budak tukang jerit "murtabak paling sedap dalam dunia" tu tanya mama .."akak nak berapa?16?"..tahan sabar jer la..ada yang bagi komen gatal la..puji tak tentu arah just to make us beli their barang,yang really kedekut dengan kuah lah,beli gulai telur itik 4 bijik pun bagi kuah 2 sudu..so sabarrr..puasa ni biarlah dia orang menghiburkan hati,penat kerja dari pagi agaknya.Today since morning mama dah decide nak masak,so today mama gonna cook :

lemak fucuk with labu air
siakap sweet sour mama's style ( mama tak suka yang kat kedai seafood tu yang too sweet,too much flavour sampai hilang rasa ikan sebenar,so mama punya just the fresh siakap deep fried with mama punya simple sauce)
udang harimau goreng kunyit
sardin goreng kering cilipadi (ini yang paling best rasanya,,nyum nyum kena kuah lemak)
sambal gesek.

Kueh pulak mama dah beli lemang dan rendang dari One Utama tadi,sedap rendang kat situ tapi mahal,satu batang lemang is RM12 dan 300 grams beef rendang is RM15..tak pe lah uwan dan papa suka so mama beli jugak.For dessert mama nak buat cendul lemak manis with red beans dan satu lagi pemanis will be indian mango. For drink pulak tengok blog kak ikin tadi mama terus teringin nak homemade orange juice,so mama dah beli sunkist tadi.

Puasa ni you both are really excited,excited with food on the table..sometimes tak boleh sabar and mama had to confine you both at play area kat atas until azan sebab dah bagi satu,dua tak cukup,main2 with the food..so we read book,play with crayon kat atas until dah nak azan then we turun.Now its difficult for mama papa to hide things from you both,you can understand most of our conversation,sometimes mama underestimate your English since both for the whole day listen to uwan and heni..but mama is wrong,like last nite when papa nak bawak you all turun mama told papa in English " not yet wait until azan, they just want to attack the food on the table" then you both quickly said "go down now nak eat,nak eat,hungry la", on other occassion mama told papa " i bought durian for emak but i hide in the kitchen if Tia found out she surely demand for it"..the moment Tia dengar terus cakap "nak duyan,Tia nak eat duyan la". Mama is very happy with your development, since auntie Ann mentioned about your new kindy mama would like to tell here that you have stopped attending the new full day kindy,you were scared there,the thumbdrive shown to mama by the teacher is full with your teary sad faces, eating with tears streaming down you cheek,taking bath with swollen crying eyes and the one that torn mama's heart is seeing you both holding hands while sleeping..yo never did that at home,you both were truly scared and sad there.Mama do not want to take away your happiness, mama do not want to be selfish,Shichida is enough at the moment,you both are really happy at Shichida, that is the most important, we see whether by the time you reach 3 years old Shichida dah bukak kindy for 3 - 6 years here, now the kindergarten for older children cuma ada kat Singapore.Just enjoy your time now..this time is yours,you deserve your happiness..we take one step at a time and mama papa will learn from experience,error that we ve made..insyallah we will try our best in guiding you.

For a note mama write down here your development at 2 years and 3 months old so that mama will see that you are both growing just fine:

1. Can recite 1 - 10,recognise other numbers as well.Note : The best thing at Shichida they don't teach children to recite and hafal only but to understand so that the children can understand and say the number even you alternate it like after 1 is.......,after 2 is.....
2. recognise and able to recite most A - Z.
3. Recognise shapes and colours.
4. Able to make a nearly complete sentence like " nak take bath, nak main bubbles,Tia/Mia want susu now,mama cepat lah datang, mama don't go office,yey papa dah balik,heni nakal la, uwan tak boleh ambik Tia punya,mama pukul adik la.
5. Able to communicate on simple things like : if the milk is stale they will say : susu dah basi, if their diaper is too tight they will say " heni ni buat ketat la", when they see one of them eating with comot face : eee dirty go wash la.
6. Can sing simple and part of the long song like : twinkle twinkle little star,old mc donald,ba ba black sheep,alphabet song, air pasang dalam,papa dan kereta baru- most of the song are form Shichida and our CD in the car.
7.develop full emotion : appreciate pretty things, when see mama with new clothes they will say "mama cantik",choose their own clothes- demand to wear jeans.
8Can understand reaction and implication : if mama merajuk or angry both will come hug mama and say " sayang mama,mama sorry".
9.Can take simple instruction like : when ask to fetch the milk bag they will do eat,when ask to put things at it place they would be able to do it,
10. can do certain things like : can use fork and spoon, able to drink soup with spoon and eat pasta with fork, able to shampoo their hair,switch on and off tap and Tv,brush their own teeth, pick up a ringing phone and say hello,brought to mama the ringing handphone .Both can make up stories too like complaining "uwan broke Tia's lorry", "Doi (our pet hamster) bites adik" "Mickey Mouse bites adik" haaa..haaaa..ok lah mama guess full of imagination..

Overall you both ok and biasalah both also had some bad habits like taking out all items from drawer,sometimes tried to conteng dinding if mama tak nampak,wasting food, too manja without reason, gaduh with each other but when mama marah and nak "bab" berkesan jugak..Tia will immediately say "nanakkkkkk".

May Allah bless all of us this Ramadhan,May Allah bless our friend,relatives and Muslimin and Muslimah.


annhuzi said...

oh stop school..it's ok we parents are learning too, diff child diff and home is stil d best option. sad ah c them so scared in sch, at least they hv each other to cmfort, hold hands, so sweet. i pun evr tried sen son to childcare ( here dats wat we call fulltime kindy) he so sad and i so sad, so quit in a wk. stil young, hv fun at home. and their development very advance u know, so no nd school yet.mama cnt hide in eng lagi kena cakap japanese pulak :D

attack table...:D kita pun buat gitu c table full of fooood.

sini pun bnyk bazaar mmg la nampak variety but usually lack quality

Ikin said...

Memang dah banyak la vocab budak2 ni...
Tak macam budak umur 2 tahun.Raya ni mesti best and happening.Nanti pakai baju kurung mesti tiut miut..

chepat...chepat update gambar ikan siakap...kite nak tengok...