Sunday, January 24, 2010

Educational Weekend

The two girls love their black t shirts very much,it seems that mama got to buy more black t shirt now:) Weekend as usual Saturday was Shichida class, on Sunday papa had to be somewhere near airport and the two girls tagged along. It was an educational trip for them,they learnt about aeroplane, departure,take off,landing, baggage,MH,hangar and they managed to make friend with other girls too..good for them:)

Saturday after Shichida lepak at their favourite waffle stall, waiting for chocolate waffles.
"Kakak we are hungry..we want waffle and hotdogs"

Meet the Giant Cat..she is so big and super duper fluffy

Yey we love soft,so cuddly.

Mama can we keep this cat????

Mama Tia wants two cats mama..not one but two.

Sunday at the airport,the girls checking the area...they said airport is "airplane house"..very good girls.

"Tia hopefully one day we can fly okay..we fly together okay..we do you want to go? We want to go cannes to meet Mr Beans"

"One only...there is one aeroplane only and she is asleep"

"Pretending that we are waiting for our flight to Cannes or paris or London or Munich..he..heee"

Tia is interested to see what is going on before the plane take off..she asked a lot of questions.."what is that", "is aeroplane sleeping?" " kakak can see ambulance" "kakak can see MH, D4,D3 etc".."kakak can see smokes".." aeroplane tail is blue"..

Many many aeroplanes..

The two girls enjoying their trip.

Happy,happy..Tia and Mia two different characters..everytime we come to a new place Tia will observe first to see whether it's safe or not,if she doesn't feel good she will ask to go home,same goes with people she will give sometimes before giving her sweetest smile.Mia on the other hand will welcome adventure quite fast she will say "adik brave lah"..bagus jugak both can compliment each other,Tia more carefull,at least she can take care of adik.

Excited seeing many flags at the airport:)

Papa is tired and he wants to lets go and eat.

We went to KFC as there is 'airplane playground" there...

Bubye mama kakak going to cannes...

New friend..the girl loves to entertaint Tia and Mia..and both likes the girls too.

Chocolate time.."rock chocolate for roxy girls":)


Ikin said...

Wah...nampak hepi betul :)
Macam betul2 nak pergi London budak tonit ni.

MamaTiaMia said...

dear Ann..tanam bunga2 cepat di rumah yang baru and show to me:)nanti kita tukar2 tips yerr..i need it too:)

MamaTiaMia said...

kak ikin ..we nak go london lahhh:)

4 Kay-E said...

Seronok tengok aksi 2 org tenit tenit mama ni...
Nanti bila Tia&Mia besar.. mesti suka tengok gambar2 lama.. They will try remember all those events..

Dah pandai pilih baju ye... Ish.. Mama kena beli more black tshirt.. no more pink huh???

*Besarnye cat tu.. is it for CNY?