Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life isn't tied with a Bow but it's still a Gift

In a blink it is already 13th of January of 2010,nearly half month of the first month of 2010 is gone!! Past leaving so fast,future coming faster and faster,everytime you open your eyes your today is already yesterday.Time now is so precious,hopefully we can manage it well, hopefully yesterday will be a sweet yesterday and a bitter yesterday will be a lesson to grow stronger. Well it is not easy as it said isn't it? sometimes small thing can make us feel miserable,our feeling and our emotion: most of the time rules our head or life.. that is so normal.What we need is our inner "superwoman' to knock this 'naughty" emotion..again, it is not that easy:) A friend came and told me that she feels miserable the whole week because she bumped into an ex boss at a wedding, this guy is not just an ex boss,they used to know each other well, my friend was excited to see him and took all the effort to say 'hi', unfortunatley this ex boss turned his head away and ignored her..that makes her feel miserable, not for aa day but for the rest of the week. Different people deal with bad day differently, bad hair can cause a mood swing to somebody but somebody else can have a happy face while their love one battle with cancer etc.People can be mean,we do not know what is inside their heads,sometimes bad thing can happen to us,as much as we try to control,it still happen..life isn't fair but it's still good ..why? because Allah swt is always fair..that is for sure.

A friend also said ' why can't my life be as happy as Miss A, why is it so simple to others and so difficult to me? I am not asking much,i ve been doing all the good things,Miss A on the other hand got all that she wants". My advice- Don't compare your life to others you have no idea what their journey is all about.Sometimes you do not know what they had sacrified in life to achieve whatever they have today, you might not be willing to do the same sacrifices. Nobody is in charge of your happiness but you, no matter how good or bad the situation is, it will change- because of that be patient, when you are surrounded with all the good things,dont be sombong don't walk pride and "riak" it won't last and when bad thing happened to you be patient as it won't last either.Time heals almost everything,give time and time.

Nobody can change our life except us, if you don't feel good about anything,go out and change it,there's always solutions.If you feel you need to loose weight and that will make you feel good,by all means, do it, set your goal,be focus. If you want to climb from A to B, work your way to it- the only thing to remember in doing it and in working to achieve your goal do not step on other people, don't back stab,don't sell your soul to the devil just because you want to achive your goal as if you do all those you will never have peace inside you,you ll be haunted all your life. Be sincere to youself,make peace with inner feeling..if after you have done everything that you can you still couldn't get what you wanted,it is because Allah Swt have other plans for you- we are just human we can never see future.With that have a peaceful mind,have a pure heart,love yourself and spread love to all.

Give yourself a little reward, don't be too strict about your diet etc..like these heavenly hershey's dark chocolate mint truffle..uhhhh..they bring heaven in a second:) to me at least:)

Arghhhhhh so soothing.. i pop like more than 10 into my mouth already:)

The above picture is a gift, it isn't come tied with a bow but with diapers,sleepless nights,sweats,hiccups etc but it worth all of it.

Good friends are food to your soul..meeting them is sweet, it's like going back into yourchildhood,there's no blood ties yet they are so closed to your heart, they are special because your important years were spent with them,they saw you cry they saw you laugh.Go have as many friends as you can ...from 20 if you can have 1 that can lend her shoulder for you to cry on, that is your best gift.


Drama Mama said...

oh i suka coklat daim, i could the whole huge package at one go. hiks

i do agree with you, do whatever it is that makes u feel good about urself, but don't step on other's foot while u r pursuing it.


Gee Harun said...

Just love it! great entry!

Salmi said...

totally agree..life is full of choices..it is up to us to decide what we want..

Ikin said...

Setuju. Don't compare ur life with others....you will never have peace.
Cheeers. ;)

Love this entry.

nerry nerry strawbery said...

luv it! very inspiring. thanks... more chic soup for soul counter please..

annhuzi said...

mmg u ada talent motivate others. u hv a clear mind, guided soul, pure heart and with all that ur life is surely heaven. no worries, just uncountable GIFTS :)

zubye said...

best sangat! best sgt baca entry ni.. very inspiring very lovely... and you've expressed it in a very good way and inspiring others too.

Thank you Azu..

ps: i kena buat private blog irfan tu buat sementara waktu ni... if u nak baca, tell me your email. I'll invite u tru email :-)