Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Bakso

Mama has promised auntie Narimah to put Bakso@meatballs soup with noodles's receipe.So this morning mama cooked bakso again since the first reception from people in the house  was really good.It is a case where a Malaysian cooked Bakso and feed the Indonesian,must be really good my bakso as heni terkebil-kebil makan tak cukup:) Bakso is a very simple dish, street food orang indonesia, mama belajar from our very first maid who worked at  our house for 3 months only, she was very young,married,husband tinggal kat Indon,she couldn't bare it every nite mimpi husband,kalau boleh tiap hari lah dia nak makan bakso.Jom belajar buat bakso :


(can do your own meatballs kalau rajin or in mama's case mama used "Marina Frozen meatballs")
Lots and lots of garlic and small onions.
Whole white pepper (guna banyak jugak,if you have small kids use it sparely,keep aside the balance,just add to your own bowl for the hot flavour)
Beef stock ( an option, kalau nak flavour beef lagi rich)
Noodles- mama used beehon without pengawet,read the label.
Spring onions/bawang goreng (an option too)

Pound your garlic/onion and the whole white pepper. Heat up the pan,put 3 spoons of olive oil,fry the garlic/onion./pepper until naik bau,add in your meatballs,fry another 5 mins,add in the beef stock (if you have it),add water and let it boil for at least 10 or 15 mins. Boil water, cook your bee hoon,drain and put aside. How to serve- put the beehoon in the bowl,add in the soup with meatballs,spinkle your spring onion,add in the bawang goreng. If rajin buatlah ambal kicap cilipadi with asam limau.Sangat sedap makan panas2..berpeluh satu badan.

Tukang makan sangat happy,makan soup duduk kat meja wet kitchen lah..sebab akan tumpah bagi,so duduk kat meja ni makan lah sampai basah badan..tak kisah.Pagi ni breakfast bakso with rock melon,simple and healthy.
This girl is a bit greedy when it comes to food but she is very good at reading:) Yesterday mama bought two books for both : "Where is My Mummy- Little Polar Bear is  looking for mummy" and "Where is My Mummy -Little Duckling is looking for mummy". Mama read twice and she can read the whole book,walaupun she summarized it. The page that reads " Little Duckling is looking for mummy, she saw a horse on the field eating grass and she asked 'are you my mummy", the horse replied "No, i am not your mummy, i don't have feathers like her" Tia will read like this " Little duckling looking for mummy,are you may mummy? Nooo.. i am a horse" She will read the whole book until the final page that says " Little duckling saw a duck " Are you my mummy'? "Yes little one.. I am your mummy,come hereeeee i hug you". She read in a very sad tones...macam anak itik yang betul2 hilang mummy..so kesian. Since dua orang girls ni memang suka tiru meniru and compete,bila Tia baca, Mia pun sibuk jugak lah membaca.Wahh mama so happy and really proud of you both:)


cippa said...


MamaTiaMia said...

memang sonang aje cippa oiii..

en_me said...

sodapnyerrr.. ehehe

Salmi said...

wallah bakso memang fav my youngest doter..tapi meatball tu memang fail sikit nak membuatnya..dia tak sekenyal mcm beli punye..kalau kicap dia me suka beli heinz..tu pun dd yang cakap dia nampak kicap tu kat kedai bakso pasal malam..

Seronok kan bila dengar anak2 kecik dah pandai baca..rasa soo happy time tu...masa dorang membesar tu kita tak terasa..time flies so fast.

nerry nerry strawbery said...

bila aku ckp kat bibik esok kita buat bakso... Puji Rosminah senyum sampai telingaaaaa

annhuzi said...

oh senang nyer. i tak pernah try makan pun sbb mcm tak minat meatballs.

gd tia mia enjoy reading. dats wat we want to achieve cos if u enjoy reading, u wana grab many many books n u'll learn lots :)

and reading using on words is very good cos dat means they understand n remember n cn build good sentence structure n it's also the beginning of creating own stories. well done girls :)

MamaTiaMia said...

salmi.. okay nanti try kicap heinz jugak:)

nerry- bibik sayang ko gilak babik nanti.

ann, yes ann tia and mia are very creative, they can makeup their own stories.

MamaTiaMia said...

slam and thanks en_me:)