Monday, June 21, 2010

Nice & Pretty Things I See Today.

Uhhhhhh ..the beautiliciousss Donashi for Tia Mia:)..sink your teeth into it and the cream will jump out,lick your mouth and close your eyes:)


My kitchen super pan crust pizza for beakfast..see the crawling cheese..they are yummy yummy.

My " No mamak can beat" mee goreng mamak..haa..haaa they are heaven too:)

My "just the way i want it" outdoor handwash basin at the BBQ area..nearly completed.

Peek a boo at my BBQ area..coming soon.

The horrific view(small picture only okay) : the maximum mess in my garden due to the works..Arghhhhhh Tia Mia's birthday is coming up this Thursday 24/6..i have to skip sleep tonite to clear the area.. hopefully the workers manage to complete the work today.


Ikin said...

wow...tak sabar nya nak basuh tangan yang berbau ayam madu bakar kat tempat yang sangatt cantik...
peek a boo area...buat kak ikin terliur la...nyum nyum

nashwa said...

sakan sungguh adegan masak makan kt sini.. dari bakso, chacha, mamak.. sampai ke italy..! lepas ni tunggu BBQ pulak.. nicely planned father's day, ya.. waiting for tia mia's b'day bash!! i like!! :)
re: that's my mom's house in PD.. mmg best lawn.. full of beautiful flowers.. :)

MamaTiaMia said...

ikin,dtg cepat sikit yo..tolong komeh and somelih ayam.

nashwa,nanti buat kecik2 jer utk si kenits. yeap i like yr mom house.

Drama Mama said...

wahhh i love tat wash basin! sangat best!


annhuzi said...

donashi? tak pernah dengar dan lihat! ye lah nice n pretty! washbasin unique design! tia mia soon to be 3! nak lihat birthday cake tahun ni, sure cantik n sedap :)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi drama mama, the girls now non stop washing their hands there.

ann, donashi: donut+sushi is a new donut from Big Apple,they are just donuts with sushi decorations,children suka lah sebab very details and lots of cream,candy sprinkles etc..tapi tak der lah taste sushi langsung:)