Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodbye Perth:)

Last Album of Splendid Perth entitled Beauty:)

Bye Perth and all the people..we love you.shall come back again one day:)


Dr Sofea J.Ann Tan said...

so lovely... must hv been fun to stay in cottage like homes.. didnt think of tht idea..slalu g asyik duk kat hotel jer kan... goin to the farms, main2 ..such fun times for de 2 gurls !!!

annhuzi said...

enjoying beauty :)

Lee said...

Hi Mama, I love the pics here, especially of that one, the father with 2 daughters, one looking at him.
That is a classic shot!

And I still can't tell the difference with the two girls.
But this much I do know, you and hubby going to have call a cop guide traffic your place when they reach 18! Ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Kak zu, anak sedara kak zu ikin tu kenapa dah lama tak update blog? Tak sihat ke? Risau pulak. Huhu. walaupun tak kenal, sebab selalu baca blog kak zu dengan ikin, rasa macam dah kenal lama dah. Rindu nak tengok gambar-gambar dia yang cantik tu.

MamaTiaMia said...

hi anon,

thanks for your concern..alhamdulillah tak der nyer dia tak sihat..dia baru balik bergumbira dari bandung:)semalam datang rumah hantar ole-ole but she is super duper busy kat office now,kerja berlambak:)