Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baking Day Again!

Baking Day for the second week,very excited but more relax.The recipe today are Red Velvet with French Butter cream and Pound Cake with Lemon glaze.We had so much fun and both cakes turned out really nice:) Glory,glory Baking Day.For those who had asked where about the class it is Wilton International Cake House at bangun ICCA,Dataran Sunway,Kota Damansara,Course 1,Basic Baking price at RM600 for 4 classes comprising of 8 cakes and 8 toppings.It is a hand on class,all ingredients,tools etc are provided and at end of each session you will get to bring back the cakes.

The Class.

First cake was Pound cake with lemon glaze.

Grating the lemon for lemon zest.

Red velvet ingredients..among special ingredients for this famous cake are yoghurt,buttermilk and vineger.

Cake Pan set for red velvet,you have to bake two cakes using this set,after that fill in the centre with cream,keep in the freezer for a while and when you cut it you will have this look:)

Alhamdulillah the pound cake cantikkk:)

Lemon Glaze poured onto the cake.

Ikin's cake.

Simple and sweet

My pound cake with lemon glaze.

Really proud of it:)

Prepared the Red Velvet batter.

Wow..the glorious colour!

Wait until it really cold before you fill in the cream.

Preparing the french buttercream

First part is ready

After you add in the butter and beat it for a while you can fill in the cream inside both cakes

Put the cakes together.

After you cover with cream you may decorate it to your liking.

My simple deco..not easy to spread cream on velvet cake.i tell you..quite tricky as there are lots of crumbs falling out.

The proud baker..we did it!

Another proud baker:)

Bila balik i tambah strawberries as the girls love it.

As usual the girls always waiting with their ballerinas outfit..penat pun hilang..sayang2;)


4 Kay-E said...

Yeay. Red Velvet in the house :)
Mesti anak2 dara kecik tu tak sabar nak potong kek.. With extra strawberry... & the heart shape.......... Bestnya!!!!!!!!!

Puas hati ye Azu... Nanti kalau ada rezeki, I pun nak join the class.... What's next week menu? Cant wait!

Suffia said...

Salam MTM, memang berbaloi especially when the kids enjoy it so much.

Salmi said...

something different presentation and ingreadient for only use the recipe from Joy of Baking nyer RV..simple cream cheese spread..ohh ada yogurt? sure lagi moist the RV cake :-)..

adex-aieda said...

kak azu....sedapnyer red velvet tuh..siap ada heart shape lagik....mesti twins x sabo.....

MamaTiaMia said...

hi recipe is carrot cake:) come join the club:)

salam suffia..yeap when the kids love it semua penat pun hilang:)thanks singgah.

salmi..i first time buat i didn't know the different but the master chef did say the yoghurt will make it more moist:)

adex aeida..salam,lama tak dengar cerita:) betul..tak sabar lah tu budak dua org:)

MamaIcha said...

red, my favourite cake tue :)

Idida Aziz said...

xpnh rs lg kek red velvet...sedap ker....kalernya itu sungguh menawan kalbu....apatah lg si tia mia kan...

hehe...sure makin semangat membaking skrg kan azu...

Maya Marisa said...


wah bestnyer... i am so torn between the class that you enrolled and the ones organize by rohani jelani...
hhmm which one should i choose??
anyway, i wrote an entry on Ballina. I still hutang you another entry pulak. Yg nie kena take time skit, cos too many things to write and too many photos to choose from....

have a great day ahead!

4 Kay-E said...


hehee.. saje je menyemak kat blog u. LOL...

*kiss kiss to the ballerina princesses ...