Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hi Folks!!! How's your Saturday?

Saturday we lurveee;) Alhamdulillah,we finally have the vacant possesion of our land,our Lot is No1,Jln 9/11..papa said hmmm "9/11"..9/11 you are finally and fully ours,bila cukup duit we buat rumah and datang duduk sini okay.Itulah impian,datang tengok2 tanah pun dah cukup gembira,sambil berangan-angan melakar harapan mana nak letak garage,pantry,green house,bilik uwan..tu nampak rumah jiran opposite our land dah nak siap:)

Hari tu kita datang jiran ni dah ajak masuk tengok2 rumah dia..kejap jer dah nak siap:) Kita buat kecik ajer cottage nanti ya..ada small french kitchen and herbs garden at the backyard..Insyallah.

Afternoon we followed papa to his office,both were excited "helping the management preparing for brain storming:..wahhhh girls..buat SWOT Analysis ke tu?

Look,the underage workers so rajin..tekun buat kerja;)

Papa seriously giving briefing to the new "staffs"..papa you better check their id..they cukup umur ke?

This room is called "War Room" said papa.. ayooo tengok pun macam nak gaduh kan..pening baca semua kat dinding tu..girls you better think twice before starting here ok.

At papa's pantry..Aduhhhh penat lah kita orang buat paper..nak minum latte please:)

Okay cukuplah tu..ada yg jadi doctor bagai..

Okay say bubyee to papa's office,let's go lunch,where are you taking us papa?

Ohhh.its TGI Friday..we like papa:)

Kids eat for free..cheese nachos with salsa for the girls;)

Shrimp,capers,chilies and garlic Linguine for mama.

Sirloin steak with pesto for papa;)

These two love broccoli..crunch,crunch..

Wahh that's too big Mia.

Final treat from papa..thanks so much papa,we had wonderful time today.

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Maya Marisa said...

i managed to complete all ur past entries....:P

re land - alhamdulillah, its finally yours. take ur time constructing it. passion will lead you the way..:)

re war room - reminds me of my consulting days. duduk dlm project office camtu ler. tu blum tampal gantt chart lagi and monitor the progress on fortnightly basis. i miss those times. its was hard, but yet very very very rewarding.

re ICCA - am wondering, bila la i nak enrol nie...busy satu macam lately nie...anyway, snap some photos ok. can't hardly wait.

re uwan - nice to see her that her health is back on track :)

hv a nice weekend dear!