Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Flowers from Interlaken.

Assalamualaikum semua.

A special note to a dear friend before i proceed with the new entry.

This decorative plate is hanged on my wall, a friend got it for me during a trip with her mom and dad to Interlaken,Switzerland few years ago. This friend of mine has nobody else except her mom and dad,they are extremely closed o each other,i think since birth she had never been separated from her parents. Until the very last day and at the age of 40s,her mom packed her meals everyday,her dad sent her to office  .They have travelled around the world since she was 4 yrs old and their life is about her,her mom and her dad.Her mother is the pillar of strength and air that keeps her breathing .Today she lost her mom to thyroid, i can imagine how sad she is, losing a pillar, losing a place for you to hold on..losing a sun that shines,moon that brightens..Al Fatihah,hopefully she ll be strong. Mom is always our pillar of strength, 10 years ago i was just like her,it was just me and my mom,no dad..i prayed to Allah Swt everyday to  have my mom as long as i could at my side..my doa was fulfilled,Alhamdulilah. Now i have my own family but never a single moment that i forgot my doa to Allah 10 years ago and not a day gone without renewing that doa. If we are willing to give our life to our children now..they have done that their entire life.Doa buat semua ibu dan ayah yang telah tiada. Al Fatihah.

A life gone, a new life starts..it is always excited to see a new life,we move on..as my emak said " Allah itu Maha Kaya..walau bagaimana pun sedihnya kita ketika kehilangan tapi kesedihan itu makin lama akan hilang di telan masa sebab kalau tidak maka penuh lah dunia ni di seliputi kesedihan"..which is very true,like me i still sayang my abah and abang sulung seperti dulu,tak pernah luntur,sedih mengenangkan dia2yang telah tiada tetapi kesedihan itu bukan seperti hari kehilangannya..kalau sentiasa begitu tak dapat lah kita meneruskan kehidupan.

The seed in the picture is tiamia's ..both are really excited to see their seed  growing:)

Back to school! The two were really excited this morning..hmmm if only i have the same excitement to go to office,it will be fantastic:) Unfortunately this morning after Subuh i really feel like going back to bed and golek2 my body between the two warm kenits;) lucky i have Ribbon and Heart, it is nice to go to the front yard in the morning to see them:):) they jumped upon seeing me and my heart leaped;) 

Sorry peeps,it is stilled about my garden..i fully understand that some think what is the big deal about gardening,planting etc,etc.hee..heee.. it makes me happy and that matters most;) That pot in the picture was Tia Mia's work..i bought white pebbles during weekend and they asked me whether they can decorate a pot:) i asked them to wear gloves and they have done a lovely job:)

This is a path to go to Ribbon&Heart home sweet home..we got it decorated with steps,flowers and pebbles.

And i gave this tiny house a little makeover too:) Linda..akak will settle with Rabbit house first..chicken coop need a bigger backyard..hee..hee kalau kat depan rumah tak larat pulak neighbor dengar ayam berkokok:) where is my car?,both are parked outside the gate:) let the guard jaga it:) my house is not semi  D or corner lot,it is intermediate with longer front yard (22 x 100)

We had a good time decorating our little garden with white pebbles:)

Today is a tiring day but the moment i walked into my gate,the whole mood was transformed:) I love seeing the two at the front yard waiting for me,busy with some chores.That is Mia in the picture she was so busy watering her seed,it looks like seed is ready to be transferred to a bigger pot and i must get some wood this weekend to make a support for the crawling plants soon. Sham my Hyachintus is still there,belum ada tanda nak berbunga but at least not dying:):)

See so rajin kan my anak daras:)

Ishh extremely rajin tu..i am so blessed and glad ..hee ..hee

Adik sampai kena pusing 180 degrees to siram bunga.that's the way to go adik..so kewl ya know;)

I got few new blooms during weekend.

Some beautiful orchids too.

I love this bunga orkid harimau,masa kecik kat my rumah my emak tanam berderet keliling rumah atas tanah,she put sabut kelapa and arang at the bottom and  wood support in order to make the orchid grow straight and look neat.

Dari office sangat teringat nak minum masala tea..menyesal pulak hari tu tak beli few box kat CH..tak ada i settle for tea biasa aje.

and also  been thinking about eating baquette with cheese and olive..balik rumah dah keluarkan these two tengok fresh bread dah habis,the frozen delifrance bread adalah..but it is soft rolls..tak lah sesedap makan dengan roti keras:) so kena postpone keinginan:)

Since i cooked pasta and many other western foods for the past few days i ve decided to cook papa one of his favorite dish; gulai kari udang. So i asked the girls to get me curry leaves from our garden;);)

Sedap kari udang..hmmm uwan tak ada lama lah tak masak lemak kan..rasanya esok uwan balik ni and we shall have menu masak lemak soon:):)

After cooking our dinner,i put up tea candle at Ribbon&Heart house and then settle down nicely in my room..by this time the two girls already tergolek-golek with their cute curly murly hair all over their face..and it is nice to kiss their ears,eyes,noses and mouths..bliss;);)

Before i end the entry below are few pictures from weekend activities;

Friday,we took the girl for their first movie,we watched Alvin & The Chipmunks,we had a great time.

After that we took the girls for sushi..they heart sushi very  very much:):)

Sunday was a bliss day..after a tiring session in the garden i just sprawled on the floor with magazine and a glass of lemonade while my husband helped me changed the curtains..can you see a macho leg by the curtain there? he.hee..he might be a corporate man, quite helpless in carpentry etc etc but he's good at putting curtain's hooks..and i love him more for that..haaa...haaaa....dont worry ya, i ll give you something hot and steamy  after this..just finish your curtains first *wink*wink*

After a good resting as promised i treated him a with a hot and steamy...... lunch:):)

Salam again,i am a lil  tired tonite:( and shall attend to all comments in the next entry, i have visited many blogs,i  feel happy for your happiness,keep your love flowing,enjoy your sun while it is still shining, appreciate your moon while it is still glowing, love your pillar still even you' ve already have concretes and bricks:):)



daydeck86 said...

rajin bebenor budak ticik berdua tu tlg mummy nyer kan...
Arwah mak saya pun memang sukakan bunga orkid memang arwah jaga betul2 nak nak kalau tgh berbunga cantik

Lady of Leisure said...

Al Fatihah.. Moga Allah berikan yr fren kekuatan, n moga ibunya tenang disana..

Rajinnya anak2 dara comrl ni.. Hehe, so sweet la both of them.. Creative sum more.. Anak2 bagus kan kalau dia pandai ada rasa nak buat kerja2 gini.. At the same time boleh enjoy.. Aman nanti besar skit nk ajak berkebun jugak la, we both love gardening too..

Hope it is never to late for me to wish u n family happy new year.. Hope this year will blossom into lotsa dream come true, insyaAllah..

Yeayyy uwan nak balik, lepas ni boleh tengok pic msk lemak, my fav too hihi...

nyza said...

Salam kak zue,
wah rumah ribbon & heart dh cantik..
Mesti ribbon&heart suke,hehehe

farrah said...

Salam kak zu.

I can't imagine the pain your friend's having now. Time will heal, but right now it's unimaginable! Takziah to your friend, semoga dia tabah. Easier said than done, but that's all we can all pray hard for...

Your kids are so adorable, kak! Kirim salam peluk cium to both of them, so cute gerammmmmmm! ;)

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

ibu kite adalah segalanye..kekuatan dan semangat kite...alfatihah...

cantik la orkid yang ade belang2 rimau tu..kat kampong mmg banyak..

kak zue, rumah kak zue kat area subaidah ke?

Anonymous said...

assalam azu, salam takziah dan alfatihah... moga sahabat azu tabah menghadapi dugaan ini... sebagai anak tunggal dlm family kite amat merasai apa yg dia rasa... moga sahabat azu dikurniakan kekuatan, insyaallah

since Christmas, kite sibuk unpack boxes... adoiii letihnya mengemas... kalaulah azu and kenits dekat bolelah minta rescue ahehe... nway kite loves your ideas ttg 'aga' and fireplace batu merah. Aga mmg sgt effective masa winter sbb dia bukan aje bole masak dan baking tp memanaskan ruang rumah... so takyah pakai heating... kalu nk just for display bole search on ebay or gumtree, kalau tak leh try the range cooker brand "Rangemaster.co.uk". mmm... kite bole bayangkan Azu's country kitchen with vintage style accessories and a Victorian inspired bathroom complements the style of the house. Nway, Happy New Year buat azu and family, moga dikurniakan kesihatan dan dilimpahi kebahagiaan, amin


saniah said...

takziah utk ur fren tu..AlFatihah..sure dia terasa kehilangan saat ni...luckily dia ada u ..:)

tgk garden u i jadi geram kat garden sendiri ni...hehe...bukan apa i suka ada tanah mcm garden u tu but the owner dulu dh simenkan seluruh garden jadi panas2 sgt..we all nk letak pegola kasi sejuk sikit..mungkin ok kot lepas tu..boleh gantung2 petunias..orkid..ishh berangan lg i ni..thanks for the lovely pictures..suka sgt tgk.. ;)

Shinnaz Ahmad Rasid said...

rabbit house tu cantik and classic sgt!!!

Unknown said...

Salam, I love to see ur garden...
Oh, before that... I feel sorry for ur friend... that's what we call life... A life gone, a new life starts...what ur mum say is so true... Life is too short to be sad... so, let's enjoy every moment in our life... thanks God I found someone like u... to share thought... nice to meet u dear~

Hanis Azla said...

bestnya ada garden depan rumah.. lebih best bila semua yg dalam rmh nak sama2 menjaganya..

susumanis said...

Alfatihah n salam takziah to mamtiamia fren..sob sob sob..sedin sgt for her but will prays fopr her strenght...love love tiz entri mcm selalu..tqvm mamatiamia

fiezachommel said...

Salam Kak Zu,
Takziah buat taeman kak zu.
Rajinnya TiaMia ni.....patutla taman mama cantik jer

zira said...

salam kak zu...hepy nice day..

arrielle_p said...

Hope there is a place too in my house like this for my flowering plants. Beautiful family photos too. :)

makati condominiums

mama_alifsarah said...

masak lomak pun sodap! hahaha try ni plak pasni.. :)

annhuzi said...

Semuga ur fren tabah and her good memories of her mum will continue to give sunshine to her days ahead.

of course gardening makes anyone happy, seeing beautiful flowers all around, brightening the landscape, who wouldnt be happy. clever tia mia decorate with white pebbles!
the steps to ribbon and heart home are pretty.
mana tia mia tak rajin, they tiru mama as the good model. siram pokok bunga pun nampak dengan penuh kasih sayang.
the lamp shade is so pretty.