Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pray,Eat,Love - for beloved,signed mama 2012.

Salam to All.2012 is here and we are stilled here..Alhamdulillah is the only word that can describe my feeling,it is very deep that i feel embarrassed to ask for more. So i start my new year with syukur..resolution?not much actually,to a better hamba and person,to give more happiness to people around me.The rest i keep close to my heart,will be said in 5 times a day..InsyAllah.

How's everybody? Thank You very much for all the lovely wishes and wonderful doas.I am very happy that i got to know many lovely people here:) 2012, i am still writing,nothing much..just my pray,eat and love..they are for Tia Khadeja and Mia Ayesha but "this book" of mine welcome warm hearts out there;) I can see some new readers as far as Peru..Salam Ukhwah:) We shall chat at the bottom of this entry:)

Forever my interest is always - Pray - they are my wishes,they are my syukur,  Eat- i love cooking,it brings happiness to me and people around me, Love - I am embraced by love and i shall give nothing but love:):)For me a New year; there's  no booking into fancy hotel to watch fireworks,no special dinner was just the usual things as these usual things brought so much happiness..i have my sky filled with fireworks every comes from hearts, laughters, smiles,hugs and kisses.(p.s- Sorry Julia Roberts if i overshadowed your movie..heee..heee)

Your are my fireworks,papa and uwan too:):)

I am continuosly reminded of the life circle by having these two generations around me.

Saturday we went to Lake Garden again..good walk for everybody.

Heart and soul yang bau busuk and masam:)

Took uwan for a walk in Herb Garden..she kenal banyak plants kat sini.

Good lesson for tia mia too, macam centipede plant ni (pokok lipan) ..they really look like lipan kan.

Evening we went out to look for Ribbon&Heart house...first thought nak ajak papa do the DIY..but a bit we decided to buy the house but DIY the petting area.

We found one that we like,this is the last piece,dah tanggal2 cat pun,kalau nak cat baru,kena tunngu few we just bawak balik macam ni..later i will do give new coat of paint.

We can ask the shop to custom made any pet house,like maklang's one in the picture,that is her chicken coop,she asked the shop to make according to her design.

Kemas sikit2 the area,me and hb spent few hours jugak building this "petting farm" syok it living up my childhood dream.

Ada yang tanya tak susah ke bela rabbit ni..macam mana kalau nak jalan ke apa? Well having a pet is a hobby,kalau hobby tu memang kena lah spent masa,kadang2 duit dan sebagainya but hobby is living out your passion,if you are passionate about something tak lah jadi susah,a little bit of hardship will bring so much joy:):)

The two are really happy..bangun pagi terus masuk kat petting area ni;):)

I promised some readers to give recipe on Cantonese noodles,this morning i had some time to do here is the step by step methods.You need kicap masin,sos tiram,kicap cair,sesame seed oil and chicken cube.Unfortunately i tak adalah sukatan berapa sudu setiap satu bahan tu because i jenis campak ajar rasa2 dan agak2 lah ya..jangan terlebih,kalau kurang boleh tambah.

Also you need dried yee mee,sawi,carrot,bawang putih,merah,halia,semua hiris halus,fish sales,prawn and corn flour.

potong sawi,slice the carrot dan fish cake thinly.

Before you start cooking the gravy,get ready the yee mee in the plate.

Fry your onion,garlic and ginger until slightly brown.

Bring in your fish cake.

Put in batang sawi first so that it can cook well.

Then add about 1 tablespoon of kicap masin,sos tiram,kicap fair,half of chicken cube and sesame seed oil..kacau and rasa the gravy..if  kurang masin you may add salt.

Add in your veges.

Add in the corn flour which already been mixed with water.

Add your prawn last to keep the sweetnest..cook for about 5 - 6 mins,add a lil bit of water if too should not be too thick,must be slightly runny.

Finally pour on the noodles.

Tadaaaa..yummy cantonese noodles..bring outside in your garden for a nice alfresco breakie.

So hb..sedap tak? well your plate tells everything ya:):)

The girls were really happy..after petting the rabbits they main masak2 pulak.

To those interested to buy the toy cooking set from have to be rajin a bit lah..sebab lepas they main kita kenalah basuh sebelum simpan:):)

After breakfast i had a very tiring cleaning session in the garden,i cleaned the surrounding area at rabbit house,took out the old plants and pots,cut the branches,weed the grass,spruce the flowers etc etc..we shifted duty today while i was doing all those hb gave bath to the girls,he put the small pool in the room and let the girls main2,he made milk,dressed them up..where was our maid? she cleaned the area outside our gate;) after the cleaning,we went out for lunch and also to get few things from hardware shop..after that we  went to tutti-frutti and i got us a bucket of RM29.40 yoghurt:):)

They way to enjoy it don't put too much toppings..we enjoy just the ice cream and strawberry.

Balik ajer..tadaaaa.. i gave the house a new coat of paint..i spray ajer,more convenient.

Nice isn;t it..they got a new wooden ladder too..i bought from the pet shop.

This cute bird nest i got from the shop..after dah puas mintak tambah kurangkan harga..tak dapat banyak i pun mintak this birdnest:)

Hullooooo..who's that inside?

Red eyed Heart:)

Papa pun dah kemaskan dan tighten the net by putting screw metal into the ground.The reason why kita tak nak permanent fixture is if at anytime we want to dismantle it we can do so.

So itu lah project new year happiness to living things;)

Bunga2 pun dah di baja and di gemburkan.hope to get few more pots from nursery tomorrow.

While i buat kerja the girls non stop meloncat sana was a hot day today so i cut for them few is their favorite.

Main rabbit,usik itu ini..handwash kena lah ada sentiasa kat garden sink.

Orange time!

I cooked early dinner..since uwan balik kampung kejap..lamalah dapur kita tak bau masak lomak hee..hee.

Since there are many tomatoes which they picked in Cameron i made my own recipe using fresh tomatoes..after i make the pasta sauce,i fried the corn beef..after bathing the pasta with sauce i put the fried corn beef on top..delicious!

If masak pasta memang tak problem makan..kalau rice kena lah keliling meja menyuapkan. is time to say good night now..Ribbon&Heart has lavender scented tea candle to keep them warm and soothing at night..sleep tight ya hunny bunny:)

To my dear hb..thank you very much for everything..i have many childhood dreams&wishes inside made it possible for me:):)

Salam Mixed-family in da house- so nice to do gardening kan,wahh that's a great effort -gardening and 7 months baby:) happy new year to you and family ya, Syarida- kalau minat tak lah susah,ada lah caranya nanti:) tq ya, daydeck86- ha, kenit tak suka bau petai tapi dia suka tolong bukak:), umiyumi- thank you..tu lah umi ada meja kecik kat luar ni boleh lah minum2;), Shamsuhada- happy new year to you and family,terimakasih atas doa yang baik2,di balas dengan doa2 yang baik2 jugak dari sini untuk keluarga sham..wahh hb suka bunga tu...baguslah sham sama2 boleh menjamu mata kan:), Annhuzi- happy new year to you my friend, yeap i somehow can read and sense people feelings:), the word,the smile,the tells many thing;) may be my profession exposed me to many phases in life and people:) may 2012 brings so much happiness to you Ann..we don't need many dream to come true..of what we have now is the happiness;)p.s the girls' hats costed me RM10.00 only they were from factory outlets..nice kan;):), Zeta- happy new year to you and family moga zeta and family juga di berkati selalu.p.s yeap guna baja aziz lah zeta..macam mana jam dah jadi tak? seronoknya buat jam kan;), Firuz- selamat tahun baru dan doa yang baik2 buat firuz sekeluarga..tu lah firuz orang cakap bertanam ada yang green fingers:), Susumanis- selamat tahun baru ya..moga 2012 labih manis dari susu:) boleh ajer guna gambar asal untuk kebaikan:):) Alhamdullillah untuk kata2 yang baik, Salmi-selamat tahun baru ya,moga kita sama2 di berkati..tu lah salmi ivy tu susah hidup..tapi tengok teacher claire puny kindy nampak cantiklah,tu teringin;), Fiza- indoor plant kena pilih yang betul..jenis tak perlu matahari..jenis keladi yang simpan air pun bagus,jenis fern macam saya beli tu tak berapa tahan.dan bila simpan kat dalam sesekali kena letak luar, secondly rabbit tak lah susah nak bela..kena start dengan minat dulu..beli pet yang kita betul2 suka:), Kak Zaitun-wahh mesti comel yang leher gemuk tu..mahal kat kedai tu,mestilah kak zai ni suka berkebun profile picture pun tulips;),orchid terbaik kan kak zai,cantik dan bunga than lama;), Saniah-selamat tahun baru jugak buat saniah and family;) mana ilmu yang boleh kongsi dan belajar tu kita sama2 lah kongsi kan:),selamat makeover rumah ya;), Salam Marya Yusof-Happy New year to you too,this is the first time i "berjumpa" somebody from Peru:)i drop by at your blog just have wonderful life there..must be very interesting  ya..will try to visit you more as i don't many info  about Peru,sure would like to know your experience living there:):),you are most welcome to link my blog,thank you and take care;):)

Finally Happy New Year To All.Take Care.


nyza said...

luv the bird nest..syomelll
Akak,corned beef tu sama ke rasa die mcm minced beef tu.?,selalu klu niza masak pasta mmg guna minced beef je..

cacah said...

selamat tahun baru dear kak zu. :)

CS said...

My resolution is to say HI to some bloggers which I've been reading their coretan as a silent reader. I came here via Maya's blog.

Thoroughly enjoy myself just by being here. Happy new year to you n family.

annhuzi said...

and happiness is infectious ur post macam tengok tv satu episod indah and full of colours esp tia, mia and uwan's expressions of satisfaction and i m sure u r equally satisfied to see their happy faces.
u r truly blessed to have both mum and daughters and ur life revolves around them making them happy makes u happy :)

and now u r making heart and ribbon happy too with their so cozy home, siap dengan lavender tea candle. these happy bunnies will doa for ur family's happiness too!

thanks step by step cantonese noodles. if i try and my family happy that means ur goodness spreads even further :)
and u n family will get HIS blessings insyaaAllah.

dah lama kita kenal di sini. thanks azu. u have been kind even though u havent met me, not even seen my pictures, belum konfiden lagi ;)
syukur i dapat by chance made frens with u here.
insyaAllah dapat bertemu jua mungkin di rumah cantik kampung uwan atau rumah cantik u yg juga berciri kampung :)

susumanis said...

bestnyerrr finally dapat entry baru mamyiamia utk dibaca..sik dtg tgk tgk je..hahaha...u r a great storyteller..semem benda looks nice n interesting..keep it tiamia dapat baca diary mama yg sgt best nih bila dah besar nanti like auntie susumanis baca my mum dairy in jawi that she wrote my actual bday on 29 may instead of 4th dolu dolu kan lambat pi now i celebrate my bday on my actaul birthdate n kasih syang fr me to u n family mamtiamia..indeed u alwaiz put a smile on my face n in my heart bila baca any of yr posting..take care n keep enjoying yr sweet life k :) susumanis

Unknown said...

Salam, I really admired the way you write your 'book'.... really touched my heart, you know ;) well,keep on writing & I will always be a peep here... salam ukhuwah~

fiezachommel said...

Happy New Year Kak Zu.May this year brings happiness to us all.
So cute little Ribbon

Zaitun said...

Salam mamatiamia...selamat menyambut tahun baru.

Comelnya rumah rabit tu.

Kak Zai betul2 kagum dan terharu cara mamatiamia menjaga uwam dengan penuh kasih sayang.

Maya Marisa said...

happy new year mamatiamia! wah, syiok nya dpt new rabbit house.

i love eggs so much. after adding the cornstarch, i would normally add 2 beaten eggs & pour it in a circular motion into the gravy. leave it for 2-3 mins, then start stirring it. bliss!

btw, ur cantonese noodle tu looks so yummy. i nak masak la for buka puasa nnti.

Mamasya said...

Slmt thn baru 2012 buat mamatiamia sekeluarga. moga kita sentiasa dilindungi Allah selalu dan diberkati segala usaha yg dilaksanakan. tomeii rumah rabbit tu bila dah cat putih.. rabbitpun comeii..patutlah tiamia suka main.mee cantonese tu..dg udang byk..sedapnya.

mama_alifsarah said...

zu, i cooked lemon chicken grill ikut your style semalam... licin u... kids kata sedap ayam mama arini.. ( selalu tak sedap sgt kot hihihik)... pasni nak give a try cantonese yee mee plak :)

farrah said...

selaluuuuu tertunggu-tunggu entry baru kak zu, and selaluuuu lepas baca rasa happy because i can really feel the love in your family! rasa sedih jugak sebab my mum's unwell sebab terkena buatan orang and even though she's still there, but truth is she's not there anymore -- a completely different person she is now, sob sob. i wish to spend the rest of her life cherishing our lives together like you do, but she's so, distant now. oh tiba-tiba rasa sayu...

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

still not too late..happy new year kak zue n family !! muaah to tia mia..
wish every hope and dream will come true this 2012..

kalo uwan takde mmg takde masak lomak la ye?

suke tgk rumah rabbit tu...siap ade tangga..heheh

nanti bole la nita cube buat cantonese yee mee tu..bahan2 semua dah ade...senang aje nak buat...

kak zue, biasenye pasta sauce tu kalau nak kasi pekat, guna tepung gandum or tepung jagung?

MamaIcha said...

pray, eat , love ; yes i found all here, in ur blog...keep on writing, keep on inspiring...happy new year kakak...kisses to mia & tia :)

mamalisa said...

what a great entry..esp on the rabbit new petting such a lovely mum la kakZue..rasa nak pegi jenguk je rumah you yg mendamaikan tu :)

SurayaHarris said...

Comelnya rumah rabbits! Rumah akak cute mcm rumah ayan jugak! ;-)

Rosma said...

Hi Cik Zu (is it alrite if I call u that?).

I salute you. You Homemaker to the max! Well, kalau bukan kita yg memeriahkan hidup kita, siapa lagi kan? And what better way to do it then with the people we care about. Berbaloi sangat..and the end of the day, we feel blessed and filled-up to the brim. And the best thing, we would do it all over again the next day.

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu.. comelnya rumah rabbit tu.. rabbit pun comel dan gebu jugak. bestnya ada petting zoo hehehe

Anonymous said...

bila nak buat reban ayam pulak ni? can't wait for it since its your promise to lemme come over bila dh ada reban ayam kan? hihi..

kak, just wondering.. kereta parking mana eh? ni corner lot / semi d?


CiKaYu said...

luv ur garden, luv everything.