Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home and Garden.

Hi folks:) Borak session is at the end of this entry ya:)

We welcome Ribbon and Heart at our home today.The original Ribbon was lost few months back,the girls and Uwan miss her a lot, today i took the three of them to Pet Shop and we bought these two furry cuties:)

Tia and Mia are really happy,uwan too infact:):) 

I asked husband whether he has any carpentries skills..he said "of course!"..well if you say so let's find some wood and roof and build ribbon and heart's home together:):) i would love to do that..when i was small my abah was very handy,he can build bangsal,reban ayam,pagar and many,many things.And it is always nice to see the result even if he made a simple bench for our garden.The best handwork that i really love was a rose arch..he built an arch and my emak planted country roses at the base,after few months we have roses bushes crawling the arch..the roses were pink and had sweet smell,it was really lovely..if i close my eyes i can still smell the sweet scent:)

he,he i finally can upload and edit pictures using my Macbook Air now..thank you to Ikin,she came this evening and  gave me an extensive tutorial:) I love my Mac more now..scrolling,editing, is so much easier and fun:):) I love this vignette gonna see more of it after this.

This entry is very much about garden..if you don't like gardening and planting you gonna be bored to death! her..heee.We bought bitter gourd(peria katak) and angled loofa (petola) seeds from Cameron so we gonna  grow it today. I always love gardening and i feel that planting&growing bring wonderful feeling and satisfaction. I want Tia Mia to develop this hobby and they have showed a very good sign.

We started with transferring Hyacinthus into bigger pot..i have a big challenge here since few readers are looking forward to the result:) Shamsuhada..harap2 den punya Hyachintus ni hidup and boleh bagi "recipe" kat kau:):)

The two getting ready to plant the seeds:):)

I taught them step by step on how to put soil in the pot,making hole in the middle etc, we going through it i told them few things about gardening like cactus cannot be watered everyday as they retain water in their body,plants need sun for making their own food and like any other living things they need to be love and cherish too:):).

Both are good at planting,they are fast learners:)

Our garden is not big but we have enough space to do our activities.

Hyachintus already been transferred into bigger pot,i have put some fertilizers and it needs to be watered twice a day.

Mia watering the pots.

Tia with her bitter gourd seeds.

Okay make a small hole and put the seeds inside,keep apart each seed from one another.

Seeds and special fertilizers already in the pot.

Mia watering the ivy.

Now all ready,hope it will bear good result in few weeks time.

These are the mini cactus we bought from CH:)

And they found home near our garden sink.

Done with garden.let's go inside and see what need to be change..cuti gonna end better do alih mengalih,tukar menukar now;)

Kitchen got a new green floor mat and table cloth.

The table cloth was from British Homes before they closed down..tersorok  lama in the made a point to change the kitchen table cloth today.

Rack at the back needs some tidying and cleaning too.

Even ini pun kena kemas kan..i suka tengok bawang,kentang simpan dalam rattan basket in pullout cabinet but my present small kitchen don;t allow me to have it..i once had it at the sold house,one day if i have an island in the kitchen i will make sure to have the pullout rattan basket.

I bought many potted plants from Ikea yesterday..the stove got a pot too:):)

And a white pot for the kitchen table.

Actually i ve been wanting to replace my sofa in the bedroom for a long time as it is very old and worn out already.But it is not easy to dispose an old furniture at my i decided to give it a little facelift:)

Yesterday i bought a RM19.90 green blanket from Ikea and  gave the sofa a nice wrap:):) It gave an instant refreshing look.This sofa holds many memories; it was our pride and joy when were just got married, it witnessed me sang rhymes and read babies books when Tia Mia were babies..few years back every morning without fail before i go to office i will sit on the sofa with Tia and Mia on my right and left lap and read book to them.So this old lady need a facelift and is saved by Ikea blankie;):)

One whole day doing 'home and garden' time to layan ikin was in the house today i cooked fish curry with CH eggplant,mixed veges soup and sardines with petai:)

Walaupun Home and Garden entry i just wanna show a korean jubah i bought for myself while shopping baju for uwan today:) Nice isn't it? I met an elderly lady at the shop,she was buying baju for herself so she told me that  i will look nice in this dress as i have the 'height'..she was very friendly and went on seeking my advice on the blouse and pant that she's going to buy:):)

Okay lah that's about it's garden tips;wash all your garden tools after using ,keep it together   in either a box or basket so that it will be easier for you to use it next time.

Papa is not working tomorrow and we have promised these two sunshines to go see Alvin and The Chipmunks.If the plan is on this will be their first trip to cinema,Ikin has recommended Gold Class at GSC,she said the package includes food (sandwiches,popcorns,drinks and blanket) there will be very small audience in 1 cinema.It is quite pricey as it priced at RM40.00 + RM10.00 = RM50.00 per head...but it is quite tempting to give a try..let see tomorrow whether we can get a place;):)

Salam to the twins nyza/mummy miqhael- i hope you two have a wonderful time at CH:):),farrah- you love petai too...sedap kan,busuk pun biarlah:), i read yr hong kong entry,kinda miss hong kong pulak:);),Susumanis- thank you,may all of us be blessed by Allah sbt Amin:), Aida78-selamat mencuba ya, Sitiebby- painting is good to help children express their feelings,selamat mencuba ya, Fiezachommel- amin,amin:);), makdara TERdiva- so true bak kata org nak melentur buluh biar lah dari rebungnya:),  Lady of Leisure- you so pakar bab memasak and petai ni..lucky Aman dapat lovely mommy like true petai jeruk ni makan dengan apa pun sedap.Seronok balik melaka kan lady macam2 benda boleh beli kat tepi jalan tu;), daydeck86- itu dah semestinya and we must be proud of our roots,without roots pokok pun tumbang:):), Dila- selamat memasak di hujung minggu ya, Annhuzi- thanks so much for your good words, i can see "happiness' in you for the past few entries,words are the expressions of feeling,happy heart will give happy words:), mamalisa- i couldn't figure out how they boleh makan budu with tempo yak..he,he my PIL pun sama but bila i buat budu tarok cili,bawang,asam limau they sangat suka makan jugak:), Zeta- tarok petai dlm mask kicap?? wahh that's really awesome:), Salmi-petai bakar? yup mabeles,mabeles:) ,mamasya-CH pun banyak perubahan now,more development compared dulu2,mamasya pun peminat petai ya;), Sarah Kalam- yesss,make it as resolution:) tak kira lah pita masak apa farah to our kids it's still the best;), Mommyct- happy cooking ya,kalau you beli rempah  tandoori,ada chicken,yoghurt boleh lah bust tandoori::), twins mom- mesti your twins suka kalau dapat tu:), ibunurin the cooking set tu boleh beli kat children section near tempt yang selalu they letak blocks,train for children to play tu..each set is priced at RM49.00, Nur Raihana- masa dulu semua macam tu kan..kenangan palng manis buat kita, Shamsuhada,ye ke datang ikea,napa tak call?i pun bukan selalu pergi jugak sham:), mamalisa,betul tu grab itu ini tak tau jer bill melambung kan,  Haneem - memang special bunga china kan kelopak tebal dan wangi,bila tarok dalam segelas air,air tu pun boleh jade wangi jugak tau:) sekarang memang tak ada dah;(, afid- sama2;), CikaYu- salam ukhwah di balas ukhwah;), firuz- kalau girl ramai abang memang macam tu tapi nanti the feminine side will appear soon;, Saniah- bunga china bukan kembang china,sebab bunga china kelopak  tahan lama berhari-hari ,daunnya ada sedikit getah,teringin jugak nak tengok kembang china tu;)

Take care and nite semua. 


Mixed-family in da house.... said...

I love gardening too! Walaupun kena selalu curi masa berselang-seli layan 7 months baby, still can do it...hehehhe...go green mamatiamia !

Syarida said...

Kak Azue, tak leceh ke bela arnab? nanti susah nak kemana-mana.

Saya addict dengan blog ni...

daydeck86 said...

montang2lah boli potai banyak2 ari2 masak potai yo...ehhehehe
ajar tak dak ticik 2 orang tu makan potai sekali...ehehhheee

umiyumi said...

love yr kitchen and yr garden.. best ada bench mcm tu bole minum2 kat luar rumah, kan..

shamsuhada said...

bagus tia mia, pandai buat gardening..mama boleh letak sign board 'tiamia,s garden' seronok ada space sikit mcm tu boleh jugak cucuk tanam..tak mcm rumah aku, owner lama dulu dah renovate sampai ke depan..ada space sikit pun dah penuh dgn bunga my hb..tapi mcm mana pun tetap ada tumbuhan hijau nak ditgk tiap2 pagi..alhamdulillah.. selamat tahun baru 2012 utk mama, papa, tia, mia & uwan too..semoga sentiasa diberkatiNya dan kebahagiaan akan kekal milik kita...Amin...

annhuzi said...

Alhamdulillah may our hearts are always kept happy :)

As much as u are good are writing happiness, u are also able to read happiness ;)
itu lah i terkesan dengan ur happy words sampai syok comment panjang lebar :D

and tia mia are always portraying happiness.
we love gardening but belum lagi ada plot nak cucuk tanam ;)
tapi nak tanya betul ke pasal green fingers. only yg ada green fingers baru grow menjadi?

tia and mia will have variety of hobbies ikut mama ni. lepas ni belajar bertukang pulak

tia mia having hands on science lessons! taking care of living things, plants and animals, satisfaction guaranteed!

u have eyes for finding beautiful things such as their pink, green flower hats! and u treat ur belongings with love and treasure its memories..sayang kan the sofa which witnessed motherly love :)

hmm baru tau ada korean jubah, mesti kat jb ada.

zeta said...

bab gardening mmg boleh buat i teruja..pastikn share kt cni mcmana hasilnya ye Mama...:) this time still guna baja Aziz ke?
mama punya alas meja mkn tu cantik..habisla..bertambah2 la selera mkn nnt.. :p
tgh i baca entry mama hr ni..husband call ckp dah beli pectin utk buat jem..uhh gembiranya hati..nak buat jam strawberry n orange sendiri..hehe :)

p/s:selamat tahun baru 2012 utk mama n whole family terutama Uwan yg byk bg nasihat tu..moga semuanya diberkati Allah selalu.. :)

firuz said...

my mak rajin berkebun dari kami kecik lagi smpailah dah syg saya tak de talent mcm dia..boleh tlg siram bunga dan tlg sapu halaman jer lah.. kalau tanam bunga..mesti tingga pasu jer..haishhh

btw..selamat tahun baru buat zu & family.happy holiday :)

Anonymous said...

salam mamatiamia..syoknyerrr posting kali ni de gambo beso beso laa..besttt sgt...i nak copy ambo rabbits n flower ok ya..tqvm...if mamatiamia ever buat santai gathering kt mana mana for yr blog readers dont forget me k..hehe...susu manis..oooo before lupa , mamatiamia shared same bday with my hub so tat y rase de connection g2, mmg u all ni berseni dan details, caring n loving, full of funs n laughters..lucky yr loved one, lucky me too..alhamdulillah :))

Salmi said...

rose kampung memang wangi walaupun kelopak dia mudah terlerai..dulu kat rumah nie ada..memang tahan lasak. Kadang2 benda yang kecil2 boleh jugak bawak perubahan dalam rumah kita kan..walaupun simple2 things mcm tukar alas meja, alas kaki bersih dan baru dah make me feel good :-). Ivy tu da besar me tengok, hari tu beli mcm kecil jer nampak..semalam pergi jugak ikea nak mencari tempat black pepper, tapi dah takde lagi yang wood punya..nampak few ivy tapi pokok dia kecik2..takut kalau beli tak hidup..Happy New year to mamatiamia and family :-)

Anonymous said...

salam kak zue..
pandai tia n mia tolong kak zue bergardening ye :)
i have two question la kak
1) how to keep indoor plant stay healthy?
2)susah x nak jaga rabbit? mcm nak belikan utk anak2 saya :)
ok, that's all. bye -fiza-

Zaitun said...

Salam...kak Zai pun ada bela arnab jenis leher dia gemuk,nama dia sofea.

Gardening juga kegemaran kak Zai,banyak jenis bunga terutamanya orkid yang ditanam keliling rumah.

saniah said...

suka tgk u makeover rmh utk masuk thn baru...i pun nak buat jugak lah..:) baru bersemangat bila tgk org buat..mmm mcm tu lah i..thats why i tak bg hubby bc blog u nanti dia kena kan i balik.."oo ni mesti org kat blog tu buat kan.." ha ha ha...ehh ikut yg baik apa salah kan?*wink*3...

mari kita bersemangat nak mulakan thn youngest nk masuk thn 6 this 2012...mmm i rasa berdebar2 dahhh...upsr..

all the best to us ya zu...happy new year...salam ;)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Pssst... can I add ur link to my blog? ;)